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  1. DW and I took the Walgreen's rapid IDNow molecular test for our Sept. 18 Edge cruise. The test results were accepted by X, since the IDNow test is an Abbott brand test.
  2. Just to throw out another option to consider: We normally always book specialty restaurants on a cruise, but on our recent Edge cruise, we were intrigued about the 4 MDRs. We wondered how we'd like them, and if they would all be good. Truth be told, they were all wonderful, with our favorites being Normandie and Cosmopolitan ... we ate there 4 of the 7 nights, and had 4 of the best meals ever! We were so happy that we'd decided to pass on the specialty restaurants on this trip. Not to say that we won't try specialties on another E-class ship, but for this cruise, we were so pleased with the 4 MDR choices. So ... lovely decor, fantastic service, awesome meal, romantic table, moon shining in the window, and .... No Charge! Something to consider. 🤔
  3. We spent time fretting over this matter ... who to go to? should we test at home? We originally finally found a CVS doing a rapid antigen test , but the location was about an hour's drive from us ... heading towards the cruise terminal in Fort Lauderdale. (We live about two hour's drive north of FLL, and it seemed ridiculous to drive halfway to the port, get the test, drive back home, pack, and leave the next day for FLL.). So we rebooked at the same place but made the appointment on the Friday (for a Saturday sailing), but worried about the test being positive, with us and a trunkful of luggage having to turn around and come home. When we heard that Celebrity accepts the Walgreens rapid test, we found one just a few miles away, booked our test for Thursday, got our negative results within an hour, and we're on our way to FLL the next day ... with our luggage on the knowledge that we could board!!! Easy peasy... and that's how we'll be doing it for our Equinox cruise in November. 👍👍
  4. We just got off the Edge last weekend. We upgraded from the CDP to the Premium. We found it well worth the $$$. We like our evening drinks to be spirits on the rocks (tequila & bourbon) and the Premium choices were great. Plus, the wines and the liquors on the CDP were very limited, and we liked our Baileys each night. As far as "gaming the system", whenever ordering two drinks, even as the week went on, and after waiters and bartenders recognized us, we always gave over both of our cards to run through. That seemed like common practice. And, gaming the system ... not such a hot idea, as I'm sure Celebrity have figured there are those who would try that, and have put deterrents in place.
  5. Mark_T and Jeremiah1212: Thanks very much for your speedy replies. We had found the Celebrity area discussing acceptable tests, but we were concerned about the fact that they didn't mention the ID Now test by name. And we had looked at the Abbott site, but were still unsure about the "rapid" aspect of a molecular test. In any case, in looking over both of your links again, especially the "any Abbott brand test" part, we are definitely feeling more reassured. Thanks again, this will make finding a location to administer the pre-cruise test (without having to drive two hours from home!👏) easier!
  6. We have a very specific question, which we have emailed Celebrity about, but have not heard back from them. Our Edge cruise is coming up next week, so we are anxious for confirmation. We see, Anne, that you posted that you had used the Abbott ID Now rapid molecular test. We also see that Celebrity accepts a molecular test (although they do NOT specify that a rapid molecular test is OK). We understand that we can get a rapid antigen test, but we're having difficulty finding a local provider, so this question is specifically about the rapid molecular test. We cannot find anywhere in Celebrity's info where they say, specifically, that they accept the rapid ID Now test. How did you reassure yourself that that test would be accepted, before your cruise? We'd really like to either find that wording on their website or would you have a contact number for us to call? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Folks, We're kind of surprised it can't be done in the Cruise Planner, especially when you're logged in. They've got all your info, they see your CC status, so why not automatically apply that discount??? In any case, good to know ... so we thank you for your info.
  8. Thanks to those of you here who made us realize that, through our Elite Captains Club benefits, we could get a 10% discount on the cost of upgrading our Bev package. Just tried doing that online in our Cruise Planner (for a Sept Edge cruise), and didn't see anywhere in the process where we could have the 10% discount applied. We made sure that we were logged in, but that didn't bring up anywhere for us to apply the discount. Are we missing something, or do we need to call Captains Club and ask them to process this request and apply the 10% off? Thanks for helping out.
  9. A75: Wishing you a fabulous cruise ... you lucky sons-of-a-gun! 👏👏 We are on the Equinox in November for this exact itinerary (prior to your changes ... hope we get the same changes! 🤞). This was to be our first cruise cruise back ... post the "Bad Days" of the cruising lockdown 😢, but we couldn't hold out until then, so we're sailing next month on the Edge. BUT, no 7-dayer will ever beat out a 12-dayer, so we'll be eagerly following. Have a wonderful time, celebrating being back out on the high seas!
  10. JL: Really enjoyed following this thread and especially appreciated your "overall thoughts" summary. We're going to be on the Equinox in November for a 12-nighter, so read it all with interest. We agree with you concerning the lack of breakfast and lunch options, as we really appreciate the multiple choices on NCL. And, we'll be on Edge next month, where I think we'll enjoy the 4 dining rooms, so we'll need to be prepared for the reduced options on Equinox. Thanks for taking the time to do this review.
  11. ExA: Thanks for this informative reply! Those dimensions sound good. That info, combined with the info on luggage size we've received, has pretty well answered the question of whether our bags would make it !through !
  12. Hi jg51: Thanks for the luggage dimensions... very helpful! Thanks also for your supportive comments concerning what we had, and had not, asked in our original post. We get that people will offer up their opinions and points of view, and we take all responses with a grain of salt. We've been on CC for many, many years. And, although we aren't amongst the most prolific posters, we do lurk pretty consistently, and enjoy reading and following the threads. We've learned a tremendous amount of info on these forums, and have usually been able to get the info we need whenever we have asked, so we appreciate all who take the time to reply. As long as everyone acts with respect, it's all good. And we do really appreciate your comments.
  13. M46LC: yep, we completely agree. That's why we started thinking, when we heard that we could access our cabin, that we could bring our bags on and drop them off ... no dragging around. It's nice to have them there, available to be unpacked whenever we want to ... as opposed to having to wait for them. But we get that everyone has their preference about how they want to things. Thanks for your reply.
  14. T&C: Thanks so much for posting these pics! As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words! These bags look about the same size as ours, and if you were able to get them through the scanners, then we can assume that ours will go through too! Happy cruising!
  15. ymnc: Thanks for this info ... having these dimensions is very useful. And it's helpful, also, knowing that there are no stairs to navigate during embarkation. Appreciate you posting this.
  16. T&C: This is awesome! And of course we know you're on the Edge right now ...we've been following your thread! Very excited that you've answered here! So ... the bags look a lot like the size of ours. Ours are 25" from the floor to the top, 18" wide, and 11" deep (outside case dimensions) We've already heard from a poster about his bags going through the scanners at around this size. But ... and this is only if you find this easy to do, if you were able to give us your dimensions, it would be great! In the meantime, have enjoyed your thread tremendously. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  17. HH: We're in a Sunset Verandah. But these suitcases aren't huge, they're just larger than the typical carry-on. So, we wouldn't have a problem fitting them inside a closed closet.
  18. This is a very good point for us to consider. Of course, we'd put the suitcases into the closet and close those doors, but ... as you say, it's definitely something we need to know and think about. Thanks for making this point.
  19. Good suggestion, and we'll keep it in mind if we get enthusiastic about doing this. However, I can just picture the representative at PE rolling their eyes when I ask them to look up this info for me! 🙄🙄😂😂
  20. w2c: Never fear ... if we are able to ensure that our bags would go through the scanners, and if we do decide to bring them on with us, we are very "tidy" and considerate travelers. We make sure that we're not infringing on or bumping into others, or getting in their way. This isn't something we're considering for all of our future cruises, but in the instance where we can drop our luggage right into our cabins, we just thought it would be a nice change not to be waiting on delivery.
  21. We do. I'm not obsessive about getting the unpacking done, but I love knowing that our bags are safe and securely waiting for us, tucked away in the closet. We have no problem just dropping the bags off and getting out of the way for the room steward to finish up.
  22. EDL: Thank you! 👍👍 Next stop: guest bedroom to compare these dimensions with ours.
  23. WLG: You are exactly right! And that's why I'm trying to get specific dimensions before we make the decision to try it. I dislike the hassle of lugging those full size bags around, but when I heard that we could drop them right off in the cabin, I remembered how much I also dislike waiting on getting luggage delivered!!! So, if it's possible to get them through those scanners, we'd put up with a small inconvenience for the reward of having them with us.
  24. Do you happen to know offhand what the width of your bag is? I think our suitcases are 28", but thinking about it, I believe that's for the length. It seems like the concern might be about how wide a bag is, and that would dictate whether it would go through or not. Your answer is heartening though!!!
  25. This is what I'm hoping for!! 😂😂🍀🍀
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