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  1. Current position on Cruise Mapper also shows it at Sardinia. Can only find it now searching as Azamara Onward.
  2. And another of Azamara’s competitors, Seabourn has just announced 7 day sailings from Athens from 3rd. July... and they can be combined as B2B’s. Greece islands are going to be busy this summer! Still waiting for AZ to confirm or cancel our 2 July cruises that were lift and shifted from last year!
  3. I’d like to see a return to the original itineraries around the Indonesian islands without the need to start or finish in Australia, we had some lovely trips around this area on Az which started in Singapore and was either round trip or finished in India via Sri Lanka. An intensive Hawaii Islands would also be nice without the long trip from Los Angeles.
  4. As we are both in the over 65 category, we were called for our vaccination this week, both had the Pfizer vaccine at our local vaccination centre 11 miles from home. We were given the date for our second jab at the end of April. Neither of us have had any symptoms fortunately.
  5. In Corfu we’ve hired cars and driven around the island, lots of nice old villages and sights to see provided you don’t mind narrow roads and bends. Like most of Greece and its islands, there is always a lot of interest off the beaten track. the Monastery of Pantokrator is a must visit place for a fantastic view of the island, although the drive up there is not for the faint hearted!
  6. thank you for your kind words, this was planned to be a celebration river cruise with a couple of good friends, so we will hang on for a while. All our other cruises (Ocean) have been shifted to next year and are keeping our fingers crossed that a vaccination is successful before next summer. we are off to the lovely and quiet seaside tomorrow for a family beach day at Greatstone, near the Dungeness desert.
  7. we too are booked on a Christmas market cruise on Nov 26th with Tui. Like you we awaiting it’s cancellation as final payment is due soon.
  8. We have cancelled our 3rd October from Athens and moved our deposit to the Greece intensive next year which now makes our Black Sea cruise a back to back.....eek! Will miss the Journey but looking forward to 26 days on the Pursuit
  9. Thanks Nordski, would be nice if we do get there even if the cruise doesn’t go ahead, we’re booked into the Grand Bretagne in Napflion, lovely interesting place.
  10. Totally agree with you Nordski, we spent two weeks last year touring the Peloponnese, it was glorious and at the end of the summer season very quiet. Before the dreaded ‘C’ word we planned a further week there this year prior to joining the Journey in Athens on 3rd October. We still have the hotels and flights booked for that holiday, just waiting to see what happens to the cruise when our extended final payment become due in a months time before we pull the plug.
  11. All I can say is RCCL management must be living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’
  12. We have successfully applied this to our Black Sea cruise, all done very efficiently through our TA and we are now going next year, for the same price with only a small adjustment in Port charges. Same category cabin, great service, all we need now is that vaccine! Do however suspect the flights next year won’t be as cheap When they are released.
  13. Michelle has just posted on FB that she and others are transferring to the Ovation, hopefully travelling home soon.
  14. Agree, always bought them direct beforehand, that way you can choose which Grandstand and much much cheaper than AZ.
  15. We’ve both finished it, did feel a bit guilty about one of the last questions about what are you looking forward to and I answered ‘Our Seabourn cruise in 2021 around the Caribbean’!
  16. Anyone in the UK received the email yet?
  17. agree wholeheartedly, although my own preference would be for Seedlip Spice 94. Currently my go to tipple for post Christmas.
  18. Thanks for sharing Phil, looks good, now what about the puddings?
  19. We had to use shekels for entrance fees at Masada and Ein Gedi on our visit to Israel although our private tour guide accepted USD.the rest of the cruise we used Euro, USD and credit cards.
  20. Azamara does well in the recent Which? Survey of best and worst cruise lines. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-7925157/Best-worst-cruise-lines-2020-revealed-Viking-Ocean-Cruises-MSC-bottom.html
  21. Absolutely no need to tip on Azamara, the best way to reward the crew is to contribute to the crew fund which is always appreciated A more appreciated way of recognising good service is to mention the crew members name on both the mid and post cruise surveys. . I have always thought the tip line on the speciality bills is a ‘Feature’ of the accounting system they use which has not been relevant for a long time. Similarly I cannot understand why some people insist tipping bar tenders etc at the beginning of cruises on Azamara expecting better service during the cruise when excellent service is always the norm, especially as it is not expected or required. I suspect this may open a can of worms!
  22. Thankyou Phil and Harriet, I wasn’t aware of the 72 hour visa rule in Russia for cruise passengers, it’s a new destination for us. Planning continues for this cruise as all the ports in the Black Sea are new to us, and are still awaiting Azamara to provide details of interesting land tours.
  23. We are on the first Black Sea cruise next year in July and have been mulling over whether we need any visas in advance, particularly for Russia when we dock in Sochi. I know a number of CC members went on the previous cruises there before the troubles in Ukraine happened and wonder if the ship handled any visas required. This is also a question for Bonnie.
  24. We are planning to hire a car for a day when our cruise overnights in Athens next year, has anyone had a car delivered to the cruise terminal in Piraeus Port Gate 11.
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