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  1. Well, it's been 5 years since our last X cruise, and back then, the Bev Pkg was very inclusive and included almost everything. There weren't the different levels, i.e. CLassic and Premium. We didn't have to sign any chits back then. However, since there is a charge to order from the Premium pkg if you have the Classic, we're assuming that, just like anywhere on the ship, if there's a charge, you'll need to sign a receipt. That's what we're expecting anyways.
  2. Forgot to include: we'd want the Don Julio Reposado to have on the rocks. I neglected to specify that. So, we would both be ordering drinks from the Premium side. This is why we wanted to see what the price would be for those brands, to see what the price differential would be. Sorry for the omission.
  3. This is highly specific, but ... Can anyone tell us what a (tequila) Don Julio/rocks or a (bourbon) Makers Mark/rocks (both from the Premium package) would cost? Wer're trying to do the calculations ... would it be a better deal for us to purchase the upgrade from the CBP to the Premium, or to just pay the difference between a $9 drink to whatever those two drinks cost. We aren't huge frozen-drink or beer drinkers ... we can easily be quite happy with the choices from the CBP for the few we would want. We do drink lots of water, although we're fine with X
  4. lbryant: Sounds like you and your family are having a wonderful time so far ... may it continue! We don't have a specific question for you, but we'll be on the Edge in September, so we're following and enjoying ... and absorbing!!! 😂😂 Smooth sailing!!
  5. Thank, lbryant, for this very useful info. It sounds like X needs to get some organization going for Boarding and Disembark days! A few people walking around, helping to direct people to the correct waiting/processing lines? And signage at the head of the lines? These seem like easy fixes. Hoping the confusion and chaos are mostly resolved by our own boarding in September! 🤞
  6. Thanks again for this really entertaining review. We just checked in for our Sept Edge cruise, and we got a 12:30-1pm check in. Nothing was mentioned about uploading or showing our vax cards ... were you asked for those much closer in to your cruise? Funny to hear that your next cruise is on the YC Seashore! Through the past year cancellations, we went from a YC Seaside, to another Seaside, to a Meraviglia, and then, finally ... ta da! To a Seashore! So, hope you're planning on another riveting review of your next cruise, as we'll be glued and eagerly awaiting all the d
  7. With all the cancellations and rescheduling from the past year, it was working out that our first cruise back wasn't going to be until November (Equinox). However, in reading all the wonderful reviews of these first cruises back, we just couldn't contain ourselves and, just yesterday, we saw a SV come available on the Edge for September. And so, we've read your excellent review with renewed anticipation. Thanks for taking the time ... you covered so many areas and gave us such good info. And now, we just can hardly wait ... even though we shortened our wait time by 2 month
  8. We love, love, love YC and the whole experience! We've done several now, and have to agree with all these previous opinions that they've done the ship-within-a-ship concept to the T! We also agree with some of the comments about the "rest of the ship" issues ... a lot of overcrowding. BUT ... we find that's the case on almost all cruise lines ... NCL, Royal, Princess and Celebrity. MSC's most recent ships are lovely though ... so we walk around when the ship is empty or when we know that folks are occupied elsewhere ... eating or shows. Understand the point of view t
  9. Appreciate these replies and the advice! We agree that these dining packages aren't the most "user friendly" ... we don't like the idea of having a dining venue chosen for us in advance (even if we are able to change it when we board), and we also thought that pre-purchasing a multi-night package would allow us to get in early with our preferred dining time (we like the most popular time - 7pm). We think we'll pre-purchase a 1st night choice (our choice!) and then hope that we can then purchase a 3 or 4 night once we're onboard. One thing that wasn't menti
  10. We've never pre-purchased a multi-night dining package with X, but with a 12-night Equinox coming up, we've been looking at them. But we're not quite understanding how they work, despite the web site explanation. 😂 What it seems to say is that if you book a 3, 4, or 5 night package, you receive a confirmation and then you'll get assigned to a restaurant for the 1st night??? And then, once aboard you can change that 1st night assignment, and then proceed to book the remaining nights? This seems weird. So, first question: are we missing something? Or, is this how those
  11. MNYC & WB: Thanks for posting these photos! They are terrific! With all the helpful and good reports here, we're not sure why we originally thought that there was some problem or issue with these balconies, but we've certainly been schooled on the topic! And now, we're looking forward to our angled balcony! Thanks all for the great comments and photos ... they've been very helpful and are appreciated.
  12. Hope you enjoy it ... we think Celebrity is terrific! We'll look forward to reading all about it!
  13. JL: Thanks for the comments. I know that you're an NCL fan, so it's nice to hear the opinion ... makes us feel good about the cabin selection. We see that you're on the July 25 X Equinox ... that's our first cruise back: a 12-nighter in November on that ship. So, hope you'll do a review after you've been on. Less than a month away for you!!!!
  14. SSF: Thanks for posting this link! I can't for the life of me remember what I'd heard that made me think there could be a problem, but it seems (and the link confirms it) that we should be good! 👍 TU again... appreciate it. TNTS: Thanks also for your comments.
  15. I just did a search and couldn't find any specific info, so thought I'd ask the experts! We've rebooked ( yet) another cancelled cruise, and our agent couldn't get the cabin we had originally booked. He put us into an angled balcony cabin. (Cabin 12854 is the exact cabin we're asking about.) i have a very foggy memory of someone (either a NCL rep or someone here on CC) saying "something" about there being a slight problem with the angled balconies. Or, they may have said something like "if you're going to book an angled balcony, be aware of XXX". Sorry that I'm
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