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  1. Where here do you say before 2020? You're right, but I don't know of any medical professional who keeps his/her mask ON outside of work. Nurses and doctors don't make a habit of wearing their masks: 1. In a restaurant 2. At a bar 3. Relaxing by a pool 4. On a cruise 5. Shopping for groceries 6. While in their cars
  2. Since COVID started this is absolutely true. First of all you have to wear as mask in NY in any public place like a grocery store.
  3. My wife is a fully vaccinated nurse. She wears a mask when she goes to the store, when outside in a crowded area. Wears it when at an outside restaurant giving the server her order. She doesn't have any plans to stop doing that any time soon. For all those that say they can't wear a mask for whatever ridiculous reason, read this - http://www.gunnaresiason.com/mask-wearing-the-dumbest-binary-political-issue-out-there/
  4. Unfortunately, as of now there are no finished tests of minors getting the vax. I believe that they are going to start the trials for children under 16 soon, if they haven't in the last few weeks. You are correct. But the lines will lose more money if they don't allow non-vaccinated minors accompany their vaccinated parents. It would be a huge legal liability to allow be to self certify. If a bunch of non-vaccinated people go on a cruise, self certify that they are vaccinated, then come down with Covid, the cruise lines will have to close up again. Pe
  5. Why don't the locals like the ships being in Charleston?
  6. Yes. On Tuesday "...Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski of OWS said by June, “A hundred percent of Americans who want the vaccine will have had the vaccine by that point in time.” " Don't know if that is truly realistic, but hopefully it is
  7. Two week ago we were supposed to leave at 6 and didn't actually push off until closer to 6:30/6:45. No announcement was made, and don't think anyone really cared
  8. The cigarette smoke was so bad the week I was on, that I couldn't even sit there. Just ended up saving what I had for when I got back home.
  9. On our cruise 2 weeks ago our room steward made us animals every night. He said that they aren't supposed to do it anymore, but he like to when there is a room with children staying in it. It definitely brought an extra layer of enjoyment to the trip for our 11 yo
  10. Besides everything, here is what were our faves the two times we went in February during President's Week. Shrimp Pad Thai Pork Belly Dumplings Edamame Firecracker Shrimp Street Fries Korean Fried Chicken Salt & Pepper Calamari Sticky Pork Belly and for dessert the Chocolate Black Forrest
  11. If the weather pattern stays the same as it's been all winter, you won't have to worry about snow at all. It's been a great winter for those of us that don't like cleaning up after a snow storm. I think the most we've had in the area was around 5", once.
  12. Was just on Bliss, was saying how great if they had sports betting, even if it was just for games they were showing. Was surprised that they had the NBA All Star Game on. Also through the Sports24 feed had some regular season NBA and NHL games on, besides the usual soccer. Glad there wasn't any cricket this time
  13. Go to Teppanyaki once you board, or use one of the electronic kiosks located around the ship
  14. There's a decent amount. Personally I don't like having anything hanging off my neck, so I use a retractable ID holder that I clip to my pants
  15. Had the same issue on our cruise last week. Once you get on board go straight to Teppanyaki. They'll have a bunch of stands staffed up for you to make/change reservations at. Or you can try to use the electronic kiosks set up around the ship
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