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  1. A bit OT but a nice 10 minute drone video of Scarlet Lady entering Portsmouth yesterday : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g79UbV9-jQ
  2. Things have improved a bit on the travel front. Don't know your date but here's a couple of train quotes for Wednesday 15th Sept both open returns at £208 per person :- 05:47 arrives Southampton at 15:35 (2 stops) 07:07 arrives Southampton at 16:41 (3 stops) https://www.mytrainpal.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqqCv6bi57QIVOYBQBh1-swrdEAAYASAAEgJDEfD_BwE However, if you have nerves of steel, you may wish to wait to just 7 days before your cruise, as by then, flights may become more available. Regards Paul
  3. Ooops tomorrow 16th Aug - having another 'senior moment'
  4. Ditto, she's leaving tomorrow 15th Aug from Southampton, 18:00 with commentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPh44gmNr8I
  5. Perhaps I worded it badly. I was referring to UK Insurers rather than cruises from the UK.
  6. Assuming it's a flight chartered by the cruise line and one passenger on that flight tests positive at the cruise terminal, they will be aware that the say, remaining 199 passengers have been exposed to the one covid victim. They have no choice but to refuse boarding to all.
  7. Not ALL bases. You mentioned flights. What happens if you arrive at destination airport and YOU test negative but are refused boarding because someone else on your flight tests positive and you're therefore a 'contact' because you've been exposed to them for several hours during the flight. In the UK, no cruise line or Insurer will refund or pick up the tab for quarantine, flights etc., there maybe different laws in USA but check the small-print or get confirmation before you go. It's an irony, if you test positive you're fully insured and refunded all costs. Regards Paul
  8. Today's article by CC Staff "Which cruise line requires a C-19 vaccine". Under the Princess header it states "Acceptable Vaccines : Princess will only accept passengers vaccinated fully with either Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. Mixed doses are not currently accepted, unless the mixed doses are both mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna)" No mention is made of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. I know Regal Princess have been running Staycation trips from Southampton for a week now. We've paid deposits to Princess for cruises (from Southampton) to Norway, Iceland and Greenland. Is there an official exemption to the above ruling?
  9. If Marella cancels the whole cruise then you get a full refund. If they substitute Havana for another port, you'll need to look at "missed port" on your travel insurance.
  10. It's a big leap forward. The captain could always bi-pass high risk or no-entry islands. You could claim against your Insurance for missed ports. There's a huge jump in premiums, pre-covid my annual worldwide cover (including USA and Caribbean) was a snip at £120.
  11. We've used our accumulated FCCs as deposit on 3 back-to-back Discovery cruises starting 5th Dec '21. I asked Marella "what happens if one of the passengers on your flight, tests pos at Bridgetown airport or cruise terminal. If the remaining pax are refused boarding, because they've been in contact with victim for 4 hours - do we get full refund, hotel and repatriation etc?" I did point out that no travel insurer covers this scenario. They replied they were a bit busy tied up with cancellation refunds until 17th July. I'll write again but not holding out much joy 😬
  12. They need deposits and balances paid, to convince their bankers, there's lots of interest and the future's bright.
  13. https://www.moneysupermarket.com/travel-insurance/enquiry/ It's worth Registering' it remembers your details, should you want to use them in future years. We plan to do a Caribbean cruise for 3 weeks in December '21. I've just done a dummy run, under "Sun Snow and Security" click "Cruise Cover". I clicked "Single trip cover". The cost for a couple with no medical problems is :- £542 Post Office £558 Leisure Guard Younger folk will pay less (I'm 74 next birthday) Paul
  14. Thanks for your input, maybe there'll be other shipmates who are planning a fly/cruise holiday, will contact their fave Insurer and get a positive reply from them. There will be a big price to pay. Princesswise our next two cruises with them are next summer, Norway and Iceland/Greenland. They are both from Southampton, so no flights involved. Cruising from there seems quite popular, on the Southampton live-cam I've seen quite quite a few comings-and-goings. Lots more planned :- https://www.southamptonvts.co.uk//Live_Information/Shipping_Movements_and_Cruise_Ship_Schedule/Cruise_Ship_Schedule/
  15. Just to recap. There's 150 passengers (reduced capacity) on a plane. At the cruise terminal one of the passengers tests positive. The remaining 149 passengers test negative. Looking at the UK govts 'Framework for UK cruise operations during Cov - 19:- "You will be screened prior to embarking on the cruise, and if you are identified as having been exposed or potentially infected by COVID-19 you may be denied boarding" So you arrived at the cruise terminal at say, Barbados, Montego Bay or Ft. Lauderdale, you've tested negative but the captain or local authority may refuse you or the other 148 passengers from boarding because the 5 hour flight means you've been exposed to a positive passenger. Some of the say, 850 pax already on the ship, may not be comfortable, that the 148 exposed passengers, be allowed on board. I guess we'll have to wait till November, when the Winter fly/cruise season gets into full swing and find out what the cruise lines reaction is. Will they compensate or repatriate the 148 exposed passengers. I don't think HM Government will be keen to pick up the tab for a plane charter at short notice. Maybe in the next couple of months, an insurer will come up with a fully com policy - but it won't be cheap. The single trip cover from Post Office works out at £300 for me and it doesn't cover boarding refusal.
  16. Agreed, there are bound to be some specialist Insurers, who will be looking to plug gaps in cover not provided by the cruise company or competing Insurers. I wrote to 3 Insurance companies and 2 replied stating firmly that boarding refusal was not covered by their policy. A 3rd Insurer stated that the above scenario (fellow plane passenger positive) was "hypothetical" and therefore cannot be considered. I didn't write to the Post Office as their policy details is available on line. They're a huge insurer due to their access to folk queuing up for foreign currency etc. However, their exclusion clauses are many. Exclusion #30 on page 51 states " .. any claim which arises directly or indirectly from you not being allowed to board a flight, train, sea vessel, coach or bus, for any reason". https://travelinsurance1.postoffice.co.uk/Content/POMS/files/Documents/V9/WordingCollinson.pdf Clearly Insurers are concerned, cruise and flights, particularly in Winter, is not without it's risks. I believe the onus is on the cruise companies to make an announcement on concerns regarding boarding refusal before final balances are due.
  17. Ah thanks for that, I'll visit Princess and look at the detail. I suspect there's no such thing as a Fully Com Insurance that covers everything, as the cost would be too prohibitive.
  18. I've never been able to find cover for a trip more than 12 months ahead, so you may be forced to wait till the coming Fall. Have you come across the following link, some handy tips here :- https://www.insubuy.com/travel-insurance-for-foreigners-in-usa/ Regards Paul
  19. What dates are you looking for Dave?
  20. Called the 'Terminal Building' for good reason. 😓
  21. In a couple of years time, with passenger to crew ratios are 4 : 1 when things return to 'Normal', folk will look back with nostalgia, with a tear in their eyes, to the balmy Summer or 2021, when the ratios were nearer 1 : 1 😢
  22. For all those contemplating a long haul fly/cruise holiday : We all know that most Insurers will cover the direct effects of a Covid claim i.e. medical and repatriation costs if you test positive. However, in a possible scenario where you are flying this Winter to say, the Caribbean or Florida and one of the passengers on your flight, tests positive at the cruise terminal. Obviously the protocols and rules of the various ports/countries on the schedule, will play a part in the CEO's decision, as to whether you and the remaining passengers are allowed on board. The 'Cancellation Clause' won't kick in, if 9 out of the 10 flights serving this cruise, are Covid clean and the sailing will go ahead. I've written to Marella and Princess for a financial ruling effecting those unfortunate, to be refused boarding, as an indirect result of a negative Covid test. There's hotel and flight costs plus the cost of the cruise itself. Ok I'm aware that the choice is mine on whether I go to Final Balance stage on 3 cruises I've booked but for piece of mind I'm asking if there's anyone who knows of a Insurer with say, a Platinum Policy, that's Fully Comp and will compensate for anything that is not the responsibility of the cruise company, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in anticipation.
  23. Correction, I'm having a senior moment, I meant STARBOARD (right) side. Although most folk prefer to go topside for the sailaway, weather permitting. Met office say - dry, sunny intervals for 6pm
  24. Have a nice break, enjoy your trip. I'll watch SOTON Live Cam and see you off at 18:00. If your balc is port side, wave a towel 😁
  25. I scrolled back on the web cam to the wee hours - she's lit up like a Xmas tree. 🙊
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