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  1. Some states are also now requiring certified/original birth certificates or passports to renew drivers' licenses. Glad I'm good at filing things alphabetically.
  2. I'm not sure what percentage of cruisers only cruise vs. a landlubber trip to Europe, but if you've never tried it, it will change your life in ways far beyond cruising. This was our reasons for getting passports long ago. We were flying to Europe for vacations for years before trying our first cruise. Oddly enough, it was the nine-year old who wanted to do more cruises and less overseas travel and that's been our habit since... she's 21 now and our next cruise is scheduled for September.
  3. I feel like Andy correcting Red after Red says "hope is a dangerous thing", when I write "Remember firefly333! Hope is a good thing, may be best of things and no good thing ever dies."
  4. Airlines were flying plane with the middle seats empty based on a formula designed to mitigate losses, not eliminate them. In other words, due to the combined effect of "fixed costs and variable costs" and "supply and demand price elasticity", they were able to lose less money each month flying with the middle seats empty than by not flying at all.
  5. Happy Anniversary, not many couples make it 30 years so if you're both still happy together after that long you have found the magic in making marriages work. 😁 As for suite, we did it once, only because we got a great casino offer. It was a really nice experience but I'd never pay full price for it. We're happiest switching back and forth among balcony, cove balcony and extended balcony staterooms. Nothing to say about the details suites offer that hasn't already been said.
  6. Day 2, Night 2 and morning 3 are all back to normal. 😃
  7. You might want an extra blanket, I did get chills in the middle of the night about 12 hours after the vaccination, I kept ignoring it until I reawakened with teeth chattering. Last night wasn't the best experience after a great yesterday, but after I put the blanket on I think the rest of the night went fine. And today is warm with low humidity so I've spent a lot of wonderful time gardening, having lunch out with my daughter, and walking the dog.
  8. Skipping 2019 turned out to be a dreadful decision, huh? We squeezed in FOUR cruises in 2019 (wasn't easy with my boss) and I still feel like it's been forever. Just waiting for cruise cancellations five and six (both September)...
  9. I noticed the background color switched from blue to white, but my functionality seems the same.
  10. Agreed! Neither stick hurt at all, (tiny bit, less than having blood drawn) and the pressure of the medicine being injected just felt weird, no pain. 6 hours later my shoulder is a little sore, arm no pain at all. No rash.
  11. twice actually... first attempt at my J&J one-and-done was a fail - the medic didn't click the syringe to the needle so it wasn't locked and when he punctured my skin with the needle the vaccine went flying all over my arm and the protective covering on the table. While we were waiting for the decision-maker to decide if they just try again or if there was a risk that some went in my arm already, I asked him "You new at this?" He said I was his third ever" - a firefighter - but proud this was his first ever flub. After his second try was a success, I left him with a "3 for 4! See you o
  12. If you can throw a rock across the Potomac River from VA to DC, The Nats want you.
  13. They're dormant in your area, they haven't "dissipated." 7 new Zika cases in Puerto Rico recently, many more in South America. Why not here? Because people aren't traveling and because it's not "ZIKA season" yet (high mosquito season). You're correct about bacterium, but not about "was". Someone in Colorado recently contracted black plaque.
  14. I figured since this is Carnival community we were referring to Carnival ports. What lines cruise out of NJ, and what's the port? I'm always looking for another port I can drive to if the destinations are good. Thanks.
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