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  1. We were on the Eurodam in November for the Circle Hawaii and had a very nice cruise. The 8:00 pm show was usually filled on this cruise as well as the Early Dining. Luckily we had Anytime Dining, due to the many sea days, we went to the later show. For B.B. King we would sit on the couches in the passageway as it can get loud. We also enjoyed the piano quintet in Lincoln Center Stage. Definitely Tamarind, and give Canaletto a try. We enjoyed both, as usual. The Ocean Bar was where we would go for Happy Hour. Ram was our server (great guy!) and tell him the couple that would order "Brooklyns" said hi!
  2. The Pinnacle Grill doesn't hold the attraction for us that it used to, so did not plan to have dinner there on our recent Hawaii Circle cruise. Better to have dinners in Tamarind and Canaletto. But do to the many sea days, decided to try the lunch at PG. Very disappointing service and so-so food. So poor it was told in detail on my HAL survey.
  3. There will probably be more of these types of posts in the future due to the Veendam offering some of the future Prinsendam itineraries.
  4. We were just on the Eurodam (sister ship to NADM) in VD 7092. The balcony is a standard depth and width balcony.
  5. No, but you can expect chair scraping in the morning as the Seaview deck is setup for the day. Probably about 10-15 minutes around 7.
  6. Make certain that on the first day you receive one piece of a two-piece card from the Immigration Officer when your passport is stamped. You will need that to return to the ship. Some of the morning officers neglect to provide that. It happened to my wife as she was detained for about fifteen minutes and two phone calls while it was sorted out.
  7. We were on the preceding 18-Day Hawaii cruise and can agree about demanding passengers. More than a few times in the Ledo , people would think nothing of cutting in the line for one item. "Excuse me, you just slowed down my time in line." There are small signs stating "The line starts here", but I believe that it was the Zuiderdam last year were they had 8" x 12" signs on the tray ledge at the end of the serving line. That helped with line cutting. Our demographics were, I would say older than most cruises. There was definitely set-times for crowding at the Ledo area. The Ledo staff seemed to take it in stride though. All seemed very happy. The Hotel Director, Glenn Cowley, and his staff provided a very delicious Thanksgiving dinner. The Sous Chef came to every table (that I could see) to ask how the dinner was. At our table he took the time to expound about the preparation of the 250 turkeys! And the Chocolate Pecan pie was great. We never had an issue with the HVAC in our cabin. This time we had a VD Verandah on Deck 7. I believe that cruise-crud actually begins on the travel to the cruise. Or just inconsiderate passengers not paying attention to hygiene. I didn't find the ship to be worn, or any problem with clearing tables. One of our favorite areas to sit is at the port side Seaview Pool non-smoking tables. Perhaps the number of passengers on the Mexico cruise was higher than the 2,060 we had onboard. And yes, San Diego seemed to have their act in gear this time.
  8. We specifically sailed aboard the Eurodam last month on the the 18-Day Circle Hawaii so that we could dine at the Tamarind twice during the cruise. That also meant that we could dine at Canaletto twice as well. We had decided to see how the MDR and Ledo faired on the cruise before trying the Pinnacle Grill again. We have dined there a few times on various ships but feel that the overall quality of the Pinnacle Grill has fallen off in the last four years. This time we decided to only have lunch at the Pinnacle Grill - and even that was disappointing. The food was simply average this time, and the service was lackluster in comparison to the attention to detail shown at the two aforementioned restaurants. Examples include our iced teas not being served until the Mains arrived plus I even had to request mine a second time as my wife's was the only one initially brought. No checkup on how our meals were while eating and then just having the deserts brought. After we had finished eating I waited for someone from the wait staff to request my ship's card as they do in Tamarind and Canaltto. When a waiter finally came to the table, I offered my card but he said "No, the meal was free!" I thought, okay but I didn't think so. Of course it was on my account the next day! Maybe it was his odd sense at trying for humor?
  9. We were also on the Circle Hawaii cruise. The 8:00 show was standing room most nights so we started going to the 10:00 show due to the many sea days. I felt both comedians were very good, especially the one sailing to Hawaii. The ventriloquist was very good and went to both of his shows. The singer/composer sang his songs plus had a very entertaining quartet acapella song with himself. The piano player was amazingly limber and he used some outstanding keyboard positions while playing. The 1000 Steps show was good. The BB King group rocked as usual, and the Lincoln Center Piano Quintet was excellent. Somehow we couldn't get into the two fellows at Billboard though. I am sure that you will have the HAL Mexican Ambassadors onboard, similar to the Mexican Riviera cruise that we did two years ago on the Westerdam. They did a daily show by the Lido pool.
  10. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam in VC 6114 last December before that drydock. The only disruption was the last night they started tearing out the stairwell and elevator lobby carpeting. The workers had music playing until I asked them to stop. They finished quickly. The crew moving the suitcases were actually louder.
  11. The muster drill will be probably around 4:00 pm - even with sailing that late. We did a Baltic cruise last year on the Zuiderdam that left at 10:00 pm so arrived to board at 5:00 pm, only to find out that we had missed the drill. We were required to do a makeup drill the next morning while at sea.
  12. Your logic is correct, although the Inside Passage NB will be in the dark. The days Ketchikan to leaving Glacier Bay will have scenery on either side. Cross Sound to Seward will be open water.
  13. According to the deck plans, it does have a door to the adjoining cabin 6173. But it is a good location I feel.
  14. This looks to be the same activities offered when we did the Mexican Riviera on the Westerdam in 2016. Was there a change in 2017-2018 sailings? Nice to see the barbecue on the Lido is advertised.
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