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  1. I would be happy to! Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks again! Wonderfully helpful. We are on the August 27 sailing. How about you?
  3. Thank you so much!! This is extremely helpful. Ours says 7 a.m., which is slightly more palatable than 5:30. 🙂
  4. I'm wondering about this as well. We just booked this on Celebrity Millennium, and it is called Endicott Arm and is five hours long. I'm assuming board off the ship, which it seems to indicate, and end in Juneau? Hope someone can clarify and also indicate if this is worth it as the other seem to be. One other question: a member of our party has a little trouble with steps and such. He walks fine and doesn't need assistance but just is slow and a little unsteady with stairs. The Celebrity excursion description said this, which seemed a bit surprising: "To fully participate ma
  5. We have it booked for the August 27 sailing on Millennium, and I'd be happy to come back and share thoughts, menu, etc.
  6. +1 Was thinking the same thing! Those pants are fab.
  7. We are in two Royal Suites, and two of us are Elite, so I'm not thinking that it is the issue, either. Definitely could be a later departure coming our way. I was hoping for a lobster roll in Luminae for lunch, but I'll be happy just to be on the ship whenever they let us on!
  8. Great info - thanks for doing that legwork!
  9. Same for us on the August 27 Millennium Alaska sailing. Only one slot offered, at 3 pm. I expect that will have to change.
  10. I've had to do that before to "shake up" the app into cooperating, too. Happy you could get in! 🙂
  11. Hmmm, interesting. On my app it's right in the middle on the bottom.
  12. I had this issue when trying to use my laptop, but when I switched to the app, I was able to complete check in. If you haven't, I recommend trying the app.
  13. The Governor and the cruise line executives are working on a statement. I'm quoting just one of many, many posts of this same ilk from you that indicated that getting a resolution here was a done deal based on your sources. I'm wondering if you have any update on this situation or if your view has changed? (Of course I hope you were correct.) Thanks.
  14. Lovely post, and I agree with every word. Thank you to those who are being the guinea pigs!
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