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  1. Keys2Heaven

    New Carnival Smoking Policy

    Glad to read this. A step in the right direction. Now let's see if anyone is willing to report a violation.
  2. Keys2Heaven

    Got " the letter" today about Journey cruise.

    You should expect that for Journey's cruises. No big deal really.
  3. Keys2Heaven

    Sky Zone on Carnival Panorama

    Disappointed really. Perfect spot to have the art auctions! 🙂
  4. We booked this exact cabin on the Valor for my daughter and her family as a surprise back in 2015. They LOVED IT. I still can see my two grandchildren sitting on the window ledge with the lights off and the shades raised staring out at the ocean. I do think they left something telling them about cleaning. I want to say it wasn't very early in the morning. The shades must be drawn when the cabin light is on as it causes distractions in the bridge. Don't worry about the Captain's suite unless you like walking around with your dangly bits hanging out.
  5. Keys2Heaven

    Cooking demo in steakhouse - signup?

    We got there about 15 minutes early. It was full about 5 minute's before the start time. Ours was first sea day at noon or 12:30, somewhere around there.
  6. Keys2Heaven

    American Express

    Not for me. :(
  7. Keys2Heaven

    Names must match passport

    They just make sure the green light comes on when they scan your passport. :)
  8. Keys2Heaven

    Steakhouse question

    We had a phone message left for us confirming our reservation. You can also stop by the steakhouse and confirm. Getting seated was never an issue on any night during our cruise. Absolutely love the steakhouse. Enjoy it. Some of the best money spent onboard.
  9. Keys2Heaven

    American Express

    Not available on AMEX Blue Cash Everyday. There, fixed it.
  10. Keys2Heaven

    American Express

    Not available on AMEX Blue.
  11. Wouldn't catch me wading through these waters. Gross.
  12. Keys2Heaven

    Can I take these onboard

    Funny...post about WW and it just so happens JH's FB page has a slightly more embellished version. <<>> Message: John. I have started Weight Watchers and lost 12 pounds in the first 7 weeks. I use smartpoints and the new app. I want to bring 12 meals on board. I need the ship to store them and prepare for my dinner meals. My health is at risk. I really need to keep going and loose the next 150 pounds. My mom and I need this cruise. Please help. We are going on the------------- <<>> Hardly ever see posts on this subject, so find it coincidental. Someone sure must love taking posts from here, adding their own spin to them and then posting for JH....or vice versa. Now I can understand a bit better why CC and JH don't have the best relationship.
  13. Keys2Heaven

    Chef's Table on Carnival Vista

    You're right Shimmy, Carnival will often offer more CT nights if demand is high enough. And, still worth it with the price increase. You simply can't get this experience with a land-based restaurant and the variety of food.
  14. Keys2Heaven

    Chef's Table on Carnival Vista

    Seeing how I'm the OP, couple of things. 1. No, we did not attend the CT on the Vista. 2. We did attend our 2nd CT on the Glory this past April. Same menu as the Conquest back in 2016. We had new cruisers with us and they wanted all the bells and whistles. Took almost 3 hours and was well worth it (again). 3. You don't know the night until you are on the ship. Typically mid-week.