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  1. Okay, first off I really appreciate your response. It was very insightful what went on behind the scenes. Let me say I'm not sitting at the table where decisions are being made and I don't know if this subject would make sense as far as the bottom line is concerned. I sense your bias and can understand your reasons that you don't think that it would fly. For me trying to stay on a positive note I want NCL to succeed. I want to cruise Alaska June 1st. In reality it probably won't happen. Given, we are in desperate times and desperate moves need to take place for the survival o
  2. On a positive note NCL has been there and done it. There would be a small learning curve and some hurdles. We sailed Pride of Aloha back in the day around Hawaii and I was surprise by the foreign crew because I thought all crew where suppose to be all US, but that wasn't the case. They could pull some US crew to comply from Pride of America and supplement with existing foreign crew members. Given the circumstances I'd suspect regulations might be waived for a period of time to get by. In the end logistics of moving the Sky or the Jade to Alaska and moving crew around to supplement may be
  3. Lebanon here, I wanted to be on the Jewell coming home. Some friends arrived yesterday sailing on the Eurodam coming back from Hawaii. They sailed into San Diego. Didn't have any problems getting off the ship. It's going to be interesting what the Jewell does now. We're scheduled on the Sun June 1st to Alaska. Who knows what's going to happen.
  4. I'm going to guess we might be neighbors. The VA Home is the hot spot in Oregon.
  5. I agree and wonder if that might be on the table on the other hand that would be rescheduling nightmare if existing reservations for Alaska wanted to go to Alaska this Summer.
  6. The Crazy Chicken Ladies on the Grand Princess said on there last YouTube video that Princess was going to pickup the tab on her car parked at the terminal. They were suppose to go back to Nevada, but PTB sent them to Maramar for quarantine.
  7. So we need to see the doctor within the seven day window prior to our sail date and before the 48 hr cancel deadline so we can get either a refund or FCC if the Doctor won't sign off. Does that sound about right? If one is able to cancel and all goes well, good enough, but what If there is a hitch and NCL doesn't allow the Refund or the FCC. Say you throw in a cruise insurance option, hopefully it would apply. Any thoughts?
  8. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5190/?et_cid=3320064&et_rid=24396901&et_referrer=NULL
  9. I have tried this in the past with two different devices, one an Ravpower and a TP-Link. How do you get past the login ID and password issue. Login ID being the key for the ship internet.
  10. I've attached a video from the NCL Sun. The video is from the Starboard side. The above comments and video are excellent. Only thing I would add is a service elevator is accessible if needed to move luggage up or down as needed. NCL Sun Deck 6 Explained.MOV
  11. I have been on the Sun multiple times and love it. There are a few handicap balcony rooms, but are in limited supply. Brian is/was the Hotel Director. He will take care of you with out question. In the MD ask for Wilson De Souza. He is the Maitre'D. Tell him the French Vanilla Creamer Lady recommended him and ask to sit at Raul Galli's table. He is our adopted son when we are on the ship. Poppa John Did I say Wilson likes French Vanilla creamer and Raul likes ChipsAhoy cookies.
  12. Just something of note: there is the premium unlimited and the basic unlimited plan. Premium allows streaming and basic doesn't. My email provider is Comcast and it's considered a streaming service. I couldn't access my email account on the ship computers because I just had the basic plan. My reason for using the ship internet cafe was to print something out. I could access my email on my iPad though. Go figure. What I had to do was email to my wife's gmail account and access the gmail account at the internet cafe so I could print. Then trying to format and get all the pages to print w
  13. I have been on the Sun multiple times and the Sky once back in the day when it sailed around Hawaii. I'll stick with the Sun as it's a proven consistent experience for me. If I have an issue with the food in the MDR I just bring it to the attention of the wait staff and it's taken care of. On the rare occasion I'll talk to the Matre'D and he will make it happen. There is no need to leave the ship unhappy with your experience. One can also talk to the Hotel Director. In the past, Brian (HD) has been more then willing to listen and make sure your experience is enjoyable. In the
  14. Booked two cruises on the NCL Sun with a GTY cabin and one time we got a cabin under the gym/weight room. Around 11:00 PM at night a crew member (dancer) would be lifting weights and drop the weights on the floor. It drove us nuts trying to go to sleep. I went up and confronted him and it was like it went in one ear and out the other. There was a sign posted on the door no activity after 10:00 PM. I called the front desk and they said they would send security out to check on it. I went back up to see if security actually came around which they did and it was quiet afterwards. Same thing
  15. If the price was right you might think twice about it.
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