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  1. From Carnival's site regarding their bottomless bubbles package: A great portfolio of PepsiCo beverages are served on board all Carnival Cruise Line ships departing from North American homeports: Beverages Included in Bottomless Bubbles Package Pepsi Diet Pepsi Pepsi Zero Sugar Caffeine Free Pepsi Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free Sierra Mist Sierra Mist Zero Sugar Mug Root Beer Mountain Dew Diet Mountain Dew Bubly Lime Sparkling Water Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water Bubly Orange Spa
  2. There really aren't any from what I can see. I've been following a few folks who post on IG or FB with construction photos from time to time. Apparently, Disney's Wish got special treatment, because there were all kinds of cams for that ship during construction. Maybe being Mardi Gras' sister ship just isn't that exciting, lol! Current status: A bunch of blocks/modules sitting in Meyer Turku shipyard. The FERU (floating engine room unit is being built by Neptun Werft in Rostock, Germany) and is expected to arrive at Meyer most likely next month. Then the keel is laid (coin ceremony) and the
  3. Thousands of people have already experienced this over the past 15 months. And, yes, supply and demand is on full display right now. I dread having to purchase tickets for flights to Europe next year for our TA in November. Prices are going to be crazy.
  4. If I had a cruise booked in the next month or so, I would rate my chances of actually sailing at < 25%. Heck, we've got one booked for December out of Jacksonville and would rate our chances to sail on that cruise the same. I get that mentioning Covid and cruise ships in the same sentence makes for a good headline right now, but let's have some common sense about all of this. Remember, cruising isn't fully back and every day brings new challenges. We'll get there.
  5. I feel this is a big nothing burger. Bound to happen with bringing crew in from around the world who haven't been vaccinated. Good news is that they are quarantined, protocols are in place now to address and the crew will be 100% vaccinated in the near future. I guess one could argue RCCL not acting quicker with vaccines but, as we've seen, all of this is still extremely fluid and we should expect the unexpected for awhile.
  6. Probably true and I think, in this case, the CDC is right in the short term. Let's just hope they lift the CSO by Nov 1 of this year. I know it sucks for those that have children right now and want to cruise, and I hope cruise lines grant those exemptions so families can sail, but opening the flood gates too soon would be a mistake. My gut feeling tells me Sept/Oct will be very good to the cruise industry.
  7. Right, and since workers are "at will" employees for a private business and can go work someplace else if they don't like the rules, wouldn't the same apply to consumers who can take their business elsewhere if they don't like the rules enacted by a private business? Wouldn't this essentially nullify what Florida is trying to do? I mean how is a private business mandating a vaccine in the name of public health and safety any different from the CDC who has established protocols for the cruising industry in the name of public health and safety. And how would the cruise lines be wrong in askin
  8. I don't know, which is why I asked. To me, the laymen, it appears that the judge is saying as much by not allowing the lawsuit to go forward. Just curious if this decision might have any impact on the current Florida case.
  9. I'm not a lawyer, nor will I pretend to be, but I have a question for anyone who is or who at least knows more about legal issues than I do. Regarding the decision of the federal judge this weekend to toss the lawsuit by unvaccinated workers employed by Houston Methodist, does this not set a precedent that unvaccinated workers are not a protected class. And, if that is the case, doesn't this led more weight towards the cruise lines following the CDC and therefore are o.k. with requiring proof of vaccination? I find this quote by the judge interesting: In the ruling, U.S. District Judge
  10. This whole mess is good for at least another month of new coverage! I might be jaded, but can't help but think that this is nothing more now than a pi**ing contest between parties.
  11. So far, so good. I think, at least in the short term, vaccinated is the only way to go. Prove that the protocols work and let the industry regain some confidence amongst all the doom and gloom prophets.
  12. You're leaving out all those exposed to the virus, were asymptomatic and recovered without incident. I suspect that number is larger than anyone wants to admit.
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