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  1. During the Summer months, with time to kill, I like watching webcams for 30 mins or so. There's a couple of sites in Wales, which have nest-cams and you can see ospreys being raised. The wetlands site at Urdaibai in the Basque region, is also good viewing. For people-watching, you can't beat :- https://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/?cam=tsstreet Back on the Cov 19 debate, during the Summer I noticed very few pedestrians in New York (and also in London) were wearing masks, maybe one person in four. However, since the clash between Joe Biden and Trump over face
  2. Yep, your March post was very prophetic CJ. Cruise and Maritime has gone and it's not just the smaller companies that are struggling. The following article confirms your point about lots of new-builds on hold. Whilst the pandemic rages, it casts doubts on the validity of using older ships with limited balcony numbers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKa_gkJE3UY&pp=wgIECgIIAQ%3D%3D&feature=push-fr&attr_tag=qn3Yjfbtx0XGtOCq%3A6 Hindsight's a wonderful thing. If the travel industry and governments had injected more money into a vaccine, way back in March, world
  3. Lots of complaints across the boards about the slowness of refunds. Understandable when an ave 2-weeker costs £4000+ per couple. We were due to fly next week to join Explorer 2 at Newcastle port from Exeter. When Flybe went bust in January we immediately put in a claim thru our credit card. Ok a modest claim but it still took Barclays 4 months to refund. When cruise staff get furloughed, billions in cash has to be reversed - the monetary system crashes. We've had good times in the past on Fortuna and (Nov '19) on Fascinosa. We will use Costa again but only if the cruise is availabl
  4. Post mortem. It's perfectly understandable that there's been bad feeling about the slowness of Marella refunds. It's worth bearing in mind that TUI HQ furloughed most of it's UK staff. On the 2nd Jan we booked a flight from Exeter to Newcastle with Flybe to join EX2's Norway/Iceland cruise on 1st Aug. As you know Flybe went bust. I'd paid for flights via credit card and put a claim in mid Jan. It's taken Barclaycard 5 months to credit me back. Considering how cash-strapped Marella and other cruise lines are - they probably haven't done too bad a job . Could they have be
  5. It'll toughen him up. Remember the song "A boy named Sue" 😁
  6. Is the CDC dealing with both the Cruise Industry and the Airline Industry with the same even hand ? The airlines refuse to give track and trace info to the CDC on "cost grounds". They already have this on their booking system, so where's the cost in pressing the 'Forward Button' or do they mean legal costs/litigation if (perish the thought) an alleged CV-19 carrier be tracked and traced to a particular flight? This NY Times article throws some light :- https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/31/business/coronavirus-airlines-contact-tracing-cdc.html
  7. Unless you have some Firewall in place, try :- Click on PrincessPete (top right approx) Select 'Account Settings' Click 'Edit Profile' Delete and change location Click 'Save' Reboot pooter.
  8. Yes very sad news. It seems the rescue funds were withdrawn at the 11th hour. Let's hope India lifts it's travel embargo and gets the crews back ASAP. Here's some more detail :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_aBezchc0I
  9. Excellent point, problem is - Cruise Lines don't have the same clout as the Airline Lobbyists in Congress. The fact is simple, the airlines refuse to track and trace passenger contacts, on the grounds of cost, thus making it difficult for the Authorities to contain the virus. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/31/business/coronavirus-airlines-contact-tracing-cdc.html
  10. Yes you're correct Avril. The CLIA (the Cruise Line International Assoc) have announced all cruises cancelled until 15th Sept, departing all North American Ports. It's not the CLIAs fault, they are governed by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Preventation). The CDC won't give permission for cruise ships to sale but (ironically) they have given the OK for airlines - I kid you not. Don of Don's Family Cruisers, gives quite reliable info and it's worth listening to his rant :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUWIgGgJMiM
  11. This is the latest from Marella website's FAQ :- Has my holiday been cancelled? If your holiday falls into one of the below categories, we’re really sorry to say that it has been cancelled. • TUI holidays travelling on or before 10 July 2020, including flight-only bookings • TUI River Cruises sailings travelling up until and including 25 November 2020 • TUI Lakes and Mountains holidays travelling up until and including 30 September 2020 • Marella Cruises sailings on or before 27 August 2020 and all sailings detailed below °All sailings on Marella Celebration °Sailings
  12. Agreed, go all out for a refund. Apart from the increase in cruise costs in 2021, there's another unknown factor - the cost of future flights. If there are small pockets of Cov-19 outbreaks next year, regulatory authorities will continue to put huge restrictions on the passenger capacities of the planes. Future Cruise Credits need additional guarantees to protect against flight price hikes and retain credibility with their loyal customers. By tradition, Costa has been a cruise only company. A lot will depend on what 2021 flight guarantees are offered by their competitors. Concl
  13. With no vaccine available it seems unlikely that the UK or EU Governments will allow travel on cruise ships, for the foreseeable future. The following week-old article, also shows EU Authorities' lack of enthusiasm to help an industry that's registered in tax havens. Interestingly, the article indicates how low-risk the cruise industry is to Covid-19 infection. 338 ships , 82 deaths from a worldwide total of 400,000. Sadly that's still way too many fatalities but with new deep cleaning protocols coming into place, it could be one of the safest ways to travel :- https://www.ft
  14. It'll cut the death rate by one third for those on ventilators and by a fifth, for those on oxygen :- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53061281 When you read the article on the cytokine storms associated with covid-19, you'll see there's a long way to go before the appearance of the 'magic bullet'. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200505-cytokine-storms-when-the-body-attacks-itself
  15. Forget about breakfast, how do you get a wink of sleep - surrounded by a plane-load of masked men 😩
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