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  1. I imagine some lines are handling it better than others, I don't read about the other lines issuing billions in bonds that pay 12% - that sounds like they don't think they have enough liquid assets to remain afloat, and then you have to wonder if they're mingling assets while also trying to sell cruises later in the year, knowing if they declare restructure bankruptcy they may be able to use the assets while continuing operations, depending on how the judge would rule. Maybe the lines are handling it all the same, maybe not, but that's irrelevant to me - other lines didn't have my money for months and try to convince me they issued the refund and it was my credit card issuer's fault.
  2. Agree with cautery and I'm an example. I was as loyal as they get, but no more. We didn't go on our first cruise until 2013, but we've been on 18 in 6 years. Every cruise on Carnival and when a cruiser would bad-mouth Carnival (e.g., in the casino at table games) I was one of the people who would always defend Carnival. I would say things like "Why even shop other cruise lines when Carnival is so fun and consistent?" Carnival has a skill of selecting excellent people and training them right. The product is so consistent. However! After the nightmare I've been through with Carnival on the phone trying to get my refund, the corporate/phone group has 100% lost of the goodwill the cruise staff had built up. I know my Carnival cruise will be fun, and a consistent product, but I no longer trust Carnival with my money. I'll cruise with Carnival again at some point, most likely, but only after trying another line.
  3. After not getting my refund for almost two months I filed a dispute with my Carnival Mastercard issuer on 5/6. This morning I got an email from Mastercard saying the dispute was resolved; I checked my credit card account and the refund posted this morning. Given the possibility that Carnival restructures, I wouldn't just wait around for my refund. They are obviously desperate, issuing bonds that pay 12% and diluting shareholder value by issuing new shares at $8. Don't be left standing in case the music stops.
  4. Our 4/27/20 Mediterranean cruise was canceled by Carnival on 3/19/20. On 3/20/20 I requested full refund and was told it would take up to 7 business days to appear on my Carnival Mastercard as a refund. Repeated calls with Carnival over weeks resulted in them pointing fingers at the bank, saying the refund was processed in a timely manner, then later changing their story to "refunds are taking longer than normal." After a month and a half I got fed up and told the credit card issuer I wanted them to proactively go after my money from Carnival. That was three days ago. This morning I got an email from Mastercard saying my dispute was resolved. I checked my credit card account and the refund is posted! Point is, if you're sick and tired of waiting for Carnival to refund your money, you can file a dispute (you'll have to provide details like date of purchase, date of expected refund, date of cruise) and hopefully your credit card issuer will take care of business with Carnival when they don't refund your money for months.
  6. Still no refund. When I get someone live they say they honestly have no idea how long refunds will take. I told them I have something in writing promising 7-10 days and the reply was "word is they can take up to 90 days"... I think Carnival is hoarding cash to try to prevent bankruptcy. Who in their right mind would issue billions in 12% bonds in today's zero-interest rate market, when their Price-to-Book ratio is under 1. Something doesn't smell right at Carnival. I want my refund!
  7. I always and only book by clicking on "My VIFP Offers" at carnival.com.
  8. Agreed, agreed and agreed! To compound things, they offered those multi-BILLION dollar new bond issuances at 12%??? Who offers 12% in a zero-rate environment? I am truly worried about my CCL stock, which is tens of thousands more than the cost of our cruise, and from the bond offering it seems CCL BOD is too.
  9. This was the original email, you can see below it promises 100% refund (after all Carnival canceled the cruise, not us). The post above this one actually came two days later - on the phone call they didn't say anything about penalty in fact they said I'd get an email putting the 100% refund in writing. It was a freaking nightmare because I tried to complete their form but got an error message. I called Carnival and the representative just said "you can't fill out that form" - no apology or anything. Then the one hour plus wait for the casino only to be shoveled off to someone else, which is where the email in the post above this one originated. STILL NO REFUND posted to my Carnival Mastercard. This email came on 3/19, the one above on 3/21. If you select Option 1 - 100% future cruise credit plus onboard credit The higher onboard credit will be applied to your new booking if booked by December 31, 2020. If you have already made a new booking with Carnival, please complete the new booking information below. New Booking Number Sail Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Ship Name Select...Carnival BreezeCarnival ConquestCarnival DreamCarnival EcstasyCarnival ElationCarnival FantasyCarnival FascinationCarnival FreedomCarnival GloryCarnival HorizonCarnival ImaginationCarnival InspirationCarnival LegendCarnival LibertyCarnival MagicCarnival MiracleCarnival PanoramaCarnival ParadiseCarnival PrideCarnival RadianceCarnival SensationCarnival SpiritCarnival SunriseCarnival SunshineCarnival ValorCarnival VistaMardi Gras If you select Option 2 - 100% Refund A full refund of your original booking will be provided. If you have already made a new booking with Carnival, we will cancel your new booking and remove the future cruise credit and onboard credit. Please complete the new booking information below.
  10. RE:Booking#xxxxxDear Guest/Travel Partner,Wearesorrythatyourreservationhascancelled.Ifyourcancellationoccurredduringpenaltyperiodtheamountwillbe listed below:BookingRef:C28WM5CARNIVAL RADIANCE04/29/2020Guest NamesCancellation DatePenalty AssessedJEFF VON REICHENBACHTBA VON REICHENBACHTBA VON REICHENBACH03/21/202003/21/202003/21/2020USD 0.00USD 411.50USD 219.00Arefundofthegovernmentfeesandtaxeswillbeprocessedtotheoriginalformofpaymentwithin10-14business days.We hope you will once again consider Carnival when making future vacation plans.Sincerely,Carnival Cruise LineRE:Booking#:xxxxxxxx Dear Guest/Travel Partner,Wearesorrythatyourreservationhascancelled.Ifyourcancellationoccurredduringpenaltyperiodtheamountwillbe listed below: BookingRef:xxxxxxxCARNIVAL RADIANCE04/29/2020 Guest NamesCancellation DatePenalty Assessed xxxxxxx 03/19/2020 0.00 USD xxxxxxx 03/19/2020 411.50 USD xxxxxxx 03/19/2020 219.00 USD Arefundofthegovernmentfeesandtaxeswillbeprocessedtotheoriginalformofpayment We hope youwillagain consider Carnival when making future vacation plans.Sincerely,Carnival Cruise Line
  11. Sure... it's an email - how do I attach an email?
  12. Us too, promised a 100% refund "in 3 to 4 business days" after Carnival canceled our Barcelona cruise. 16 days later no refund, just a nasty cancellation letter as if WE canceled the cruise and imposing a penalty for canceling. Trying to get through to them to clarify it's another error, and that the 100% refund is just very, very delayed, is impossible. I've waited twice for 30 minutes, so tired of those snippets about blue iguana and the parrot, etc... worse than elevator music. CARNIVAL WHERE'S OUR REFUND? YOU CANCELED THE CRUISE.
  13. Related, we took the 100% refund instead of the $600 FCC when Carnival canceled our Radiance sailing out of Barcelona. It was a nightmare getting transferred around, regular line, hold for the casino for over an hour, then told they can't help. Finally someone said they could help and promised a full refund to the credit card we used to purchase the cruise in "3 to 4 business days", but then I got an email from Carnival saying 7 to 10 business days with a cancellation penalty. I have tried to call and emailed four times - no reply - it has now been 16 days and no refund!
  14. People debate all the time about whether it's an upgrade fairy or upsell fairy, and usually when the details are presented, I'm left SMH. But! June 2 we are cruising on the Pride, three of us. We had booked cabin 5178, which has an upper pullman and obstructed view balcony. We got a really good deal so I was going to deal with the ladder and cramped space. After all, the three of us travel well together. Today I got an email from Carnival saying we could trade cabin 5178 for 7195 for $28! Not $28 per day, not $28 per person per day, JUST $28. The upgrade gets us more square footage in the cabin, an EXTENDED balcony (never had one of those before, I'd be interested to hear what others think of its' size contrasted to a regular balcony) and best of all NO PULLMAN, but instead both a sleeper sofa and additional sofa. For that value, I'm calling this an UPGRADE fairy!
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