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  1. The Enterprise office is co-located with the Crowne Plaza, and Hertz is right across 6th street from the CP. Google Street View calls it .8 miles, 15 minute walk. Best to check with both outlets, as there are reports that their operating hours are somewhat restricted.
  2. +1 on the Hyatt Place and Valuetrips, we're staying there yet again next month. Re the Plantation hotels, I dug around on this forum and it seems that the Plantation Hampton Inn is the one that has both airport and Port Everglades shuttle services, at least it did as recently as a few months ago. Have a great cruise....
  3. The 17th St strip is certainly the best for location and amenities pre-cruise for sure, but as you noted, that time of year is the worst for hotel pricing. As a fall back to save significant money, another area to consider is Plantation, WNW of the airport down the 595. We've stayed there when the 17th St area was cost prohibitive. Though it's a fair bit farther away than the 17th st hotels, it's another good area to consider. Hotels can be quite a bit cheaper and there are plenty of restaurants and stores in the immediate area. The main downside is distance from the cruise port, but at least one hotel offers shuttles both from the airport as well as to Port Everglades, hopefully someone will chime in and remind me which hotel it is.
  4. Though we've only been on NCL once, so not much of a data point, we didn't notice the Al Fresco/outside dining to be hugely crowded, but doubtless you're correct. Still, they do it much better than Princess's attempt....
  5. These photos of the new Al Fresco dining have me a bit worried, as we were hoping to make great use of them. With so little covering overhead, on full sun or raining days, they will be somewhat uncomfortable if not downright unusable. I had hoped that Princess would have emulated NCL in that regard, as some of the NCL ships do the Al Fresco dining thing quite well, IMHO, at least from the standpoint of having full overhead covering.
  6. We did a Supershuttle trip from San Pedro to LAX on our last trip. Walked up to a small minivan (so no pre-reservation), waited about 5 minutes for a few other pax to show up and fill the small van, and off we went. Drive time will depend heavily on the day of the week, We left San Pedro around 7:30AM on a Saturday and were entering LAX within 20 minutes, though it took another 10 minutes to get around to our terminal. Re the comment that Supershuttle vans can make intermediate stops on the way to LAX, check with the driver first. Ours told me that some of their shuttle trips are direct to LAX and make no stops on the way, which was the case with our van. I also noted that when we left there were virtually no taxis to be seen at SP.
  7. On a related note, (for Princess beds in general, but Regal & Royal in particular) does Stewart do anything to the mattress top when he/she is asked by passengers to separate the pushed-together "queen" into twins? IOW, in the normal together "queen" mode, does the mattress topper cover both beds, and has to be removed when they are separated, or does each bed have its own mattress cover which stays on permanently whether they are separate or together? Hope that makes sense. I ask because my wife insists that there is some type of special mattress topper placed over the bed that she likes and claims is missing when they are separated into two beds and so she refuses to allow the beds to be separated. We sleep on the small "queen" and I toss and turn and don't sleep properly for a week. We have a nice big king at home.
  8. Thanks for the link. This certainly does seem to single out ONLY taxis, and the app services like Uber etc. As near as I can tell from unfamiliar descriptors like "dual use shuttles", "flyaway buses", "shared ride vans" etc, all others will still be able to pick up at the terminals.
  9. Keep in mind that a cancellation for a non-covered 'any' reason will only result in you getting 100% of the non-refundable costs back as a cruise credit, you won't actually get any money refunded, that's only for covered reasons like medical issues etc. Still, Princess's CFAR coverage is better than pretty much any other insurer, who usually only offer 75% credit, not 100% when you cancel for a non-covered reason.
  10. We walk that stretch of 17th St every time we're headed out on a cruise from Port Everglades. As stated, it's big, wide and safe, Although we've never bothered to walk from any of the hotels to the Terminal on cruise morning, it's only about 1/2 a mile from the HIEx to Terminal 2, not the 1.8 miles you mention.
  11. These articles seem to single out taxis, as well as Uber, Lyft and "...rideshare services". Would this also extend to hotel shuttle pickups, limo pickups, and shuttle services like SuperShuttle etc?
  12. A number of us all got upsell offers around the same time. Our offer was $US199/pp, but was converted by Princess, at their high exchange rate, to $C289/pp
  13. We had this very same upsell offer a few weeks ago (though ours was from a regular balcony to a Mini) Turned it down right away, to us, not worth the extra $300 per person.
  14. I just checked the VT rate vs the Hyatt direct rate for our April 3, 2020 stay. $219 from VT, $285 for Hyatt member rate, both with "equivalent" free cancellation, before taxes, etc. For the dates we travel, VT is always much cheaper, especially when we convert into Canadian, eh.
  15. I've not noticed whether prices dropped closer to the date of travel, but it's certainly possible. I always make sure I book hotels with the slightly higher free cancellation rate, so if prices DO drop, I can re-book at the lower rate with no charge. In this specific case, I only cancelled VT and re-booked through AMEX travel as we get a yearly $200 travel credit, making the HP extremely cheap. Otherwise, I would have stuck with our usual VT/Hyatt booking and still saved a ton.
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