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  1. People debate all the time about whether it's an upgrade fairy or upsell fairy, and usually when the details are presented, I'm left SMH. But! June 2 we are cruising on the Pride, three of us. We had booked cabin 5178, which has an upper pullman and obstructed view balcony. We got a really good deal so I was going to deal with the ladder and cramped space. After all, the three of us travel well together. Today I got an email from Carnival saying we could trade cabin 5178 for 7195 for $28! Not $28 per day, not $28 per person per day, JUST $28. The upgrade gets us more square footage in the cabin, an EXTENDED balcony (never had one of those before, I'd be interested to hear what others think of its' size contrasted to a regular balcony) and best of all NO PULLMAN, but instead both a sleeper sofa and additional sofa. For that value, I'm calling this an UPGRADE fairy!
  2. Somehow that pic reminded me of the old Poseidon Adventure movie with Ernest Borgnine (sp) of McHale's Navy fame.
  3. Minor, major, neither... After the nits have been picked, the best "non-pay-for-but-free-considering-you-already-paid-for-something-good-or-the-crap-they-serve-on-Lido" is the al dente linguini with fresh clams in shell over garlic, butter and white wine.
  4. Speaking of Ultra, did anyone else just get the "December 6" Ultra invitation in the mail?
  5. On Horizon, the al dente linguini with fresh clams in shell over butter, white wine and garlic was the best free food I've ever had on Carnival. Found it on day five and had it for lunch the last three days. The pork at Pig and Anchor is also very good. This coming from a guy who thinks guy's burgers are substandard, and the grilled mushrooms and onions at the fixings bar are horrible.
  6. https://cclpromos.com/carnivalplayersclub/premier/
  7. It varies, but they want to stay open when there's demand. The only cruise I was on where the casino closed before 2am was a cruise out of San Juan (and sadly, nearly zero Texas Hold'Em players on that cruise). Seems San Juan is an anomaly for the casino.
  8. If it's a partial transit, it's because they're not really "stopping" for any period of time that would allow you to do an excursion, they're just turning around. But you do get to see the panama canal.
  9. How is comparing cruise line to cruise line analogous to comparing grocery store food to crappy fast food? I sense false logic, like saying "if a bear craps in the woods, is the pope really catholic"! In addition, VIP status is not what I'm after, it's all the things that are valuable to me - nothing to do with status and everything to do with value. And to be sure, it's not just "a free drink or so", I drink eight to twelve a day, always Grey Goose or other expensive ones, and they're always free. Do the math - on a seven-day cruise, that perk alone is worth ~ $700. Pay attention!
  10. Their current strategy works on this cruiser. I'm not at all interested in trying another line, but if I didn't have the platinum perks and the premier drinks-on-us and other benefits (the premier party is much better than the plat/diam party, better food and much more free-flowing alcohol, but I go to both), I would consider trying other lines. It works for Carnival because I stay loyal, it works for me because I enjoy the perks, especially when combining the platinum and premier perks.
  11. If, like me, you don't like the notification interruptions that are popping up at the bottom of the screen, go to SETTINGS, then OTHER SETTINGS. You have to disable the popup and the audio separately. SERENITY NOW!
  12. I got some oceanfront property in Arizona From my front porch in my elegant jeans I got some oceanfront property in Arizona If you'll buy that I'll sell elegant jeans for nearly free. (generally, only people from pockets of TX, MS, AL, etc will get the reference, but for everybody else, it's a great song, yee haw!)
  13. We sailed the Horizon out of NYC for 8 days while it was scarred from taking out a section of a parking garage in Manhattan. I agree! I think it's all about perception... do I miss the grander atriums with glass elevators... yes. But Horizon adds SO MUCH NEW Carnival Fun and better food! Three of the pay restaurants are FREE at lunch and the quality is GREAT! The Seuss waterpark, the skyride, other things and don't forget the AWESOME broadway-style/musical performances! Best I've ever seen on a Carnival ship! All the new excellent quality pay for restaurants is exactly the direction I was hoping Carnival would take and Horizon made me love Carnival more than ever! Oh... large flat-screen HD tv's!
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