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  1. Yes, you can walk to Shoreline Village and that's a safe area (at least it seemed safe to us). But, if I remember right, there is a shuttle that runs from the QM to shoreline village every so often.
  2. Thanks for the replies. We upped our budget and reserved a few nights at the Golden Gate Hotel.
  3. Leaving on Alaska cruise from SFO next May, 2020. Cruise departs Monday, so thinking of flying in either Friday/Saturday. Our budget is around $150/nt for hotels. For meals...average ($10 - $30/pp). Would really appreciate any info regarding places to stay and things to do that a local would recommend. Trying to not be too touristy. Not sure about doing Alcatraz.
  4. Hi. My wife and stayed on QM the day before our Hawaii cruise this past April. We booked a deluxe king harbor view and were extremely pleased with the room. My wife said she had one of the best night sleeps that she could remember in that cabin. We did use a noise generator to drown out any noise from adjacent cabins and it worked for us. The cabin was in fairly decent shape, but it is not new. Still a lot of "history" if you know what I mean. If you go in with that expectation you won't be disappointed, but some folks on Trip Advisor expected a lot more. The only negative for us was the observation bar. Really wanted to enjoy this place, but overpriced, horrible drinks, and slow service turned us off. Oh, the coffee shop was good and prices in line with Starbucks, which they serve. Didn't eat at any restaurants, but someone who cruised with us did and said it was horrible and overpriced. You'd be better off to venture over to Shoreline Village and grab a bite over there. Plenty to choose from. For a one-night stay pre-cruise, definitely worth it.
  5. You're right, this is the port we would like to do 2 things in. Most vendors don't have their calendar our that far. I'll write them and ask about availability for that time slot.
  6. Just stayed at the QM 4/26 for pre-cruise Journey's trip to Hawaii. Had a nice room, but we did a lot of reading up on the QM so had realistic expectations going in. Many don't and are surprised that the QM still looks so dated. We went to the observation bar once. Drinks were horrible and extremely overpriced. Same with appetizers. Ended up cancelling our order since it took 1/2 hour to get appetizers. Whoever made the Mai Tai needs lessons as it tasted like orange juice. We brought a noise generator with us, so had no problem with any other cabin noise affecting our sleep. However, once we were up and getting ready to head out to the cruise ship we could hear EVERYTHING coming from the cabin next door. Let's just say they were having a good time. Porters will take your luggage over to the cruise terminal for you, but you MUST accompany your luggage. It's a nice, historic, place for one night, but that's about all I would recommend. Hotel Maya is right down the road and is much nicer and modern if that is what you are looking for.
  7. Thinking of an Alaskan Carnival cruise for mid-May next year. However, port time for Juneau is 2pm - 11pm. Can anyone familiar with this port give me guidance on what excursions are doable within this time frame? Thanks in advance!
  8. Drink as much as you want if you're paying for each drink.
  9. Any liquor purchased in port after embarkation is held until the last night of the cruise.
  10. It's ONE way. You can confirm once onboard and request a change with the Maitre'd, if you don't like your seating arrangements. As far as "gifts," yes, he will accommodate for birthdays/anniversaries/special occasions, etc for those that ask and are polite and say "thank you." Please note that there are others who monitor his visitor posts feed and sometimes they will handle these requests on his behalf.
  11. Conquest was our first steakhouse visit. Instantly spoiled and a must do on every cruise now.
  12. I've made a suggestion to that effect twice in this thread and yet to receive one comment. Everyone seems so hung up on the cheap gift.
  13. Why a gift? Why not get your gift as OBC? At least you'd use that right?
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