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  1. The passengers had already been quarantined for a month at that point.
  2. True to an extent. Even if vaccinated you can be asymptomatic. Currently the word is that vaccinated people cannot transmit. That is why the continuation of requiring/requesting wearing masks adds an additional layer. We are in Iceland for a Viking Ocean cruise in July. Iceland currently still requires a Covid test - even if vaccinated to enter the country. Updated info is due May 1 so that may change.
  3. Interesting that there is allegedly an indefinite hold on the cruise lines operating. I thought there were three possibilities of resuming operation, including a November 1, 2021 date? Plus all the current administrations fault? Found some interesting information today regarding the "data" that the CLIA and members are using to show how safe they have been - not!
  4. Made the switch to Viking for the 7/17 cruise! I just happen to be on the computer yesterday morning when I watched the chairman's video announcing the Iceland/Bermuda cruises. Little did I realize that it would sell out so quickly!!! I had put a 24-hour hold on a DV2 thinking that maybe Viking's Inventory Control might release additional cabins for consideration. "Sold Out No Longer Available." Paid for it today. Now to cancel the B2B 7-day and Transatlantic booked on HAL for October. Actually we have pushed back dates on two HAL Amsterdam to Iceland RT cruises for this year, then
  5. What is so difficult for the cruise companies to comply with what the CDC is requiring? So much for the shared pain with the US based support companies left abandoned at the piers. Just shows how the cruise companies are not US corporations.
  6. The CDC laid out the framework last year. As to the comments of no directions from the CDC, the CDC has asked the cruise industry for what they have developed so it can be critiqued. If they didn't do their homework, they don't get a "Participation Reward."
  7. I don't think that the CDC will accept an "outline" of what the cruise industry will do. They want an actual, fully developed plan. Certainly someone in their Operation Department is capable of producing a technical document. That is what the CDC required from them last year but the cruise industry keeps pushing back. The cruise industry should ask for money back they paid their lobbyist (CLIA) over this past year. I read the CDC announcement and I see it as an affirmation that they will still work with the cruise industry but the cruise industry needs to satisfy the requirements.
  8. Looks like a "Plan B" in case "Plan A" goes nowhere.
  9. In March 2021, Viking Cruise put out an informational video on the steps that they were taking to resume cruising. Obviously made for PR but in a positive and informative way. Have any other cruise lines taken positive steps to blow their trumpets about the measures they have taken, or has it just been more doom and gloom about that big, bad, CDC that won't explain to their satisfaction ? The cruise lines set the timetable!
  10. Today we made a statement with our wallet on sailing aboard a 100% vaccinated cruise. Booked an 8-day Viking Ocean circumnavigation cruise of Iceland. It appears to be one of Viking's "test" markets and only offered this year. Actually we had looked into a fly/drive trip to Iceland a few weeks ago when Iceland announced opening again and the fact that we were both fully vaccinated in February. Our 24-day HAL cruise in October has started looking dimmer and dimmer for actually sailing due to a combination of things. It is questionable if there will be any ports that can be visited p
  11. I believe that the difference with this thread is that it is comparing CCL to the other companies. At the infamous March 26 roundtable, CCL indicated that they would NOT require vaccinations.
  12. I previously raised the issue of what the cruise companies had been doing all this time. It appears that once the vaccines were rolled out, that would relieve them of having to make any modifications. So they sat on their hands. Now i read that RCL are putting four ships into drydock beginning this week. They are only to receive a technical drydock which are mandated by maritime law. No mention of any health or safety improvements for sailing during the pandemic. Yes, we are still in a pandemic.
  13. Because even a vaccinated person can be asymptomatic. All the vaccine does is to lessen the severity of sickness, if contracted. Latest data is showing that there is less chance for transmission but it is not down to 0%. There is also the Brazil variant and India variant of the virus to contend with that not much is known.
  14. One item that I see the CDC changing of what is proposed by NCLH is the initial reduced capacity. The letter mentions beginning with 60% reduced capacity. I believe that if they are granted permission (among other qualifying factors) it will be more like 40% reduced capacity. The reason being that it is how they have sailed with 400,000 passengers. It has not been with full ships. Quantum of the Seas has been sailing from Singapore at 50% reduced capacity. There recently was a request to increase to 65%. Also MSC has been sailing continually with a reduced capacity of 1,600-1,800
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