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  1. and NZ - although some suburbs with particular demographics seems to be "panic buying" more than others.
  2. I totally agree - for the same reason as the update (as ineffective as it is) is hidden at the bottom of the page, whereas the majority display prominently at the top of their pages.
  3. If nothing else, this thread introducd me to Conde Naste which I did not know about before, seems to be an interesting site:)
  4. TC2, not advising of risks! if Regent follows the suit and people who travel through places which would make them ineligible to board their cruises! we seem to be talking about different matters. I am concerned about travelling through areas which are already on "prohibited" list with some cruise lines, but nothing is on the Regent site. How would you feel if you are boarding your cruise in a couple ow weeks with another passenger who just traveled through South Korea or Iran?
  5. Well, if Iran, Northern Italy and South Korea are regarded as "no safe" zone by some other cruise lines and airlines - would not it be reasonable to expect a similar reaction from another cruise line/airline? I am not talking about cancellations, just regularly updated info. E.g. if you have currently flights booked say through South Korea to Europe (many of NZ-ers fly this route, although we do not) - if RSSC follows the suit of other cruise lines - then these tickets need to be changed, to get on one's cruise! IMHO this makes perfect sense - to be prepared. The other point (which might have been already discussed earlier) - mane (if not majority) of passengers are not even on CC. They are the ones frantically looking for information, probably contacting RSSC for information etc etc etc There might be a good reason for this - HK is technically China and, although the movement between the countries is somewhat restricted, people from China do get to HK. Not at all, refer to my answer above - more about what is currently happening. I disagree - if you are going on a cruise in a week via Italy (for a stop over/break/family wedding), you know that for another cruise line Italy(parts of) is out of boundaries, but RSSC says nothing - does one assume that they are still OK to carry on with their plans?
  6. Very true. However, when one airline stopped flying to China , then HK all the major airlines followed the suit. What I am trying to say - at the moment some cruise lines explicitly included parts of Italy and Iran in the "no-go" list. It is not unreasonable to imagine that some of Regent guests might be spending time in Italy prior to their cruises, in the next 2-3-4 weeks. At the very least if one is aware, one can make further inquires etc. I know you are a very loyal customer and supporter of RSSC. But love or support should not be blind. Nobody is above criticism or cannot do some things better. Without reflecting RSSC's product/customer support/staff etc, I do believe that their website at this point in time can be improved by 1) moving the alert to a prominent place on the Home page (not at the bottom where it is hard to find) and 2) by providing regular updates. Currently, it is still 19 February. As you've said yourself, things changing so rapidly, that this is far too behind.
  7. OK, I am just going to post this here. A couple of days ago I've complained here on CC about RSSC not updating information on their website and one respected member noted that they might not have human resources to do so (I cannot agree with this sentiment though). Anyway, below is current (like very current) updated from another cruise provider. My questions : if RSSC follows the same protocol (e.g. adding other countries, further screening) - why this is not communicated to passengers? even if your cruise is not until a few weeks later, people may still planning to go affected areas. If RSSC is not following the same protocol, then the question is even bigger WHY?
  8. 😞 really makes one think why cruise companies don't adopt a similar policy for a time being. Inconvenience - yes, but what a peace of mind!
  9. Anything which either contains alcohol or non-alcohol medical disinfectants. I attach an example - this particular one comes from medical supplies however pharmacies would be able to offer an over-the-counter alternative.
  10. I think that precautions are always good. Coronovirus or not - there are a lot of other nasties out there! My DH is a health professional and we always take wipes on flights, as we have read/seen statistics of how yewww-dirty airplanes are (although seemingly clean). One of the things, which is often forgotten/ overlooked by travelers are pockets in seats as many people stuff all sorts of rubbish in them. Rubbish is removed but not the germs. I have not seen anything on rubbish bins in restrooms. this makes a lot os sense, so thank you for sharing! Oh, no - I just thought it was a funny (in a way) and very categorical statement to put in one's signature 🙂 this thread's topic is somewhat grim, so a little lightheartedness will not go amiss 🙂
  11. Marc - total off-top, but really liked your signature "Silversea - never again" 🙂
  12. sorry, not sure I understand - are you concerned that your hand will accidentally touch something in the bin?
  13. TC2, I agree with you insofar going to ports. However (and apologies - I am no medical scientist), what worries me that on DP so many people got the virus, and some of them seem to be later on. It would appear that there was something contaminated on the ship itself - water? air? Flu and other viruses on ships (an plains) are always high risk of spreading. Each has their own threshold of risk. Some people take more risk than others. In this particular case there will be quite a few people (not only with RSSC but cruises in general) who are considering cancelling. Or feel lucky that their cruise was cancelled. Oh, and people have different level or understanding (based on education and/or experience) of this matter too. we personally are totally relying on RSSC to do the right thing. I understand they want "issues" mo more than any of us do! It just would be nice to have some regular updates.
  14. TC2, my post is far from bashing Regent! I do understand that as a business they are in a hardly enviable position. However, I do disagree with your comment on website - this is not a major job, to put an update (from a technical perspective) and RSSC are in business where website is their "face". Neither I am panicking or implying that RSSC (or anybody else by that matter) can predict events. My post is predominantly about communication, or rather lack of it. It is hard for people with April /May bookings not to think - "where does this leave us?" Yes, I understand that those immediately affected are (probably) notified - if they have access to their e-mails. But there are many others who are not immediately affected, but may still be affected, one way or another. It is NOT about me, we have already decided - we are going, if the cruise is going ahead. However, - by way of example only, I was very pleased to learn - here, on CC - that Voyager's cruises in Asia have been cancelled prior to Abu Dhabi, for this means that there would be significant amount of time for the ship to be "cleaned" and for the crew to be "tested" (even if not formally). I am almost feeling guilty for being pleased for these cancellations affected so many people! So once again, this is about communication. I think you have experience in the HR (apologies if I am mistaken). I have worked with people all my life too (not in HR). How many good initiatives in businesses are met with hostility by those who work for the business simply because there is lack of communication! Here is the same - a little update could go a long way. If nothing else, it indicates that the customers are thought/cared about (i am not saying this is not the case, but we are talking communication and appearance) and would give customers some comfort that should their (April/May/Spetmeber) cruise be affected, they will be kept informed. That's all. ❤️
  15. Some of you might have already heard about closing of two regions in Italy. Celebrity has already updated their website and passengers traveling soon received letter - within 24 hours from the news been broken in the media. Why on Earth a reputable company like Regent does not update its customers? On recently closed thread here, a CC member made a very, very valid point - passengers who are not on CC (vast majority are not, by the by), have no idea of many changes as they have not been informed. This is really the time where people can, and should, only trust information coming directly from the company. I hope that someone from RSSC will take charge. Daily updates - even if a notice that there is no change to prior status, and regularly updated itineraries of the cruises which have been amended - dates, ports etc are a MUST!
  16. I agree with you, TC2, as a lot of what is happening now is due to hysteria, with best intentions - in some places, and trying to discredit countries and governments in others (thinking staged "protests" in Ukraine). Media of course, is having a field day - bad news sell. And we are absorbing all these news - true, false and in between, like sponge. And panicking, speculating etc, etc, ,etc. It is hard not to, but sometimes it is better not to have fuel added to our speculations (nothing to what is discussed in this thread, just a philosophical observation in general). The bottom line is - if one's cruise is not cancelled, and one is not willing to say good bye to thousands or tens of thousands of $ as it is too late to cancel and insurance does not cover willy-nilly cancellations, we may as well try to enjoy our planned vacations and pray for the best (and take reasonable precautions, o fcourse). IMHO
  17. are you suggesting that more cruises should have been cancelled? or that RSSC should have started cancelling earlier?
  18. In some cases the wording of cancellation is ... strange, I've seen it (nothing to do with cruises though). It may be the case with different prices (the most common example is the prepaid fares for hotels).
  19. I have read the last few messages regarding what is "fair" and what is not and whether the company can differentiate their refunds depending on a country of residence. This prompted me to read the contract. First and foremost, it appears that there is a high chance that RSSC CAN differentiate IF their contracts vary in different countries. This appears to be the case. I live in New Zealand and our website only shows Australia/NZ T&Cs. In accordance with these T&Cs, tilted "Regent Seven Seas Cruises® Australia Ticket Contract" (bolded by me), Para 4 (a) states If We cancel the Cruise or CruiseTour before it has started, We will refund the full Cruise Fare or CruiseTour Fare that We have actually received (less any air or accommodation charges incurred). This is clearly what residents of Australia and New Zealand (as we are services by RSSC Australia) are entitled to. There are different entitlements in the event the cruise is shortened due to a mechanical failure or changes to itinerary. The other argument in support of different contracts is that offers differ greatly between the regions. Not only in relation to air or not, but pricing and extras as well. That said, the only way they offer can differ, if the Contracts are different. Therefore, I urge EVERYONE affected - go to RSSC website and read the contract applicable to your country of residence. The contracts are easy to locate if you go into FAQ and select "pricing" option and then "Do you have a standard cancellation policy". To me this is the minimum what you are entitled to, and anything else would be RSSC's goodwill. If your contact states "refund" than I would be insisting that's what I want. If the contract states something like "refund in cash or equivalent of" than this would cover FCC, however I do not believe that 10 months to use is a reasonable term. The bottom line - READ your ticketing contract!
  20. I agree. Some of the amended cruises also look confusing as the itineraries showed two different ports on the same day. I am no IT guru, but changing ports or simply indicated that the cruise is cancelled should not be too much of a deal. The only indication that something is happening is that status for each cabin category states "call"
  21. TC2, this is only fair if a person can take another time off during 2020. IMHO it would be more fair if FCC was for 2020 AND 2021. Potentially, 2021 could be without further 25% FCC. We were holding our breath (sill are) for 16 April Abu Dhabi departure. If this is cancelled, there is no way on Earth we can take another holiday this year, the earliest would be the end of 2021. And although many of the cruisers are retired or semi retired, there are also those who still work and have other commitments for the rest of 2020.
  22. Flossie009, are you going on this leg (i know you were supposed to start earlier) or planning to cancel all together?
  23. Can anyone give me an idea when Europe 2022 is likely to open for bookings? thank you 🙂
  24. Thank you Travelcat2, yet again your post has been so useful! Today it was time to book our excursions - the first time cruisers/ nerves were playing up, I wanted to be ready. So searched the site and this post came up. Your instructions were great, easy to follow and between my list and your instructions I've managed to book 11 excursions in no time at all! Thank you 🙂
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