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  1. Thank you. That is the speific information that I have been unable to find. DIY is fine with me. Lines, not so much.
  2. So, reading through this topic, the advice appears to be wait until you're aboard and you've used up your free wi-fi minutes to sign up for a package. I'm on a 12-day Australia/New Zealand cruise with elderly parents at home, so I am considering getting the streaming upgrade so I won't have to worry about getting in touch with them. Here's my question. I hate getting in lines for that sort of thing onboard! We're booked in a category that has concierge/butler service. Is signing me up for the wi-fi package be something the concierge could facilitate? Anyone had experience with that? I'd honestly pay the advance purchase cost to avoid lining up to take care of it once on board!
  3. I've been confused by the limited excursion choices for the Norwegian Jewel in Melbourne on 25 January 2020. Is that Australia Day, or is it the 26th? I'm wondering if the holiday is the reason for so few excursion options, or if NCL is just slow off the mark getting them organized. What do you think?
  4. Hello, what? Is a person able to call and add a promo without losing whatever promos they've got from the original booking? I would love to have double the shorex credit!
  5. I've got a 12-day Australia/New Zealand cruise on the Jewel coming up and I'm looking at the internet packages. My parents are elderly and have health issues, so the peace of mind of being able to make Wi-Fi calls to check on them would be worth the cost of the upgrade. Is the speed functional? Does it vary with ship position? I'd be mad if I paid a chunk of money for something that turned out to not work as described! We're in an aft suite and I seem to remember connectivity being sketchy on the Pearl in a similar location. I'd appreciate hearing about any specific experience on this ship.
  6. Sometimes the person was a little surprised by my request to take a photo, but as soon as I said "and make sure your name shows so I can remember it" the smiles bloomed. I think those comment cards matter quite a lot to them.
  7. I really like submitting the names of ship's crew who do a great job and make my trip better to be sure they get credit for their excellence. But NCL's "Freestyle" means you don't always have the same person serving, and I have a terrible time remembering names. So I started taking a photo of those I had good encounters with, making sure their name tag is in the shot. When it comes time to fill out cards, just scroll through the camera gallery! They have also ended up being some of my favorite vacation photos!
  8. I've never been able to quite figure out the availability of NFL on Norwegian. A few years back when we boarded in Seattle on a Sunday husband wanted to catch the Seahawks on TV somewhere. We could see the stadium from the room, but none of the ship's bars could tune anything but soccer. Even the cruise director tried. Their satellite feed is definitely international and not just US focused. Later on they did have a different NFL game though.
  9. I used 75mg at night for a month or so earlier this year when I had pain from an ovarian tumor. It didn't really make it go away, but it was enough to get me to sleep and better than having a narcotics hangover in the morning from taking a pain pill! Mr Shellbelle takes them for various joint pains accumulated by living the life of a carpenter and it helps. Here in the US marijuana itself is becoming legalized more and more, 12 states at least have legalized it both medically and for recreation. Seems to me like they should all just legalize, treat it like liquor and reap the tax income!
  10. THANK YOU BrissieB, this is what I needed to know.
  11. I came across this post after seeing Velvet listed under the entertainment options for our upcoming cruise on the Jewel. It now lists with the notation "Please book once on board." If it's in the Stardust like the rest of the nightly shows, why the need to reserve?
  12. He was our Concierge fall of 2018 on the Pearl. I really liked him. He was always on top of things and seemed to really care.
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