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  1. Definitely hoping that will be the case as my conditional approval expires in April 2022. I can only imagine the huge backlog of new applications and renewal interviews they would have to plow through if they decided to re-interview already conditionally-approved re-applicants.
  2. The Princess insurance (called Princess Vacation Protection) definitely is available to all Canadians, with the exception of us Quebecers (and very recently, residents of the state of New York). It stopped being available to us a few years ago, as we had routinely bought it for every cruise. It's a bit expensive, and others will point out that there are much better insurance products out there. We bought it largely because we have a specific need for the best feature of this insurance, the "100% back as FCC" Cancel For Any Reason coverage. I am not aware of any other insurer in Canada that does any better than 75% CFAR, which can amount to a large amount of money lost if you have to cancel at the last minute for a non-covered reason.
  3. The very first post in this thread has a photo of a letter dated 16 October, specifically covering Voyage Y128N and it very clearly imposes the sip and cover rule
  4. You are very welcome, have a great, medically insured, cruise ;o)
  5. Try this link to start: https://on.bluecross.ca/ then click on the big white box that says "Exclusive limited-time offer." then select "Get a Quote"...
  6. Interesting. The Blue Cross web site clearly says: $5,000,000 coverage per insured person and per trip, including: Hospitalization costs Fees for nurses, physicians and other health professionals Repatriation to the province of residence, depending on the insured person’s health condition Ambulance expenses and additional transportation costs Vehicle return to the province of residence Emergency dental care following an accident (up to $2,000) Accommodation, meals and taxi transportation if return is delayed due to a medical emergency (up to $3,000) Medical care for COVID-19 if you get it while travelling Also, during the booking process you have to select the type of trip, and one of the first selections is "Cruise or Various Countries", so medical expenses related to COVID are covered. It's important to note that this Blue Cross coverage is not available in all provinces, but it definitely IS available in Quebec, and I believe that folks from Ontario are also able to purchase it. Also, it clearly does NOT cover COVID-related non-medical issues like trip interruption, cancellation, etc.
  7. Sadly, there's a comment farther up this thread saying that someone had determined that this Blue Cross promotion is not available from Blue Cross in Alberta. It seems to be available to Ontarians, and as a Quebec resident, I just bought the coverage for the two us earlier today.
  8. We just pulled the trigger on Blue Cross for our upcoming trip next month. Emergency medical only, including COVID, no trip interruption etc, and they are having a monster sale on right now giving coverage for a full year, unlimited trips up to 17 days max each, for the price of a single trip. We therefore have coverage for our next four cruises between late November 2021 and late November 2022, two adults, total came to all of $187. We used Blue Cross a few years ago, though on that trip only for expenses relating to a delayed cruise return, and they paid out no problem.
  9. It sure seems to have everything to do with the cards expiring, and needing to be renewed, right in the middle of the pandemic. I was just abit confused by the previous post that clearly stated they had managed to get a full renewal until 2026. The last communication we received from the CBSA on NEXUS was April 13, 2021, and it pretty much stated exactly what I've experienced so far, referencing the temporary extension of our card while the renewal is pending: Finally, NEXUS and FAST enrollment centres remain temporarily closed and enrollment interviews are not being conducted at this time. The enrollment centres will remain closed until the travel restrictions at the Canada-United States border are lifted. As a result, all NEXUS and FAST interviews that were previously scheduled will be cancelled, and applicants and existing members will need to reschedule interviews after the CBSA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) resume enrollment operations. Further updates on the re-opening of the enrollment centres will be shared on the CBSA website. Existing NEXUS and FAST members who renew their membership before the expiry date on their card will be granted an extension of their membership benefits. Therefore, please renew your membership before it expires to avoid losing your privileges while your renewal is pending.
  10. Interesting. When I go the US DHS Trusted Traveller Program page and sign in to my account, there's no option to renew my NEXUS card as it says I already have a conditional renewal, dated April 2020 and now good for 24 months, so approved until April next year, by which time they will hopefully be back to properly interviewing or automatically renewing without interviews. Any chance you have a link to the exact site you used to do this automatic renewal? Going to the CBSA NEXUS website and selecting "Renew Online Now" simply shunts me back to the TTP site in the US telling me I'm conditionally approved and to wait for an interview.
  11. Same here, my latest NEXUS card expired August 2020, but fortunately I had applied for the renewal and received the conditional approval. As you say, the interviews have been stopped for quite a while with no word on when they will restart. Also, there will undoubtedly be a massive backlog as well. Hopefully they will simply auto-renew us current card holders without requiring an interview, but that's being a bit optimistic. For those that do have their conditional renewal, they have extended your expired card for a further 24 months, IOW mine is good until August 2022. Really looking forward to using it between YUL and FLL next month. AFAIK, it should also still apply to the Global Entry line at Port Everglades, which can be a huge time saver.
  12. We sail on the Sky on Nov 20. Yesterday the Arrival Groups opened up, but with the "No Groups Available" message. Overnight, the arrival groups became selectable and we snagged our desired Group A Arrival slot. The disembarkation groups, however, still show as 0 available, so I assume they will open up for selection in 7 days.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Question is, do airline staff at, say, Hong Kong or Heathrow precheck the ArriveCan status and deny boarding to anyone who has not filled in the app, or do they just let anyone board and have the CBSA sort out the mess on arrival here? I would imagine that Air Canada staff at foreign airports would do so, but what about foreign airlines. If a few very large aircraft all arrive at Pearson at the same time, from the Far East or Europe, with only a fraction of the passengers having properly completed the ArriveCan info, the delays would be massive.
  14. +1 on that, they sometimes simply lose them. A few months ago I submitted three, for trips in Feb 2022, October 2022 and Feb 2023. The first and last ones were added to our account within hours, but the one for the October trip didn't show. I noticed it missing many weeks later and re-submitted, and it was added within hours.
  15. Great info, thanks very much. I'm particularly chuffed to hear about the relatively un-invasive swabbing, and I hope they continue that practice at Port Everglades.
  16. Excellent data point, thanks for posting. How did they supply you with the results? Email/PDF or did they give you an actual piece of paper? Did you have to make an appointment onboard before disembarkation, or did you just show up? What was the crowd like for testing, lots of people? We're very early walk-offs so I expect to be among the first in the tent, even though AC just today pushed our flight home back by 1/2 an hour and gave us more time. Apologies for the questions, but I do like to be prepared ;o)
  17. We don't yet have personal experience with Princess pier-side testing, as we are only making our next cruise in late November out of PE. From reading other posts here on CC, it seems that the testing in Seattle and San Pedro is yielding results in about an hour. Our flight back to YUL from FLL leaves at 13:20, so we are planning to stick around at the pier until our test results appear on our phones before heading to the airport. Fortunately we are always very early walk-offs and as we know, FLL is so close to PE you can see the ships from the departure lounge so I don't think we will have any time pressure.
  18. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any local tests available that cheap around Montreal. I haven't yet called to ask about it, but it's possible the SDM in Hawkesbury might offer them, as the store is on the list of SDMs offering the tests. It would be a bit of a long drive to save a few $$$s, Hawkesbury is about 30 minutes from the West Island. I do know that our local SDM (branded Pharmaprix in Quebec) told me flat out NO COVID TESTS. There have been a few new testing places popping up in the area in the last few weeks, literally drive-through testing centers. Most sites are within maybe 10kms of the airport. Prices are OK, $80 for the Antigen test, but there's an Air Canada promo code that gives a $25 discount, presumably you have to prove you're taking AC? The URL for the testing company is: https://rapidtestandtrace.ca/drive-thru-rapid-covid-tests-montreal/ There is also a laboratory in Laval offering PCR tests for only $99, results in about 5 hours, but we only need Antigen https://www.liliumdiagnostics.com/travel
  19. It seems to vary by cruise line. Princess have decided to offer the free test to passengers immediately after disembarkation, on the pier.
  20. Apparently, Princes does provide free testing (for whatever type the passenger requires to return home, so PCR for Canada). They are supposed to be doing the tests immediately AFTER disembarkation, at the pier. Seems to work well so far.
  21. I should also point out that Blue Cross specifically covers cruises, as one of the destination options when choosing coverage is "Multi-destination/Cruise or various countries"
  22. Yes, it's quite clear on their web site: Emergency medical care related to COVID-19 is covered as long as you have not contracted this illness or shown symptoms of it before your departure. We cannot guarantee the availability of health services at your destination during a pandemic.
  23. Are you actually saying that someone who complains about having to wear a mask while drinking in bar, having to lower the mask to take a sip, is unreasonable?
  24. We were/are fully and happily prepared to use the masks, within reason, per the Princess requirements, as they clearly did not require masking like this, for shorter trips. Now demanding the wearing of masks WHILE DRINKING IN BAR etc etc is so far beyond reasonable for us, that it would certainly cause us to cancel. I can only hope that this posting is in regards to the fact the specific trip Y128N quoted in the letter is in fact longer than 10 days, so would not affect shorter trips like ours.
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