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  1. It’s 220 more than regular veranda for the two of us and yes price includes taxes and port fees for the two of us
  2. just booked A1 veranda with BLU included and persian gardens wondering if regular veranda is better deal thanks to all happy holidays too
  3. you also have Carnival Miracle doing 10 day Cunard 10 day out of Vancouver
  4. i believe that is correct, but we hear it changes often..
  5. anyone who has been on Star Princess lately, looking to do 10 day out of San Fran next year thanks to all who help
  6. Has anyone cruised on legends 8232? pros and cons thanks to all
  7. Our last cruise on Oosterdam we had our first and last Neptune suite IOO we felt not worth the extra money a regular suite is plenty good for us. Wishing you a great happy cruise
  8. tried to get a weekly rate for hydro pool/thermal at the spa and have yet to get a respond.... help is appreciated by all thanks in advance
  10. your balcony will be smaller also....but hydro pool is awesome
  11. we cancelled due to bad weather the night before and were told that the beach might have seaweed and not in the best of conditions which we appreciated them telling us....we tried to cancel earlier but HAL rep said we would lose our money only to have to go through that, the tour worker was very kind with her information.. we will try to avoid Falmouth in the future if possible....all tours are far away closer to Ocho Rios
  12. yes there were plenty of workers maybe it was a kitchen problem the food was good on both breakfast and dinner but the time was an issue we just didn't expect although have read of this issue before on CC we wonder if they know when one pays for the dinners or when they're comps.... the other perks were good with the NS....we just wonder if the extra $$ is worth it
  13. we booked on board for a future cruise but back on NA....still debating if we keep NS or change to SS
  14. no we just let it go and made us think that it was the crew on Oosterdam as we had a great PG experience on our previous two NA cruises
  15. The ship was in very good shape, it’s workers were constantly keeping her in sea worthy shape. The food and service was good to great as always. First neptune suite was not impressed with it’s so called free breakfast at pinnacle grill, one pays big bucks not to get treated for 90+ minutes to have breakfast Dinner was no different when it came to the same lengthy problem. We didn’t have issues like this while two NA cruises... still service and quality keep bringing us back to HAL along with it’s smaller vessels...
  16. Just off oosterdam and first Neptune suite the lounge was superb both Ari and Diane made sure it stayed that way the pinnacle breakfast was a bad experience due to breakfast should not take 90+ minutes but dinner was even worst so we canceled after those two experiences that happened within 48 hours of being on board BTW the CEO of HAL was on board ......
  17. what are the ships that don't allow smoking in the casino? We've read that the two new Vessels allow this to occur... we would never book on them...thanks to all who inform us Happy New Year....
  18. Drumroll....the wait is over nice upgrade to a SA....happy sailings to all Happy New Year ....12 days out
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