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  1. Duh! My bad! And I always roll my eyes at people who obviously haven't proof-read their emails! Still holding out hope that someone who has actually been in one of these angled balconies on the Joy might reply. 🀞 We really like the angled balconies, but if it's just a straight, I think we'd prefer to be a little further away from the elevators.
  2. Anybody have any feedback about these angled balconies on the Joy? We're trying to decide whether we should book one of them or not, but if they aren't angled, we'd find another location. Thanks.
  3. For anyone who has sailed on the Joy in an angled balcony, in the deck plans, both in the brochure and online, they show the numerous angled balconies differently from how they show them on other ships. We've been in a few of the angled balconies on other ships, and they show in the deck plans as angled and when you get into your cabin, they are angled (which gives slightly more space out there). But, they are shown differently for the Joy. So, specifically for cabins 10806 and 20206, if anyone has been in these cabins, can you let us know whether the balcony is actually angled or whether these slightly different deck plans are correct and it's just a straight-across balcony. Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. i appreciate the input. A very Happy Easter to all! πŸ₯🐰🐣🌹🌷🌸🐣
  5. Thanks for the info. Since you weren't departing out of LA, I'm still wondering and concerned that the CA ban on little plastic bottles might apply to cruise ships as well as hotels. Hopefully I'm wrong and this new law hasn't been implemented. Anybody stay in a CA hotel recently? Do you think your room steward would have restocked with another lotion if you hadn't asked?
  6. Aaaargh! I'm smack dab in the middle of packing for our Bliss cruise this weekend, and I'm currently organizing our toiletry bags. Could those who have been on the Bliss recently let me know what amenities are provided in-cabin? And, more specifically, is body lotion still provided? (Just heard that CA is going to be "outlawing" (or has already) shampoo bottles in hotels, and was worried that that may also impact cruise ships departing from CA ports. ) Definitely need to bring our own , if not supplied! Thanks for replies!
  7. Thank you to those of you who answered my question. Appreciate it.
  8. This is definitely a question for NCL experts and, perhaps more importantly, those of you who have cruised recently. We've got an upcoming cruise on the Bliss, which was booked before the increased DSC's were announced. We have $100 OBC also. I called NCL customer service to ask whether it would be possible to pre-pay our DSC, and use our OBC to do that. Of course, we'd then pay the balance on our credit card. The CSR said no, as NCL OBC was never used to pay for the DSC's. So, I asked, if we couldn't use the OBC to pre-pay, wouldn't it still be applied to our DSC's on the ship. And she said no, that on NCL, OBC was never applied towards DSC. Being the skeptic that I am, but realizing that perhaps I'm forgetting what happened the last time we sailed NCL (or maybe we didn't have OBC that time), I felt like I needed to get this confirmed by CC. I can understand that perhaps NCL OBC can't be used to pre-pay, but this is news that, once onboard and the OBC is on our account, that it doesn't get applied to our DSC! Can you tell me if this is correct info? Thanks.
  9. Hi Bruin Steve, Special thanks to you for all those very informative links for restaurants surrounding the CP. We booked into the Hyatt Regency LB, via Priceline, at a rate less expensive than what BWP was asking. I was more concerned about having included breakfast and comp Shuttle to SP pier (which is why we were originally looking at the Best Western Plus in SP), but after reading all the comments, DH was waaaay more interested in having a nice area where we could take a nice long walk and have lots of choices for eateries, etc. We also like to find a grocery store to get some snacks and wine, and it seems like that will be easier and moreover pleasant in the LB area. while SP definitely seems more convenient for our cruise departure, LB seems way more pleasant. thanks again.
  10. Thanks for all the detailed responses! This is excellent information and we're looking forward to getting closer in to our cruise to see what our upgrade choices would be. I guess the days of complimentary upgrades (aka the Upgrade Fairy) are long gone! 😩
  11. Thank you all, again, for all this good info. After reading through it all, DH and I just didn't have a great feeling, and we've ended up getting a hotel in Long Beach. Even though we're only going to be there for a free afternoon, we think this'll be s much nicer area and we'll enjoy walking around the waterfront. We feel good about this move, and the decision was helped along by all your info and opinions!
  12. We've just booked a cruise on the Bliss, which is us coming back to NCL for the first time in 3 years. When we cruised NCL last, there was a system where, if you had an upcoming cruise, certain people got phone calls from NCL's inventory department, asking them if they'd want to pay an extra amount to receive an upgrade. In scanning through the threads, I saw a huge one about bidding for upgrades, where it looks like there is now a particular place you can go, if you want to make a bid for an upgrade. It looks like you can even bid on multiple categories. Can someone explain how this new system works, and where we would find the correct place go to see what was available to bid on. Thanks.
  13. Thanks all, and especially Bruin Steve, for the replies. I'm getting the very strong vibe (you can't get anything past me! ) that the location of the Best Western Plus we were looking at wouldn't be the nicest and/or safest choice. If we look at the Crowne Plaza and/or the Doubletree, are there places to eat and walk about in that area? Does anyone know if both hotels have complimentary shuttles to the port? (we'll obviously do our further research, but it would be helpful at this point to get these answers from "those in the know") Thanks again ... it's great to have answers from all you knowledgeable folks.
  14. We just booked onto the NCL Bliss, on April 21, 2019, departing from San Pedro. We're flying in one day early for an overnight and then flying back home on the same day of disembarkation. This a new departure port for us, and we have several questions, so I'm hoping that by asking them all at once, they'll be easy and straight forward to answer from anyone who is familiar with departures from this area. >Is Super Shuttle the best way to get from LAX to hotels in SP? (We wouldn't be using Uber or Lyft.) >How far is it from LAX to SP, and what is the travel time? >For disembarkation day, we have a noon flight ... if we do express walk off, will that give us ample time (using a shuttle) to get us to the airport in sufficient time? >This is a bit weird, but for those of you who use Super Shuttle often, if we use them to go from LAX to a SP hotel, and then also book them for pick up, on disembarkation day, at the cruise terminal to return us to LAX, would this be considered a "round-trip"? Or must the pick-up and drop-off locations be exactly the same? >For anyone who has stayed at the Best Western Plus on Gaffey Ave, how is it? It is just for the one night, so we're mostly concerned with it being clean and safe. Can we walk to the waterfront from there? Is it pretty safe for walking around during the daytime (we've read that it can be a little dodgy after dark). >Since we'd have a free afternoon, it is possible to walk to where the ferry leaves for Catalina Island? Does the ferry run often? How long does it take? Is this a worthwhile trip? Are there any other fun/interesting things to do in the immediate area? Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Thanks Scot Born for your reply! That was exactly what we were thinking about, but we weren't sure what the exact process was! Your explanation was spot-on! and PS ... DH was born in Glasgow!
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