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  1. Hi - I’m DrKoob’s wife Kathleen. So glad your trip has started out well. I also had an issue with the altitude. When we got our PCR test the doctor asked if I was okay. My heart rate was way up & I was obviously having difficulties. They took my oxygen level twice. It was even worse on the way back for some reason. I’d been feeling really great for the whole trip until we got off the plane back in Quito. Within minutes I was struggling. I hardly slept that night, my heart was pounding. I checked my sleep app in the morning & my heart rate during the night was in the 90’s. I will definitely be getting meds when we go back in 2024. Have a great time! The Galapagos is an amazing place. Can’t wait to return.
  2. Dani - these are the naturalists we had. As they add passengers, they will be adding more naturalists. 1st time adding a pic so hope it works!
  3. It was covered by Celebrity. We took one test before we boarded & I believe we will take another test tomorrow.
  4. Here is the link we used for clothing requirements, etc. We found it very helpful.
  5. I have low ones & he has high ones. He did the most intensive excursions & I did the easiest ones. Hiking on lava rocks is not easy. He said he was glad for the ankle support.
  6. I did not snorkel but my husband tried it once. Most people wore the short suits but I think I did see a couple of long ones but they looked like people who snorkel a lot so brought their own. Right now is one of the coldest times in the water. It seemed to me from doing water landings that some areas the water was cooler than others (at least at the shore). Just so you know, you have to wear some kind of footwear every time you get on & off a tender (Zodiac) and a life vest.
  7. I heartily agree. We learned so much from a tagged thread in the Galapagos boards - especially about clothing & what you should bring & what you don’t need to bring.
  8. It looks like the Southern Route is also called the Outer Loop which is the one we are on. It’s more about the animals. If you go to Celebrity’s website and check dates, they will say Southern or Northern. You can then click on View Ports and Maps. You will notice one week is Northern, the next is Southern and they keep switching every week.
  9. Ah - we went in July 2019. Sun never really set then We were touring until midnight! I highly recommend the Flora for your next trip to the Galapagos. We are seriously considering coming back to do the inner loop (we are on the outer loop now). We were told the outer loop is more about the animals and the inner loop more about the landscape. We only have 57 guests onboard so it’s a small intimate group. Most of the staff knows our names (1st and last!). We also have 3 corporate people on board since it’s the 1st cruise since the pandemic.
  10. This is Jim’s wife Kathleen - hes’ processing this morning’s pics so he can take more this afternoon. The picture changes every time you go to the website but yes, he does have a couple of pictures from Iceland at the top. He’s added a couple from Galapagos also.
  11. Jim’s wife here - there is no scuba diving - only snorkeling.
  12. DrKoob (Jim) and I are here on Flora with 55 other passengers! It is so exciting, amazing, fantastic…. Had a couple of hiccups the 1st day but everything has been smooth going since then. Jim is posting updates here on the Celebrity board so check it out. 1st rule here - stay hydrated!!
  13. Jim’s wife here - we would BUT our cruise is July 4 - one week from today. Talked to another Celebrity agent & there may be hope. But we are escalating anyway. Now afraid our flight home will be cancelled & we won’t know it.
  14. Maybe because no one knows for sure how long the antibodies last?l And nobody knows how long the vaccine last. Have a friend who works for Holland America, got COVID on the flight home from the infamous Zaandam last cruise, but he still got the vaccine. His job is to travel so not taking any chances.
  15. August 1st it will be anyone under 12 that does not need a mask.
  16. True - but if you are not vaccinated, you will have to pay for an up the nose test before boarding. You will also be required (not sure how they are going to enforce this) to wear a mask at all times (except actively eating & drinking). You will also have to pay to have another test before disembarking. This is also true if you don’t bring your ORIGINAL vaccination card with you as proof. Most ports will let you disembark but that will be dependent on the country’s requirements.
  17. In trying to investigate what we needed, we found mixed messages. On June 2nd Celebrity put out a statement with what we will need to do (subject to change of course) but we did not see it until after I had originally posted. So just remember what we need to do for July 4 may not be what you need to do for September. We are the guinea pigs as we are the 1st Galapagos cruise. Just keep checking. Our cruise is in less than a month and we still have not received our documentation.
  18. That’s what we are going to do. Got updated info yesterday from Celebrity & it’s completely opposite of what we had previously seen. Just have to be very flexible right now.
  19. Depends on where you are sailing from and where you are going. We are on the 1st Celebrity Flora sailing on July 4 and we are anxiously awaiting the decision. Ecuador says you DO need a PCR test even if you are vaccinated. But the Galapagos says no. We are only going from the airport to the hotel & back to the airport once we get to Quito. At this point, we only know for sure we have to be vaccinated and that’s no issue as we had ours months ago. We were supposed to have our docs last Friday (2 days ago) but we were told they aren’t ready yet & to just keep checking. I understand but I’m still not happy. If we need a PCR we need to know ASAP so we can make an appointment for one.
  20. JIm (DrKoob) and I finally got our air figured out with Celebrity. We are now going to FLL for a couple of days & then flying out of Miami. We have friends in Boynton Beach we haven‘t seen for over a year (we often travel together) so we asked if it would work out with them if we came through on our way. The answer was a resounding yes so that’s what we are doing. Our original flight was mid-morning from LAX but they dropped that flight & the only other one was around 2:00 am. That was a big NOPE not going to do it (too old-closing in on 70). We are NOT staying at the Marriott - we are staying at the EB Hotel. Makes sense since we will not be doing a tour of Quito. All in all, we are happy & can’t wait to go. Now we just have to figure out the COVID testing (we had that all figured out in LAX).
  21. We have been told our flights will be changed to flying in only 1 day in advance and 1 day post. Marriott has assured Celebrity that their hotel will be open by July. We are still going. The main purpose of our trip is the Galapagos so we are okay with this. We are just waiting for Celebrity to send us our new air. We were told it could take 10 days. The flights they are offering now on their website are a big no go for me (American Airlines and layovers). We were booked with Copa from Los Angeles to Quito (no stops). We live in Seattle but are flying to LAX to stay a couple of days with family pre-cruise. We also booked at a hotel that offers PCR testing so we that is another to do off our list.
  22. I highly recommend a Relief Band (you can find it on Amazon). There is an old version (which I have & have used) but I bought the newer version last year when we were originally supposed to go on the Galapagos cruise). This has been my go to since a friend handed me theirs after I had been vomiting the entire “pirate ship” excursion (we were anchored in the swells for 2 hours). Within 5 minutes I was recovered & starving. I don’t leave home without it now on our cruises. I am definitely taking it on Flora. This is just the kind of trip I might need it on.
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