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  1. Back to normal here as well, no issues logging in and our missing FCC page is back.
  2. Problem here as well. Strange sign-in, and when I finally do get logged in, trying to view our FCC balance, the message is: Whoops! Your page was not found
  3. Could you tell us the exact name of this app. A search of "Canadian Immunization " on the Play Store turns up about 10 different apps. Thanks.
  4. FWIW, here in Quebec, the 2nd most populous province, the provincial government is stating that anyone who wants a vaccination will have their first shot by June 24, though they have have extended the delay between shots to four months. They are currently doing 65 and older, and SWMBO and I, in our early 60s, hope to schedule our shots within a few weeks. I missed the latest round because I was born 4 months too late ;o) Problem is, AFAIK, we still still can't leave the country without incurring a long post-return quarantine. Hopefully that is gone by the time we hopefully board th
  5. There's another aspect to that as well. As at the last time we sailed with a Medallion, November 2019, if you did lose your Medallion (and didn't notice it right away) in theory the person finding it could go to one of the many screens, use the disk to find your name and cabin number (with helpful directions to get there), go to your cabin, open door and do whatever they wanted. AFAIR, this wasn't nearly as easy with the old style cruise cards, as there was no way to easily identify the cabin number, only the person's name appeared on the card. Sure, this is highly unlikely to happen, but i
  6. On a related note, how does one actually sign up to receive these Emails from Princess? We do get almost daily Emails from Celebrity, with whom we've only sailed once, but get no such Emails from Princess, where both of us are one trip shy of Elite. My Captain's Circle account clearly says yes to "Contact me about news, marketing updates, latest fares, specials or offers by: Email" but we still get nothing. Could it be because we use a TA and don't deal directly with Princess?
  7. Hopefully, the ICVP booklet would be a way to prove vaccination. I actually have two of them, one containing all my childhood vaccinations from way too many years ago, and another one listing all my travel related vaccinations as an adult. I would hope the agency/organization/company that gives you the vaccinations(s) would agree to sign the booklet (as did all the folks who gave me all my other vaccinations)
  8. Speaking as a Canadian, thanks a bunch for the kind words, but you're a bit too generous ;o). Locally here, police just handed out EIGHTY THREE $1000 fines to a bunch of college students for throwing a party up in cottage country, facilitated through social media. Luckily, locals reported them immediately, and the police stepped in. The number of fines would have been higher, but some of them ran away before police could catch them.
  9. I'm really not sure why you feel the need to point that out. The category upgrade is a red herring and means nothing. What does mean something to us is the slightly under $US400 in credits we received by booking under the sale. On two of those trips, factoring in the CAD/USD conversion, that translates into credits worth almost 20% of the cruise price. I'm happy for you that you have a better TA than we do, but I'm perfectly happy with the one that we have.
  10. Thanks SO much for those kind words. Have a great day....
  11. I absolutely agree, so are we. I started talking to our "personal" TA with this Agency weeks ago re the 3 Day Sale, and gave her the three trips and specific cabins we wanted. A full week before the sale, she put a hold on all 3 trips at the Princess rate at the time, grabbing our cabins. The morning of the 24th, she was able to cancel all three trips and convert over to the sale, keeping the 3 exact cabins we requested, the Princess price, so no price increase, and adding the Agency's four add-ons. For our three one week trips in Balcony cabins, we received $250 OBC, the TA OBC of
  12. Sorry for the confusion, we are talking about the same agency. I refer to them as a big box even though they are online and storefront. I do have to admit that, when we sat through their webinar a few weeks ago, I thought I had seen the same reference to cabin upgrades being part of the 3 Day Sale, but I can't find any mention of it in any of their advertising correspondence.
  13. As always, Google is your friend....
  14. I'll have to look into that more carefully. We have three new trips on hold with this sale, hopefully to be converted into firm bookings tomorrow morning when our TA calls in to sign us up. At no time have I seen any mention of the free location upgrade being part of the sale, though it was offered by Princess recently on various bookings I browsed through on the Princess site. All the Emails I have received from the big box TA about the 3 Day Sale make no mention of the location upgrade being part of the sale, any chance you have the link to where it shows, that would be greatly appreciated.
  15. The "3 Day Sale" isn't a Princess sale, it's a sale dedicated to Princess cruises offered by the big 3rd party agency. You have to go to their site , not Princess' site to see the details. The TA in question has been advertising their 3 day sale for many weeks.
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