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  1. Have a wonderful trip! I hadn’t been on this ship before and wasn’t sure what to expect due to her age, but she’s in great shape!
  2. On Infinity right now, and I agree with others that it seems like business as usual, but with more sanitizing. People I’ve met have seemed happy and relaxed.
  3. I also attended it on the Solstice in the fall. Loved it. It was much more interesting than I expected. Plus, of course, you get to drink a bunch of wine! We got the glasses quickly after I ordered them upon my return, and I'm very pleased with them.
  4. Sounds like an amazing adventure! I love reading a positive post like this for a change. With your upbeat attitude, I know your trip is going to be fabulous. Bon voyage!
  5. I'm very excited for your trip report! I've seen you posting a lot about your first Celebrity cruise, and I've loved your super-positive attitude (even in the face of some Edge-class naysayers) and wonderful energy. I'm also particularly interested in your experience as I took my first solo cruise in November and expect I might be taking more in the future. Have a wonderful trip, and I can't wait to follow along!
  6. That is a huge bummer about your tour. I hadn't commented before but LOVE your review, and I was excited to see you'd be taking the same food tour we had done about 18 months ago. We are "foodies" (gah, I hate the term) as my husband is a chef, and I'm a wine connoisseur similar to you, but our experience was much better. I would certainly not say it's the best we've done (over six continents where food is our #1 goal!), but we went to more places than you did, and it seems like different places as well. We had interaction with the local purveyors of the food at all but one stop, too. Obviously the tour has changed, not for the better! I'm so sorry to hear that.
  7. OK, this is the most entertaining trip report I've read yet. Literally laughed (possibly snorted) out loud at the above. Can't wait for the rest, including from the lovely Queen Tortitude.
  8. @jrs101, thanks for the reply and information (and the beautiful pic)! We're also in concierge balconies so your comments are particularly relevant to us. Thanks again for such a thorough and interesting review.
  9. Doing this itinerary in March, so I particularly appreciate your terrific review. If you don't mind a question or two...how did the ship look (wear and tear-wise, etc.)? How about your cabin? Sounds like you had a great experience, which I'm happy to hear!
  10. For sure. Makes it worth checking and re-checking. And thanks again to the CC members who keep on top of this and alert us.
  11. Thank you enormously for posting this. After saving $1180 on our April Apex S2 cabin in the last promo, I was just able to save another $1000 with this one. Unbelievable.
  12. I second that. I want to meet him in person. I'm sure our paths will eventually cross. Thirded. 🙂
  13. This is a fabulous review already. Looking forward to the rest!
  14. Holy moly, just saved $1180 on our S2 for the 4/23/20 sailing. Thank you to the OP for the thread!
  15. Wow, that's an incredible number of cruises! I can see why, though - they really can be addictive. I'd definitely be happy to share my thoughts once I've tried Azamara. Well, very sadly for me I had to cancel my plans for my first Azamara cruise. Hope everyone else has a blast and that I'll see you on another soon!
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