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  1. So 19 lives don’t matter? Four of those were under the age of 10. How would you feel if that were your child? Just cannot believe how you think lives of other people don’t matter. Some people who have gotten sick (even those under the age of 40) have been sick for weeks or months. I was just reading yesterday about people who were declared cured & then got sick all over again. Even our friend who got it (age 41) was not as sick as some but said he didn’t wish it on anyone.
  2. Still waiting for official notification that our Galapagos cruise on Flora in August is cancelled. Wish they would hurry up so we can use 125% FCC to book for next year.
  3. Andrew you are just so witty! We were supposed to be a cruise this last week also. Oh well! Supposed to go to Galapagos on August 2 but don’t think that is going to happen. We had FIVE cruises planned this year - biggest year for cruising. So far we have only gone on one. Maybe our Christmas Market cruise will happen in December. Sigh!!
  4. Yes, he was. What do you think he was doing? Just sitting around doing nothing? Nope, he was working. He was working fielding phone calls while on Zaandam & Rotterdam. He was locked in his cabin just like everyone else but was working. All he wanted to do was get home but because of the charter issue he didn’t get home until yesterday evening. It took him 3 charter flights to get home. I’m really not sure what you think just one person can do! This was an entire corporation all hands on deck situation. You would not believe the awful, horrible, despicable things people have s
  5. Found out our friend on Rotterdam will take a chartered flight to San Francisco & then regular flight to Seattle. He is so happy!!
  6. Watching her go through the channel on Periscope (somebody posted link) on our big screen TV. Awesome sight!
  7. I am enjoying listening to the VHF channel. It’s eye opening. Hubby & I putting together a Galapagos jigsaw puzzle - we are schedule to go there in August but....
  8. They have apparently moved out of view of the cameras. I’ve watching for quite some time & they were there & then they weren’t.
  9. Just had communication with our friend who was on Zaandam & is now on Rotterdam. He says there has been no official notice to them that they are docking today.
  10. Obviously you have no idea how little a TA actually makes. For a lot of us, all we get is commission and it’s paltry at best.
  11. Thank you for saying this. Hopefully some here will heed what you say. It appalls me that so many from Florida have that attitude while so many Floridians are still gathering on beaches. Hmmm
  12. When our friend tweeted & posted on FB he was on a tender from Zaandam to Rotterdam
  13. Ten minutes ago saw a tweet from our friend on Zaandam. They are just about through transferring guests to Rotterdam. He said they are being well treated on both ships.
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