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  1. We haven't been on a ship with Red Frog since 2017, so looking forward to trying one on the Miracle next year! I thought they were new but looks like they've been out for awhile.
  2. I'm going to ask a loaded question. So, I just found out about these fish bowls and pitchers now available at Red Frog Pub from watching some cruise videos from some vloggers who went on a similar cruise a few months ago. Looks like a very cost effective way to enjoy that first DoD, especially after learning what they put in one. My question is this....how long do you think it will take for Carnival to do away with these, or greatly scale back the amount of liquor some have reported seeing dumped in these? No, it's not about the booze per se, but value. I just have this feeling that by the time our cruise rolls around next May, these will either have been discontinued or so watered down it won't be worth it.
  3. Are you wanting a fan to keep cool, noise, both? We just started using the LectroFan Micro wireless sound machine. Loud and portable.
  4. My recommendation is, if flying, ALWAYS arrive at least the day before. There is just too much that can go wrong flying in the day of the cruise. It's not worth risking your vacation on a flight snafu.
  5. What is in the "Fish Bowl" and how much is it normally. I assume 1/2 off on embarkation day, correct.
  6. Anymore embarkation and debarkation is pretty quick. Are you flying back? If so, how early is your flight? FTTF is subjective, just like any other "add on" now promoted by cruise lines. We tried it a few years ago. One and done for us. Really only used it for GS visits and even though a shorter line, not much quicker. One thing I do miss is Luggage Express where, for a small fee, Carnival took your checked bags to the airport for you. That was pretty awesome. And never give up an aft balcony! You will be spoiled.
  7. As far as the smoked salmon, the last report and/or trick I read was that some people bring some ziplock bags with them, get some smoked salmon from the deli and then put it in their room fridge. Don't know if it gets cold enough to keep through. Oh, no more plastic straws, individual cereal boxes. The coffee shop is doing away with individual sugar serving packets. Basically they are eliminating single-use hard to recycle items.
  8. That fee is to activate the chat feature while onboard.
  9. These are NOT prepared in the steakhouse.
  10. It was down nearly the entire cruise when we were on Vista April 2017. Then it was so packed, it wasn't worth standing in line. Seems like this is down more than it is up.
  11. We stayed one night pre-cruise this past April. We had a deluxe king harbor view. Room was big, old paneled wood made it look expensive. Bathroom is dated but functional. Walls are thin. Porthole was nice. They were redoing some heating while we stayed, so some rooms didn't have heat. We did and slept fine. Staff - Friendly and porters worked their tails off. They have a nice system to store your bags prior to check in. Porters will also walk your luggage over to the port terminal for you as well, but you must accompany your luggage. Coffee shop was nice and on par with retail establishments. There is a FREE shuttle that will take you to Shoreline Village. I think runs every 1/2 hour. Forget the hours it runs. Go over there as it's a pretty neat place with lots of places to eat. Only negative for us and YMMV - Observation bar. Expensive, crowded and service was slow. Their version of a Mai Tai was glorified orange juice. Took 1/2 hour to get an app, which we refused. It's an old ship, so not everything is tip top, but great for exploring.
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