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  1. If I wasn't annoyed before, this thread has done it. On March 11, we cancelled our March 29 cruise, 2 days before NCL cancelled the cruise themselves. We haven't seen any FCC yet, and/or the $500 Nextcruise certs we used. Our travel agent has called twice, and each time was told to call back after a week. We called ourselves today, and were told the same thing. The CSR said that she as sending an email to her Supervisor, but, according to a reply above, that's not going to accomplish anything. We've been trying to stay patient, realizing the overwhelming deluge they've been dealing with, but ... It is unbelievable to hear that people with May cruises have had their cases processed, especially since they cancelled several weeks after we did. 😠
  2. Logan25: your first post hadn't mentioned that you'd booked directly. But in any case, whatever "system" or "process" they're using, im sure there are exceptions galore. By virtue of all the posts and reports I've read here, the processing of FCC's and refunds seems to be all over the place. Thats why I was asking for people to post dates of when they cancelled and how long the process took, to see if there was a pattern. There wasn't, at least not that I could see. So, subsequently, I was just wondering if direct booking or through another agency might be a factor. Again, it appears that the processing is happening without rhyme or reason. But however they're doing it, again, I'm sure there are multitudes of exceptions. As I said, it sure would have made me, and I'm sure lots of others, feel better if we knew what the process or system is, which would then give those of us still waiting, some expectation of when our particular case would be handled.
  3. Wow ... my theory that NCL staff are working on a chronological basis seems like it should be tossed out the window! i can't believe how quickly and efficiently some of you were processed, while others (us included) are still waiting. Now, I'm wondering whether if you booked directly, and subsequently dealt with NCL directly for your cancellation, if that speeded things up in getting FCCs and refunds processed. I see that some people booked through CAS, and some have used travel agencies, and maybe those 3rd party cancellations aren't being processed as efficiently? At this point, who knows? I'm not a patient person at the best of times (which DH can attest to!) and right now, I'm pretty anxious to see something from NCL, with fingers crossed that we'll see the correct amounts. 🤞
  4. Sand and Sea: we didn't book through CAS, but with a travel agent. We called him late this afternoon and asked him if he could find out anything from NCL. They denied that they had dealt with any April cruises yet, but I noticed that my TA asked about "refunds", not about FCC's, which is what I asked about! 🙄🙄 After reading your email from earlier today, I saw that they are obviously full of it ... or, at least that particular CUstomer Service Rep didn't know what was going on! julig22: LOL ... yes, we've been checking our account in NCL daily. But, from what we've been reading overwhelmingly on this forum, people are receiving emails from NCL, notifying them that they're FCC's have been processed. I wish we all knew what system NCL is using , as it's obvious that people would love to know when to expect to see confirmations of their FCCs or refunds. We're going to go back to waiting patiently now ... at least for a little while more.
  5. We had our March 29, 2020 Norwegian Joy cruise cancelled. We've really been trying so hard to be patient and let the process happen, but we've now been reading of people with April 5 cruises already having received email notice of their FCC's. We got the impression that NCL was issuing refunds and FCC's in order of sail date, and a couple of weeks ago, someone reported seeing an FCC email for their Mar 14 cruise. Okay, we thought, give it some time and they'll be getting to the March 29 cancelled cruises shortly. Then today, someone talked about April 5 sailings having received their FCC emails. Now, we're not so much patient as we are worried! Does anyone know exactly how the refund/FCC process is working? And has anyone from a Mar 29 sailing received their FCC yet? Hope everyone is hanging in there until we can get back to our norm!
  6. Thanks, everyone, for the replies and suggestions. FAstpitchdad: Given that our NCL transfers will probably get us to the airport pretty darn early in the morning, and given that we don't want to do a tour/excursion, and also given that we don't need to be at the airport until around almost 6pm, this whole idea for a day-use room appeals to us the most. If our most flight was earlier, we'd definitely think about a airline lounge pass. i appreciate the suggestions for websites to find day-use rooms. We've looked at them both, and they're both easy to use and great. We'll be booking something this weekend. The reason I originally posted this on the NCL forum was because I was looking to hear back from people about their actual experiences doing this: Whether they liked it, if they'd were glad that they went this route, and if they had any actual specific hotels to recommend (and for what reason). Would still love to hear any of those experiences. In the meantime, Cruise Critic has once again come through and pointed us in the right direction! 👍
  7. You can see that I've received good answers to some of my questions, but I was really hoping to hear from people who had done this. To hear where they stayed (especially at LAX, since that's where we'll be), how they liked the experience, and afterwards, were you glad you'd done it, as opposed to taking a tour or just spending a long day at the airport waiting for late flights. Using the replied suggestions, I've researched the recommended sites, but I'd love to hear feedback on specific hotels from those of you who have actually done this. thanks all.
  8. You're kidding! 😂😂 We were on the Bliss last year, doing this same itinerary as the Joy this year, at this same time of year too! Thanks for the great info ... I had just found Day Use and appreciate having another resource to check out. We'll definitely take a look at that Hilton. Enjoy this great weather we're having ! ☀️ We can only hope that when we fly back from the Joy in 4 weeks that we still have these mild temps to come home to!🤞
  9. Hey RMC1! Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining and informative review. The Getaway was our first Away ship years ago,, and we loved it, so it was so fun seeing it again through someone else's eyes! We're in downtown Denver (yay CO!), and our upcoming flight home from LAX (after being on the Joy🚢👍) is also going to be a really late one. So, we were very interested in hearing that you had booked in to a day-use room. I saw above how much you paid for it, but how did you know which hotels offered that amenity? We've never seen a rate listed when we've been booking other, regular overnight reservations. Did you just goggle hotels near the airport, and then contact them individually to see whether they did day-use rooms? Thanks again for the time you took to do this review. 😃
  10. Thanks for that suggestion ... I'll do that. But, rather than the specifics that'll be on that West Coast Departures forum, I really was more curious about whether many people use these day use hotel rooms. And also where they find rates for this service. Hoping that some with that experience will chime in.
  11. I've been reading a review from someone who mentioned that they had a very late return flight home and that they had arranged for a day-use hotel room at an airport hotel. Have many of you done this? How do you find which hotels offer this? And how do you find rates, as I've never seen that option when making a regular reservation? More specifically, for the first time ever, we chose the NCL free air, from Denver to LAX, and for the return, we were given a late evening flight. The idea of a day-use hotel room, near LAX, is very appealing. But short of calling dozens of hotel to inquire, I'm not sure where we find out which hotels offer this. Thanks to anyone with any info on this! 😃
  12. To the OP: You said that there's no La Cucina on the Joy. Not so ... i was pretty sure that we had booked into La Cucina a couple of times for our upcoming Joy cruise, and when I read what you wrote, I got worried. i checked our confirmation and sure enough, we've got LC bookings for 2 nights. Since no one has chimed with a correction, thought I'd mention it and it might help you plan your meals.
  13. SB: THanks ... you're a peach 🍑! (Don't know why I wasn't able to find this thread, my search had all the same words in it!) In any case, thanks again. This is fantastic info and hopefully I'll come across a Denver to LAX example.
  14. It was a relief to hear, samzing, about those direct flights. We've been "girding our loins", waiting for the Denver ---> LAX in March flights info, assuming that instead of using all those nice direct flights, we'd be sent on some round-about routing! You've given us some hope! SB: I've tried 3 different searches, using different words, looking for that flight compilation thread ... with no luck. Do you have any recall of what the thread title was? Thanks for the responses! 👍😎
  15. For those of you who have used this "perk" in the past, could you tell us how it went? Did you get good flights? Did you get direct flights, or with many connections? Does NCL use specific airlines, or just whoever they can get space with? MOre specifically, for the first time ever, we're taking a chance with their free/reduced on two upcoming cruises this year: 1) Denver to LAX in March (for the Joy) 2) Orlando to London (for Southampton) in October (for the Escape TA) If anyone has had experience with these specifically, we'd be so appreciative to hear what the flight details were. Thanks in advance.
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