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  1. bakersdozen12

    Port of New Orleans - How soon a flight?

    The 1:00 flight is your best bet. You may be able to make the 11:00 one, but all it takes is a delayed debarkation, traffic to the airport, or delays going through security at the airport to miss your flight. Why end a vacation on a stressful note? I always book an early afternoon flight whenever possible.
  2. bakersdozen12

    Is it a hassle doing a back to back on same ship?

    We have done one B2B so far and the changeover day was a hassle but only because the girl leading us on and off the ship had no idea what she was doing. She got lost leading us back on so we were not the first ones onboard. Not even close. But, other than that, it was a nice experience because we were already settled into our room and didn’t have to unpack. I made an appt at the spa and enjoyed a manicure during sailaway while everyone else was stressed about getting their bags, setttling in, and learning the layout of the ship.
  3. bakersdozen12

    Port of Call Menu

    Honestly, menus can differ slightly from sailing to sailing on the same ship, even for the same port. The chefs are limited to making dishes based on the ingredients they have at their disposal. Which is dependent on their supplier. For example, I’ve seen the exact same dish once prepared with a different type of fish than I had before. I’m guessing because the couldn’t get that fish from their supplier that week. So they tweeked it. If you are seeing menus posted online, I would consider them a guide as to what you might have when you are onboard. Nothing is set in stone.
  4. bakersdozen12

    Error Message on Price Guarantee Claim Form

    I know what excursion you are referring to, and I have received the OBC for the difference in price. I would give Carnival a call. Sounds like something their tech support is going to need to troubleshoot for you. Good luck! ETA: actually, are you putting the website link in the wrong field? There is one field on the form where you are supposed to type in the excursion name. There’s one field for the competitor’s excursion name and one for the URL of that excursion. Sounds like you might be putting in the URL in the name field.
  5. bakersdozen12

    MDR Menu prediction

    Given that they have the Port of Call menu for specific ports, I’m going to assume the order is not going to be the same if the itinerary order isn’t.
  6. bakersdozen12


    Always. Mostly about the things I have to pack. Because I know I will be frantic trying to make sure I don’t forget something that I will forget something if I don’t have a list. But yes, I usually have a “to-do” list as well.
  7. bakersdozen12

    Early booking catastrophe

    What cruise line are you booked with? Carnival Cruise has an Early Saver rather that allows you to apply for price matches even after final payment.
  8. bakersdozen12

    Signature for AARP gift cards over $500

    Yes, you can definitely do that. But I prefer not to because if it goes missing, you have no recourse to get a replacement card. Instead, if I know that no one is going to be home, I opt to have it delivered to my local UPS store. Then I just swing by and pick it up on my way home from work.
  9. bakersdozen12

    WIFI package - Untappd?

    He’ll be able to use it with the Premium package for sure; possibly with the Value package as well. Not with the Social plan, however.
  10. bakersdozen12

    Super dumb question-boarding pass

    Not a stupid question at all! Welcome to cruising. 😊
  11. bakersdozen12

    If You Transfer to a TA?

    I believe you have to check with the travel agent because they might have their own policies as far as how long ago you could have booked the cruise. Carnival lists within 90 days (see link below) but I’ve seen it mentioned on some travel agents’ pages that it must be within 30 days. Either way, it can’t be after the final payment date. https://help.goccl.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3715/~/travel-agency-takeover-policy
  12. bakersdozen12

    3 day cruise question

    Click on this link. It lists the number of elegant nights per cruise. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1093/~/what-to-wear---evenings
  13. bakersdozen12

    Carnival Dream vs. RCI Enchantment

    I’ve never been on any RCL ship, so I can’t comment on that, but I have been on the Carnival Dream. My husband and I are both over 40, do not have young kids, and are not party people. My husband doesn’t drink and I barely drink, and we don’t gamble. We cruise to travel the world and to relax. Most people who sail Carnival love to hang out on the lido or casino all day, which bodes well for us because it leaves much of the rest of the ship less crowded. There’s the Serenity deck and various other places on the ship where you can relax in peace. But at the same time, there’s always some fun activity to do like trivia or art classes, so you never get bored. I like that we can get both out of one cruise line. And yes, the food on Carnival is fantastic. Guy’s burgers can’t be beat!
  14. bakersdozen12

    Newest XL LNG ship to be named Carnival Mardi Gras

    They’ve already announced that it’s home port is going to be Port Canaveral.