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  1. If you want to fly during busy times, late in the week, over the weekend, etc. It's pretty ridiculous how high fares have been
  2. But then don't say tell the customer that the service charge doesn't go to them (the waitstaff) and make the customer feel guilty for not tipping on top of it
  3. Went there a few weeks ago, food was good enough. But beware of their "service charge" which is 18% or something like that. The waiter dropped off the check, mentioned it and said that it goes to the management. Asked another waiter and he said some of it went to management. Either way it's bad for the customer
  4. Was on Joy the week of 7/17. They were rationing some of the frozen drink mixes every day at the pool bars, so they made sure they had them for the duration. Only thing we wanted and couldn't get anywhere on the ship was Frangelico. Footloose was Monday and Tuesday, while Elements was Friday and Saturday. btw, our embarkation was the quickest ever, we were on and having a drink at the pool at 10:45am
  5. Was there last week with 3 ships in. Was crowded, but wasn't so crowded that you couldn't enjoy the water or relaxing
  6. Just off Joy. The first day they didn't have any Mudslide mix, was available the 2nd day. Everyday after that they were definitely rationing the Mudslide and Pina Colada mixes to make sure they had them available at some point during the day. By most afternoons, it was hard to get either, including Strawberry Daiquiris. They did not have Frangelico anywhere on the ship, just empty bottles in the display at the bar outside La Cucina. Otherwise never had an issue with any other liquor or beer. Don't know if this is new, but was for us, no drink menus available at Sugarcane Mojito Bar
  7. Snooty? I always go on my roll call to get tips and see if there is anyone from my area on there. Been to two M&G's found them both extremely boring and of no use to us. Hate to break it to you, CC is social media 🤣😂
  8. The Roll Call for our cruise last week was very slow. One person posted about a bar crawl for the trip that was posted on FB. Since we're not on that site, they shared the info. We had dinner reservations at the same time, so not sure how it went. I've never been a M&G person, but the traffic on the overall RC was the slowest I've ever experienced
  9. Took the mini-bus, got there around 10:30/11
  10. They do. We got a tent because they just ran out of the umbrellas when we got there on Wednesday. If you have more than two people, the pop up tent is the way to go IMO
  11. They definitely do have people watching to see when people leave. Saw two different parties think they were slick jumping in on people leaving and the staff swarmed on them and made them pay up
  12. Was just there with 3 ships in port. Had fears that getting a van or taxi would be terrible, but never waited for either. Would not have known that there were that many ships in at once
  13. Ours took a week and half or so to get back in the beginning of July
  14. Did the shuttles for Horsehoe Bay, they worked great. Also used a taxi to go to and from a golf course, they too worked great
  15. Not really pink pink. Beach was beautiful, line for drinks was long, but worth it. Rented 6 chairs and a tent for $130
  16. Just got off Joy, we had chocolate milk delivered to our room with our breakfast every morning. If you want to be safe, order multiple chocolate milks with each breakfast order
  17. And they did not show the ASG on the Joy this week
  18. That's a shame. Was a great place to eat breakfast outdoors in the past
  19. Do they still serve breakfast at the American Diner like they used to when it was Margaritaville?
  20. NCL just changed their policy, If you have the Beverage Package there is no longer a corkage fee
  21. But I doubt they showed the Pro Bowl the week before. As much as I would love to be able to watch the AS game next week on my cruise, I highly doubt that it will be on
  22. In my experience in the past it's been Sports 24. Doesn't look like they’re broadcasting it, hoping that NCL broadcasts it, but not holding my breath Here is Sports 24's schedule https://sport24live.com/schedule?start=1658203200
  23. Thanks. Then just like Shore
  24. Are alcoholic drinks allowed on the public beaches?
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