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  1. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all of the help and responses.
  2. Thanks for the reply John. We want to stay at a hotel near the Orlando airport as our flight gets in late on a Sunday night before our Monday cruise.
  3. Has anyone recently used Uber or Lyft to get from a hotel near MCO to Port Canaveral? I wondered what the price has been? I tried uber estimator that someone put a link to, but it wouldn't let me put Port Canaveral.
  4. Someone mentioned toll charges. How much do toll charges run from Port Canaveral to MCO, and can you stop to pay, or do you need something to automatically pay tolls?
  5. We are looking at possibly booking the Carnival Vista in February. The itinerary says the ship is scheduled to arrive back to Galveston by 8:00 a.m. What is the earliest to reasonably book a flight out of Houston's IAH airport? Would 12:15 p.m. be too early if we carry bags off ourselves? Thanks for any input or previous experience.
  6. Thanks for the info martincath. I'm currently trying to find out from my niece when she flies into Vancouver on Friday night. That could end up affecting things too!
  7. Wondered if anyone on here has done the Princess excursion Salmon Sportfishing Expedition in Ketchikan? We wondered how often salmon is actually caught? Has anyone taken advantage of the Princess Cook My Catch program and had their fish cooked onboard? Wondered what the preparation choices are?
  8. Has anyone been to one of the Night Markets in the Vancouver area pre-cruise, or otherwise? Our 23 year old daughter says she wants to go while we are in Vancouver. I wondered if anyone would recommend the Richmond Night Market or the North Shore Green Market on a Friday night? Are they fun? Overcrowded? Just a place to eat? We will be staying at the Residence Inn in Vancouver with no vehicle, so would have to figure out public transit or taxi if we go. Thanks for any info and opinions locals and/or cruisers can give us!
  9. I see on your chart/spreadsheet that you have Verizon as your carrier. I'll be curious to see at the end of this month what our T-Mobile coverage is like in Alaska. When I checked, it sounds like we may be roaming for a lot of it. ☹️ On the upside, we are supposed to have unlimited texts, calls, and data in Vancouver. Enjoying your report so far, and looking forward to following along for the rest. Thanks!
  10. We will be on the June 29th sailing of the Golden Princess, so looking forward to hearing all about your cruise! One question for you Easton13A, was there a certain area of the ship that was good for hanging out on the Glacier Bay day, if you don't have a balcony? Since we're not familiar with the ship, we don't know where good places to be are. Thanks in advance!
  11. Anita, Thank you so much for taking the time to put together your wonderful blog/trip review! We decided at the end of March that we were going to do an Alaska Cruise that would be at the end of June this year (to take advantage of our DD having the week of the 4th of July off from work). She was the one really pushing for the trip. We got our flights and cruise booked, and then I found your review in early April. It took me this long to get to this (currently) last page. I have enjoyed your planning process, pictures, and narrative so much. It has all been so helpful with our much shorter planning and prep time. Thank you again!! Sandy
  12. Crew News, is there some type of mount already on the dogsled that you could mount your GoPro on, or what kind would you suggest?
  13. RogerandMartha, thanks for update on cabin C324 on the Golden Princess. It's great to hear that it was quiet, as we booked this cabin and C328 next to it for our first Alaskan cruise. Looking forward to it!
  14. Thanks, Don, I appreciate your feedback!
  15. I'm looking at the deck plan for Golden Princess' Caribe deck. I wondered if anyone knows what is on the non-cabin side of cabin C324? Or has anyone been in this cabin and know if whatever is on the other side caused any noise that might be bothersome? Thanks in advance for any info!
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