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  1. We were on a one week by land and one by cruise ship last year,the end of August, beginning of September on the Connoisseur land and Sea with Princess. We packed insect repellent but never saw any mosquitos until we were around a pen of Iditarod dogs. We didn't get one bug bite! We also were prepared for rain and only saw it when we got to Seattle. I wore layers the whole trip. Jeans, 2 tshirts ,and my fleece. Some days I was able to leave off one tshirt and if I was cold, I had a rainproof jacket that fit over everything! It was a great trip and I am so happy that we did that LAST year!
  2. this is so sad! I don't see anything about this on any of the news shows etc. Many of these devoted crew members don't have an option of working somewhere else, they also have families depending on their income. People who have not cruised have no idea how many people in the cruise industry can't apply for unemployment or hold a cardboard sign for help at our stop lights.😢
  3. I have just received my first email from U R Comped. I plan to go to Vegas when it reopens (June?) and do not know which hotels/cruiselines share player stats. Where should we play that will benefit cruise discounts or comps?? Thanks for enlightening me!
  4. I am planning to have filet of sole with a broiled cheese topping and a tossed salad,but right now I am drinking a Cuervo gold with lime seltzer and key lime wedge while I watch the movie Little Women.
  5. Is 100 shares what it takes to get the OBC?Do you get the same amount of OBC no matter if you have more stock? What site did you buy thru? I have mutual funds at fidelity, probably just call there?
  6. The covid 19 virus testing is increasing as it becomes available. The reason there are more people testing positive. Only those with symptoms of it or exposed to someone already diagnosed with it are being tested right now. Still most serious or fatal cases have been from nursing homes. The governor cancelled large gatherings of 250 people or more until at least the end of March because we have huge stadiums in Seattle for soccer,football,baseball and indoor arenas for concerts and conventions. I hope that I will be able to leave our state in April to fly to NYC for my cruise, but I don't know
  7. Unfortunately, there are still assaults whether on land or sea that are never reported. So it is OK to be overly cautious or peculiar if it helps someone feel comfortable traveling as a solo! When not cruising solo, I liked having a magnetic photo on our cabin door....but a few times someone moved it to a different door!! There used to be a cruise critic template to copy onto a magnetic page and then fellow cruisers who had been posting could find each other. Amusing when walking down those long hallways!
  8. So,have you ever done a booking like that?And no penalty when the second pax didn't show? Do you just say "it was after final payment and you couldn't find a replacement"?
  9. I am considering a "nearly" comp on a Holland America ship. Where can I find out which ship is most recently refurbished in dry dock? Thinking of Eurodam or Oosterdam out of Seattle to Alaska. Thanks for any info.
  10. We were on Harmony OS in November 2019 and had lobster tail with a smaller langostino served on our last "elegant" night dinner in the main dining room. The waiter spooned butter over it before taking the shell off....and I think the langostino was the more flavorful. There was no extra charge.
  11. Well,I live close to an intersection of a busy 4 lane road....so I am so looking forward to a solo cabin!! Whatever noise there may be, it sounds wonderful!😊 Thanks for posting the photos and the details,my first solo cabin cruise is the 21 day Panama Canal in April .
  12. I celebrated my retirement this past August/September 2019 (also my 66 bday!) with a Princess connoisseur Alaska land tour first (8 days) and then 7 day cruise southbound. It was wonderful!! Highly recommend it!
  13. I suggest you look at the large online agency that offers quite a few escorted single cruises. I can't name it here(begins with V). I went on two of their cruises and found it was a good way to meet other singles and solos. The TA told me the majority of the groups are over 50 yo.
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