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  1. My husband and I received it on our Platinum card. I got spend $500 get 15,000 points and my husband got spend $500 get $150 back.
  2. Agree, you will have plenty of time. Also, agree with a plan B. If the ship is late, know what you'll do should you miss your flight. Recently, trying to get in touch with airlines to alter flights has been a challenge to say the least.
  3. It was a real mix, throughout the ship on our August cruise. The majority were in resort casual, but some dressed to the nines and looked great. The Retreat guests were reflective of the ship in general. We did not dress up, but would have if our trip didn't involve airline travel.
  4. We were on the Edge in August in an SS and they were included. The Host let us know to take whatever we wanted and she would restock. There was never a charge. This seems to be a practice rather than a rule though, so I would ask before I consumed anything from fridge.
  5. I have two cruises next year on the Summit (repo cruises), one in a Celebrity Suite and one in a Penthouse, both categories are sold out. I just got off the phone with X (no wait time on hold) and was credited 3,220. Worth trying again and maybe mention you're reading here that it's possible.
  6. I'd call back and ask for it in OBC. When I asked for my October cruises, they said, no go after final, but I asked about OBC and I was able to get it.
  7. I have 4 suites booked. 3 of my 4 show retreat always included, 1 does not. I've called twice trying to get it to show, so I can see it and they tell me "of course it's included, you're in a suite". I booked that one online. It is definitely different than my other 3.
  8. We were on the Edge mid-August. 2 cases were reported about mid-cruise. They were taken off the ship. We tested when we arrived home and tested negative. On cruise, we didn't wear masks or social distance, but did stay on ship the entire cruise. The ship was not crowded. We flew into FLL and went right to hotel and stayed in the room until we left for the cruise ship. IMHO, your week in FLL is where you have to be very careful.
  9. I had Diana on the Edge a few weeks ago. No need for a man with her strength! I highly recommend her.
  10. My category is sold out. Before I call, any idea if theyre able to do anything in that case?
  11. Below is the protocol for the City of Boston (where we live). As you can see travel is mentioned. Massachusetts has plenty of availability for testing. You should get tested if you: are experiencing COVID-like symptoms are at high risk for complications from COVID-19 have been in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19, or have traveled or been in large gatherings
  12. My subject may have been misleading. I had the test at CVS, I just had it several days after I was "home" from cruise.
  13. I'm not sure if anyone has reported on post cruise test results. My husband and I sailed on the Edge 8/21. We tested this AM and tested negative. While in FLL we were very careful, even ordered room service. We were on full flights. On the flights we kept our masks on and didn't eat or drink. On the ship, we didn't use any special precautions. I know this isn't enlightening info, but thought it may help some folks with anxiety about cruising.
  14. Was on the Edge last week. The stops remain fluid. The Bahamas' restrictions were changed a day or two before we arrived. I hope you make Mr. Sancho's, I'd just have a plan b. It was so nice to be cruising and Celebrity did a great job. You're going to enjoy yourself.
  15. Seems your dipping sauce is happy to be cruising as well...I see a smiling face!
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