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  1. Really wish they would have a US based sports channel, even if it was CBS Sports Network or NBC Sports. Just something besides endless cricket and soccer.
  2. Yes, I know that you personally don't watch TV when on a cruise. Why would anyone want to do that, when there are so many other things to do. But for those of us that do enjoy turning the TV on, anyone know what channels are currently airing in the staterooms on Bliss?
  3. My kids loved it when we cruised on the Gem
  4. Very curious, what do you mean that NCL doesn't care about loyalty anymore?
  5. Yes you can. They also have a taxi stand at the cruise terminal where they can hook you up with a driver to bring you to KSC and then comes back at the time you agree to. Don't remember the price, but it wasn't bad at all
  6. Spirit was the first NCL ship we were on. Because of it, we found that they regularly cruised out of NYC. Made me a fan of cruising and NCL.
  7. The last two times we had scheduled stops at GSC we were diverted to Nassau. The first time we didn't get there until around 3p, the second time it was closer to 1p.
  8. Why can it not have a surge protector? Used one in '18 on the Breakaway for 9 days without a problem
  9. So frustrating not to be able to get a good BEC outside of NY area. Had to resort to getting them on an English Muffin where I can, since the rolls are always so disappointing. This has to be a joke. Every time my brother visits from LA he raids my freezer for any leftover slices. For that reason, we almost never get Italian when on vacation.
  10. Hi there, Since this a foodies board, hoping to get a better answer than I would probably find on the NCL board. Has anyone had "Q" on the Bliss? I'm a bbq snob, no two ways about it. Are the meats really smoked? Can't believe I'm going to ask this, but if you're using say a Chili's as the middle point, is "Q" better or worse? TIA
  11. Pretty much. My favorite is Pizza Suprema on 8th and 31st, across from MSG. Go there at least once a month.
  12. Do not visit the 9/11 Museum on 9/11. There are ceremonies during most of the morning and early afternoon. It will be crowded with mourning families and friends. Most of lower Manhattan will be a mess that day. Besides that there are a ton of things to do in the rest of the island. The High Line/Chelsea Market is a great idea, as well as the park, and other museums.
  13. Have cruised out of NY in February many times. We've had beautiful weather and cold weather. The rockiest it has ever been in our experience was once going from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas.
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