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  1. The Marriott is literally across the street from Pier 66 so you could walk over to board the ship on departure day. It is also near numerous tourist activities, including the Pike Place Market (there is an elevator up the hill). Seattle has a lot of Uber drivers, so it's easy to catch a ride to anywhere else you would want to go around the city.
  2. Yes, he just came aboard the Jewel beginning with the cruise we were on (1/23/2020). He was CD on a cruise we'd been on previously and we really liked him.
  3. I'm not sure, I didn't ask him how long he'd been on the Jewel. He's honestly the best concierge we've had. Not a big, bouncy personality like some, but hugely conscientious and organized. One afternoon we ate lunch in O'Sheehans instead of Moderno, then went back to our cabin and put the do not disturb on until dinner and rested. When we opened our door, there was a letter from him asking if we were okay, he'd missed us at lunch and was concerned. That was his typical level of availability and care!
  4. If anyone is interested in the Jewel as of the end of January 2020, here are the names: Giorgio Voussolinos, Captain Carlos Ragasa, Concierge (LOVED him!) Rumi Khatao, General Manager (also a standout) Mohammad Hasan, Food & Beverage Director Dan Olsson, Cruise Director - Eric De Leon, Executive Housekeeper - Alvina Athanase, Guest Services Manager Peter D Costa, Executive Chef Adine Barrett, Restaurant Manager Norman Anderson, Beverage Manager Stephanie Davidson, Cruisenext Manager
  5. I just booked a cruise for my husband and I to take my 80+ parents on their first cruise! Your point of view is very welcome!
  6. Sigh, I got off the Jewel ten days ago. I miss Deck 13. We were in a suite, so we at e breakfast and lunch in Moderno every day, and we had a lot of dinners in Cagney's.
  7. My travel agent talked to Norwegian today and they've told her they do categorize suites 9076/9276 as accessible. I feel more comfortable at this stage that it's going to work for us as long as we can confirm a scooter will fit. Since my dad is able to walk, and the room does have a walk in shower, he'll be safe. The TA ordered a toilet riser and shower seat and we're talking to Scootaround to see if they've got specific information on the ship and what will work in the room. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge!
  8. ow I"m not sure what we're going to do. My dad is definitely not confined to a wheelchair, so the strict ADA accessibility modifications aren't critical, but we booked suites because I also think that the addition of butler/concierge will be helpful for my parents. Now I don't know if the Sun actually HAS any actual accessible suites.
  9. I have a feeling that the Cruse Next consultant misinterpreted the key on the deck plan!
  10. My husband and I are taking my parents on an Alaska cruise aboard the Sun this summer. We've booked them in an accessible aft suite. 9076/9276 would be what I'm seeking info for. I found some recent photos online and I'm questioning the accessibility because the bathroom appeared to have a small shower stall and a jetted tub. The hall into the room also looked quite narrow. So, either the photos weren't labeled correctly, or the room doesn't seem like it would truly be accessible. My dad isn't in a wheelchair, but he's got balance and strength issues so we'll get him a scooter
  11. My husband and I are fairly experienced Norwegian cruisers, but my mother just mentioned (wistfully) that she would like to go on a cruise some day. So hubby and I are thinking of taking them on an Alaska trip on the Norwegian Sun out of Seattle (because we wouldn't have to fly and the smaller ship just seems more approachable for them). They're 81 and 79. Both of them have had some falls in the last year, luckily no serious injuries. Dad has a cane and sometimes a walker. We'd get them a balcony cabin not too far from the elevators. Should we get a handicapped room? What else do we need to ke
  12. We really enjoyed hanging out in the Mojito bar (it's between Cagney's and Moderno). Good drinks, small space and not usually super busy, so service is good.
  13. Any recent cruisers who've been on the Jewel know who the concierge is right now? I've cruised with concierges who I thought were were terrific and ones who were basically invisible. Just wondering what we're in for in two weeks. Thanks!
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