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  1. Thank you for a more detailed explanation and that then makes sense. I have more experience with berthing space ventilation. :)
  2. I recall there being issues when inconsiderate/unknowing passengers would block their door to their balcony open. That would in turn upset the ability of the system to keep the surrounding cabins in a temperate zone. Cabins must then be interconnected with trunks off of the zone system.
  3. I have been to Gibraltar. Unfortunately that camera view does not show the pier.
  4. It looks as if the outside stairwell from Deck 10 to deck 9 that overhangs the side will be above you. There is a glass panel on a landing.
  5. Any balcony on a cruise ship is great! We did this cruise in 2018 on the Eurodam. The sea days are very relaxing. This past October we sailed for 20 days on the Nieuw Statendam in a Vista Suite. Good value for the money and no visual distractions. I do see another drawback and that is the right side of the balcony design will not allow as much of a view forward as opposed to being further back. Also due to the design of the davits for the tenders plus the additional height of the tenders, they will be more "visual" than the lifeboats. Also it is a connecting room which may be a factor as well. If still on the Gershwin Deck, VC5154 would be my choice.
  6. We have been lucky on all of our cruises to not experience a Code Red. That would be more attractive than contracting Coronavirus with the fever and acute asthenia - with the possibility of being intubated attached to a ventilator with a possible negative outcome. All while not being with family. Our country cannot even get its act together on testing as well as a continual supply of medical supplies. No, I think we will wait for the vaccine.
  7. I read an article on the crew contracts and compensation yesterday but can't recall specifics as it does vary by cruise line and the type of crew member. The Hotel Staff vs. Deck/Engineering have different types of contracts as well as Officer/Shoreside employees. Needless to say it is not 100% and even have term limits with dates vs contract date depending on which is sooner.
  8. HAL as well as Carnival and Costa are intending to repatriate Filipino and Indonessian Hotel crew members. This I am sure is welcome news for them. Aida (also a CCL [as traded on NYSE] company) hasn`t been quite as generous to some employees with their business plan. This move unfortunately gives us a better view of the future. It may well be November, as the new investors of CCL stated with their new financial backing, before HAL is back. Stay healthy and safe everyone!
  9. Marine Traffic is reporting an ATA of the Limon Bay Anchorage at 09:24 LT (UTC-3) today with an ETA to Cristobal (the first lock) on 2020-4-18 09:00 LT (UTC-5). If this is true (and I am reading it correctly), the Koningsdam will be at anchor until Sunday, April 18.
  10. There aren't sufficient tests of all types available. Only 0.7% of the entire United States population has actually been tested as of today. Businesses, including Morgan Stanley, are very sceptical of reopening the country without sufficient testing. If the country is reopened too early we stand the chance of a second wave which would be even more catastrophic.
  11. When I was in the Coast Guard, the ship I was on was transfered from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Even though scheduled, a US warship, and the Canal was still under US jurisdiction, we anchored for two days in Limon Bay before beginning our transit. Seeing as it is not a passenger cruise, it may not have an immediate slot.
  12. Another fly in the ointment is Australia vs. Ruby Princess. It shows how manipulative CCL has been with its incorporation in Australia.
  13. What is your travel agent telling you about your cruise?
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