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  1. They say one thing this morning then another this evening. Glad I got full refund cause there would be no guarantee that 4yo could cruise. I'll rebook next year when the stress of all this passes
  2. You guys are hilarious! Yes, I've taken my other 2 grandkids on their own special cruise, and loved every moment as they grow too fast. I'll get to cruise w my youngest granddaughter in time and it's all good. Yes, Seuss parade I'm right there! Actually my last cruise in March 2020 ended up being solo during my birthday and I was "adopted " by an awesome family who let me be grandma and included me in their cruise! Have fun everyone
  3. He said all through August. I just did my full refund and will book again when everything gets back to semi normal. I look forward to reading about everyone's awesome cruise reviews, especially Saing Greg!
  4. According to John Heald this morning August cruises from Galveston are fully vaccinated, no under 12 kids. They might have exceptions but it would be past the final payment extension and full refund. Time to cancel, but happy others get to sail
  5. Looks like they won't have new protocols ready by Monday
  6. Actually I just got off the phone w Carnival and she said my aug 28 vista deadline will not be extended. Also there will only be yes or no question on online check in for vaccine you then must show your card at port or be denied boarding no refund
  7. Thanks just waiting on the letter to click for 5% lottery for 4 yo
  8. But Carnival DID make the statement that July is all vaxxed 12 and over in Galveston. We're waiting to see if the same holds over for August. I'm sure they are sorting the 5% requests based on sailing, then age, then notify the guests they are approved. Possibly have 24 hr to respond with vaccinated info for those 12 and over. They need to get the vaccine upload system up and running as soon as possible and change check in back to 60 to 45 days out to enable people to cancel, send in 5% requests or rebook.
  9. I'm checking constantly but for Galveston August Vista. Waiting on letter to cluck to see if 4yo get the lucky 5%. Nerve wracking
  10. I was thinking the same thing, revenue based. But since nobody has chimed in for July cruise on whether they're approved or not, just like 90% of posts here in just speculation
  11. Thanks. Looks like I may be waiting to get the letter to put granddaughter on the "pick me" waiting list.
  12. I was thinking about that but was worried about getting in trouble or not being able to resubmit when the August letter comes out. It's hard being someone who has everything planned out and now not knowing ! Not one for surprises
  13. So nobody has posted yet if their child got approved to cruise? My concern for Aug Vista cruise is carnival gave us to Monday, June 14 to cancel for full refund and if it's taking 2 days to get approval it may be beyond the cut off date for refund as August has not received the letter w link yet. Maybe carnival will change the refund or final payment date.
  14. I believe CDC states 2 yo and up. I wish it was 5 yo then I'd not worry.
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