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  1. I'll have to agree with flying in. Chichen Itza is a stunning visit and well worth taking the time to enjoy. Our very first (of many) trips to Coz was a week long land stay, and we did a day trip, flying a vintage Aero Cozumel F27 from Coz Airport to the landing strip at the ruins. Made for a bucket list day and at the time was only about $200PP. The pilot did a wing-over right around El Castillo and grabbed a stunning photo. Wish I could find it in my archives ;o(
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I will be calling. Yes, we are Pause 1, and our TA was told that the $$$s were put into a holding account since Princess wasn't able to reach us for disposition. I hadn't realized that they would handle the taxes and pre-paid items separately, and we definitely have not received anything at all to any of our CCs.
  3. Question for those who booked their cruise(s) through a TA. Will Princess discuss your refund situation with you if you phone them, or will they refuse and insist that you go through the booking TA? Our April 4 trip was cancelled by Princess in mid-March, and we selected Option 1. Our 175% FCCs arrived a long time ago, no problem. Our TA has communicated with Princess numerous times on the refund status for our taxes, prepaid items etc., and was given a variety of different stories each time she called. Last week, for the first time, she was informed that Princess had Emailed directly to us in mid-May, asking whether we wanted the refund as a cash return or an FCC, though our TA had stated all along we wanted the cash. Our TA immediately realized that Princess used an incorrect Email address, (even though they continue to send us occasional Emails to my correct address), so that explains why we never received the mid-May Email. I now assume our refund will take a long time to come, so I thought I would try and call myself, but I don't want to do anything that will jeopardize our chances of actually receiving the refund.
  4. Absolutely agree. I think we may all have a lot more visibility as to the short and medium term future of cruising within a month or so, as as I believe that is when the CDC, USCG etc will announce what I think will be a continuation of the No Sail order. Given the state of things in the US, I find it hard to imagine that our late November trip on the Enchanted out of PE, in one of the hardest hit states, will be allowed to happen.
  5. Sure enough. We were on the Royal down the Mexican coast out of LA in April 2019. LOVE that itinerary. The Royal is definitely our favorite ship in the fleet, though admittedly we haven't yet been on the Sky or Enchanted....
  6. Sure is the case up here, pretty much nobody seems to even realize there ARE directional lines on the floor in the supermarkets. That being said, Relativity being what it is, it's probably better to pass someone by going in the OPPOSITE direction than to pass someone in the SAME direction as your contact time is reduced ;o) Personally I just turn my face away and move past them quickly....
  7. We chose Option 1 after our April 4 trip was cancelled by Princess on March 14. We were told that the trip cost would be given as FCCs (175% in our case, long ago received and already partially used), and that the taxes, prepayments etc would be returned to our credit card as we had asked.. That was re-iterated to our TA each time she called to ask the status of the missing refund. Today, when she called again, she was told for the first time that Princess claimed they had Emailed me twice in mid-May asking whether we wanted the money as a proper refund (which we had asked for all along) or as an FCC. I had never received such Emails from Princess, and that's because they used an incorrect Email address. Staying patient....
  8. Actually the 747 first flight was early 1969 (!) with first delivery in April 1970. What a great aircraft, flew all over the world in them, sadly as a passenger and not up front.
  9. There's "finished" and then there's "finished". I am not familiar with the exact build status as at today, but it is possible that the ship is largely complete and OK for sea trials by the ship yard, but may still have some tweaking to do before handover to Princess. It is not uncommon with a major delivery like this that the end customer may not be involved with the initial sea trials, and may only be handed the ship for their acceptance testing and delivery, when the shipyard is satisfied that the ship is in proper condition for handover. In a past life I delivered VERY expensive business jets ($70M+) and we never handed over the aircraft to the customer, for their acceptance testing, until we had flown the thing to death first, so a billion dollar ship may very well be handled the same way. Just supposition on my part of course. This could also explain why the CCL CEO said the Enchanted was "delayed". It is possible that since Princess doesn't plan to put the ship into service until November, they simply asked Fincantieri to delay delivery and acceptance, possibly using a Force Majeure clause in the build contract I sure do hope it does enter service in November, as we're booked on the 11/28 Eastern Caribbean jaunt ;o)
  10. More or less what happened to us. Our April 4 trip was cancelled by Princess in mid-March. It stayed in the Personalizer History as "Future" until April 4, then changed to "Current" until April 11 then changed again to "Completed", IOW as if we had sailed. A few days after that, it completely disappeared off the history. Our recently cancelled September California Coastal is still in the History as "Future". And no, we have not yet received the taxes etc from the April trip.
  11. Fair enough, sloppy wording on my part. What I was trying to say was that, given our go/no go decision time of end-September, there should be enough data from cruise travelers fresh off ships (though probably not off Princess ships) as well as clear policy info from Princess corporate as to EXACTLY what the on board experience will be, for us to make our informed decision. And yes, the way things are progressing I, too, am not optimistic. We booked the late November trip in case things improved, but I don't think we're going to :be there" by that time. As to our mid-February trip on the Enchanted, they'd better be ready by then, it's SWMBO's birthday adventure. God help ME if they still don't have it together by then ;o)
  12. Yup, none of this means anything if Canada and the US haven't opened up our mutual borders and we can't even get to south Florida. Our first cruise under the new reality is currently 28 November on the Enchanted (St Thomas, St Maarten and a Sanctuary day at Princess Cay ;o), hopefully the borders will be long open by then and some semblance of decent cruising is happening. As it stands now, there SHOULD be a fair bit experience from the highly commuted early adopters to let us know what the on board experience is like before we have to commit to making final payment.
  13. Got that same Email. It's a pretty obvious option and one we'd certainly entertain. Question is, which "islands" would be available to Princess ships? If it's only Princess Cays, there's no way we'd waste our time going, but if other CCL "islands" like Half Moon or Amber Cove were also on the itinerary, it would be well worth considering. Wouldn't even have to be a short cruise, a 7 dayer with an occasional sea day, just jumping between these private "islands" would be fine, something of a welcome change
  14. I think that's just slightly sloppy wording on the part of the writer. The text says "Any passenger with symptoms of illness (and perhaps, who has traveled internationally within 14 days) will be denied boarding." The important word here is "...AND".
  15. Can't speak to lattes, but we had cappucinos at least daily for breakfast, and they definitely were covered by the package.
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