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  1. Hi Jenn, Princess has made a change on their 6 August 2021 12-Night British Isles sailing. The itinerary and dates are the same; however, they have pulled the Crown Princess and replaced her with the Sky Princess. Can we get the roll call retitled from "Crown Princess: Aug 6, 2021 - British Isles " to "Sky Princess: Aug 6, 2021 - British Isles " and moved from Crown to Sky on the boards? Thanks. . .
  2. Ahoy Avonne! There are many waterproof pouches you can purchase to hold your cell phone and cash. Just do an Amazon, Bing or Google search for " watertight cellphone case ". You'll need one big enough for your cell phone, folding cash, credit card and your SeaPass card. We'll see you onboard!
  3. Thank you Von & John. I knew there was someone out there with good info.
  4. When the cruise lines resume operations, will we be required to provide the cruise line the results of a recent (within 14 days) Covid-19 negative test; and/or proof of vaccination (if one becomes available)? Thinking that this would allow each sailing to provide local authorities with information to facilitate port clearances. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything on this, from RCI, or any of the cruise corporations. Assuming that what one does, the others will follow . . .
  5. Based on scheduled end-of-cruise port arrival of 7:00 am; what time does early walk off begin?
  6. You chaps (see I'm trying to "speak English", as opposed to "talking American") are top notch! Thank you, again . . .
  7. Again, thank you. My greatest concern on the car hire is that the sum total of my driving experience is on the wrong side of the road (from the British point of view). But. if the locals are adept at dodging tourists, I'm willing to give it a try . . . 😲
  8. Ahoy Simon and John Bull; Thank you for your prompt responses. Wow . . . National Express is a significant difference over National Rail. Enough, in fact, that the savings will halve the cost of our pre-cruise hotel. Not sailing until next August. Confident that everything will be back to "the new normal" by then. Will hold off on purchasing Express tickets until final cruise payment date. Post-cruise, we would like to spend a fortnight touring Cornwall and the Midlands for some genealogical research. Will probably get a Flexible 8-Day BritRail England Pass for that. Any recommendations on that?
  9. Planning on arriving London Heathrow around 9:40 am. Want to take train from the airport to Southampton. Then, will take taxi to hotel. Any idea of how long it will take? Hotel is asking for projected check-in time.
  10. How about having a "Magic Carpet" on both port and starboard sides?
  11. You're not limited to how many appetizers, entrees or deserts you can order. On a recent cruise one of our group, looking at the desert menu, said, "There's just too many to choose from." I, jokingly said , "What the hell MIke . . . Order one of each." It took him a while, but he did finish all 13 in one sitting . . . ! Seriously, you can order multiples of any course, or multiple courses, or both, or all . . .
  12. Unless they've changed their policy, Blu posts their dinner menu at the entrance, each afternoon.
  13. I have the Premium Beverage Package; also comped gratuities. Question - Are the gratuities for drinks included?
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