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  1. If I book an Inside cabin and upgrade using points to a Balcony cabin do I get all the "free at sea" benefits that come with the Balcony category?
  2. This would be my approach. I agree the room was unacceptable by any normal standards.
  3. My husband brings duct tape and puts a piece over the cord at night. It's a bit of a tripping hazzard without it.
  4. This happen frequently on the Gem a few weeks ago. It was also very loud with people chatting in the thermal pool. I think a staff member should be monitoring the area often. Not up to people who have paid an extra fee, are on vacation and trying to relax to police other people.
  5. Hard to predict. We sailed out of NYC, January 2018 and the afternoon of our first full sea day, people were in the pools. On the way home, it was beautiful the whole last day. This past January we sailed out of Miami and the last day heading back was "brrrr". We've sailed out of Boston seven times from May-October and the first night out of Boston has always been windy and cold. I think wearing a few layers would be best. We will see you onboard.
  6. Why even have them? Seems like a huge waste of time and money and puts pressure on already stretched butlers. I think it is time for the NCL brass to go through their list of "perks" and put them to the test. I can't believe they wouldn't be disappointed in what they found.
  7. A bit late on my "post back". We received nothing we had requested. Boo
  8. I agree with you 100%. Just got off the Pearl. Paid a premium for the Deluxe Owner's Suite. Because I can afford that doesn't mean a $20 grey goose cocktail blow my mind (especially in a plastic cup). Had dinner in LeBistro and the champagne listed on menu for 23.99, when I ordered I was informed that, it was now 37.00. I've been on over 20 cruises and never had a bad one. While this one was not bad, I certainly felt the squeeze.
  9. Just off the Pearl and they rolled out a Premium Package (upcharge from UBP). We were not notified. Grey Goose is not covered. I ordered a glass of champagne in Le Bistro that was listed on menu at $24 and was told it had gone up 2 days before to $37. They wouldn’t honor the 24. When the restaurant maitre’d came around I mentioned it and he blamed “Miami”. I was in a Deluxe Owner’s Suite and my bar bottles, went from 3 to 1 (5 day cruise)with no heads up. I had to fight to get 2. Website still states 3. Most food was awful, especially Carney’s which is a shame. Le Bistro was good, La Cuchina was awful, Chineese place was ok (I like the spicy, noodle soup). Best food was crepes and fresh made pasta at buffet. We had a good time and will sail NCL when it is convenient, but will make Celebrity our preferred line.
  10. I'm going to call and try to get an explanation, would you suggest Concierge line or Customer Service?
  11. As someone cleverly posted to my thread regarding 1 instead of 3 bottles of liquor in the Deluxe Owner's Suite (5 day cruise)... You can't spell NiCkLe and dime without NCL.
  12. Same exact thing happened to me. They have so many rules and exceptions that they don't make clear, because most of them are detrimental to the consumer, it gets confusing for the folks who answer the phone. I don't blame people who answer phone, but NCL. I wonder when college will start courses on how best to book a cruise??
  13. My point exactly. It should be clear when booking what is included. Mathematically from 5 to 7 days is 2+ bottles, so how they went to 1?? Also, in my email they stated I get "1 bottle complimentary", I paid for the Haven room, there is nothing complimentary about the perks. NCL is not doing me a favor. I'm going on this cruise and going to have a nice time regardless, I just think they are pushing it a bit with this one. Seems a bit nickle and dime.
  14. In the grand scheme of things a small issue for sure... We booked the DOS on the Pearl for a 5 day cruise. Paid a lot of money and was told there were three bottles of alcohol included, when I email concierge, I was told only one bottle. Even the NCL website states, "There are select categories of Suite which come with specific additional amenities, too! Guests booked into any Owner’s Suite or Deluxe Owner’s Suite receive three bottles of liquor from a special menu, along with unlimited mixers, sodas and bottled still and sparkling water. Nothing about length of cruise. How do we go from 3 to 1? I have a 14 day cruise booked in March, do I get 8 bottles? I have the drink package and don't even drink that much, it's just the point of being told and expecting one thing and getting something else.
  15. Bringing my own paper straws onto the Pearl next week. I have a bit of an issue with "no straws". I agree that we can do more to conserve and protect the environment and small changes can make a big impact, however it's the all or nothing that bothers me. Using one's own judgement goes a long way.
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