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  1. I got an email today to upgrade only one of my OV cabins for a balcony cabin for $250 for our 3 person cabin. I also have a 2 person cabin booked, which apparently they won't let me move 2 people into the available adjoining balcony cabin because it can sleep 3 people. I'm not going to leave my son and his gf on deck 2, while me, my husband and daughter are on deck 6. So I will just stay with my connecting OV's on deck 2. Sorry Carnival....
  2. I'm torn between Harmony and Carnival Horizon for this October. I know I'm comparing apples to oranges, I'm just not sure I won't feel overwhelmed on the Harmony. We typically are bucket and bolts type of cruisers. I do like a smaller ship though....
  3. I was thinking of talking to a different rep, the one I had didn’t seem terribly interested in helping me. Haha
  4. they are around $300 more per cabin and we definitely don't all want to be in one. I love my son and his fiance, but that's a little too close for comfort.
  5. well I guess it's not going to make or break the trip, it would just be nice 😀
  6. I didn't believe the rep who basically said it won't happen. This morning I checked and there were two cabins available on Deck 8, not near each other, and one of the cabins was for guests who need a cane or walker. So I'm just going to keep checking. 👍 Hopefully something will open up. Our son has never had a balcony cabin, so it would be really cool.
  7. the only beach in the Caribbean that I didn't like and I've been to many, was Cane Garden Bay in Tortola. Too many boats in the water and we had a problem with sand flies. It was funny though when the party catamaran showed up playing loud music and full of some party hardy guests. I was thinking we paid how much to get here?
  8. It kind of sucks because if I'm counting correctly they have over sixty - 3 person cabins available, but not one 2 person one. Maybe I should try a different Carnival rep. haha It seems they are pretty strict with their occupancy. They don't want to lose any dollars from my two cabins.
  9. I'm currently booked on the Victory for July 1 in two OV cabins with 2 and 2. I was thinking of upgrading to balconies, but they basically only have 3 person balconies available. Is there a point when they allow 2 people to book a 3 person cabin? There are plenty of 3 person ones. The Carnival representative basically told me "no" when it's a summer sailing, that they stick to the occupancy rules.
  10. we're one of 4 on July 3rd, not terrible. 😉
  11. which website do you use again to see how many ships are in port?
  12. that's when we'll be there too on the Victory. I'm thinking of heading to the Money Bar when we dock to at least see the ocean and try and get in it. My husband has to be back to the ship with enough time to have a drink before early dinner.... The last time we were in Coz at night, we just got off after dinner and had a drink in a bar right near the ship. It was a little too rowdy for me though. Wish we landed at 8am instead.
  13. ughhh.... double post. It's not like this is my first message either.
  14. I think most people want to go there in the winter to escape the crappy weather where they are from. We too have a teacher in our traveling party so that's why we are going in July. 😀
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