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  1. BellKat

    Celebrity Summit

    Anyone on that cruise who had early seating or anytime dining and went early experienced poor service in the MDR. The average age was much higher than we have previously experienced and most of the ship seemed to want to eat early. Others that we talked to who ate late said the MDR was almost empty. Hence, you lucked out with good service. We both caught colds & weren’t feeling like spending time in the MDR a couple of nights. We tried the buffet & couldn’t find anyone to even ask for wine or a drink! The staff was great in the morning though. Especially the singing coffee waiter! Always gave me a chuckle. But overall, there was definitely not enough staff. Especially after a bunch of them got off the ship to move to the Edge (per a staff member).
  2. BellKat

    Newark Flight Departure

    I totally agree with you. We once sailed into San Diego & due to Customs issues, no one was allowed to leave the ship until almost 9:30 am!! Boy were we sweating it. We had a 10:30 am flight & made it by 5 minutes!! It’s only about a 15 minute drive to the airport & everyone rushed us through at the airport. I never want to repeat that again.
  3. Thanks. I bought mine a long time ago & it was really expensive - more expensive than the new version. I’m considering getting the new version since mine is pretty old.
  4. Do you know how it compares to the version I gave the link to?
  5. BellKat

    Cruisecare Travel Insurance

    Just a reminder that if you are on Medicare, you are NOT covered outside of the United States. Be very careful when considering insurance. And anyone over 65, really should get medical insurance that will cover your medical expenses as well as evacuation expenses. One evacuation can cost you upwards of $100,000.
  6. I highly recommend this https://www.amazon.com/ReliefBand-Motion-Sickness-Device-Batteries/dp/B00VU8XXBE/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1535247833&sr=8-3&keywords=relief+band+motion+sickness&dpID=31y-C8KN2VL&preST=_QL70_&dpSrc=srch I was once on a tour in a “pirate” boat in the swells; so sick for over an hour; finally someone noticed & gave them their band; within 5 minutes I was perfectly fine & complaining about being starving! Never leave home without it now. There is a newer version also but haven’t tried it.
  7. BellKat

    Edge is leaving the shipyard

    But the blue bottom and white lettering are back!
  8. Wow - that is pretty harsh. If someone has saved & saved to take a trip and has a catastrophic event, then what? Just too bad, so sad? I’m sure our friends would not like that attitude.
  9. For those who don’t purchase any kind of insurance, what would you do if you couldn’t take the cruise? You are driving in your car, are t-boned, severely injured & now can’t go on the cruise (recently happened to someone we know). Final payment has been made. You are now out thousands of dollars. Can you afford this? You can buy policies that will cover this possibility. We now purchase one that covers this & medical since we are now on Medicare. Also, if you purchase insurance through the cruise company, check & see if they cover you if you go off the ship for any reason - just taking a walk - instead of a cruise sponsored shore excursion. You may be surprised at what you find.
  10. BellKat

    King size beds on Reflection

    Thanks everyone. Someone I met was insisting they needed a king size mattress, wanted to go on Reflection, so I was trying to help them. Now they say a queen will be okay. :*
  11. Do all or any of the suites have king size beds? I'm finding mixed answers when I search. Thanks!
  12. Do I have the product for you! I'm Kathleen, DrKoob's wife and I have had a couple of bouts of very severe seasickness. A friend gave me her relief band when she saw how sick I was on a excursion & it was a miracle. It can be found on Amazon (of course) and is called Relief Band Motion Sickness Device. It looks like a watch & gives you a little electrical stimulus. You can set it from 1 to 5 depending on how you feel. It is pricey but if you suffer every time you sail, it's well worth it. No medications!
  13. BellKat


    Just weird! Not sure how well this will go over with the average cruiser,
  14. BellKat

    Sorry another dress code question

    Here is our experience with dress on Evening Chic night. We were a party of 16, half the men wore tuxes, the other half wore jackets. On the 2nd Evening Chic night, a very rowdy crowd came into the dining room wearing BATHROBES over their clothing & proceeded to make disparaging remarks regarding our dress. That is until they noticed our Naval friend who was in his dress uniform. They immediately took off their robes and quieted down. Here is the thing - bathrobes are NOT allowed in any dining venue. How and why were they allowed in the MDR on Evening Chic night? They were obviously intoxicated as one had a sign on his back that said something to the effect of "Bar Crawl 6/22 Solstice." How & why were they allowed in the MDR in that state? We were very angry at this turn of events. We have just filled out our survey and this was very much highlighted as a negative experience. We are very loyal Celebrity cruisers and this was one of the worst things we have ever seen.
  15. You could always opt out of seeing someone's long signature. Just sayin!