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  1. I've seen a lot of messages about the 1/17 Breakaway, but has anybody already gotten upgrades for the 1/17 Dawn sailing? It's showing as sold out in all categories except inside when I checked this morning.
  2. We are going to be there in less than two weeks. I set it up with the company and I have to do my own transportation. She said the taxi is about $16 round trip, but before they drop us off, we'll need to make sure they will come back for us.
  3. We took our kids to El Morro and they liked that. they liked running around the green space and crawling on the walls.
  4. This is my third cruise out of San Juan, but only my first on a Wednesday. How is the traffic to the port around noon on a Wednesday? The past two times, we've gotten there around 8 a.m., so the traffic in wasn't bad.
  5. I read an older article (from Feb or Mar) saying that the floating market was no longer.... I didn't see anything more recent than that. Does anyone know if it's still going?
  6. I bring two swimsuits and it works well. As for dress up outfits... 2 or 3 is good. I like wearing dresses during the day anyway, so sometimes I just do double-duty and dress them up with a nice sweater and cuter shoes.
  7. Just curious... on our last couple cruises on a different line, they offered a ten-punch card for drinks during the last few days of the cruise (including a sea day). Does Norwegian do anything like that?
  8. We haven't dropped our bags and left, but we have checked in and then left. We plan on doing this in January on our cruise, too. The ship doesn't leave until late and we want to check out the SanSe festival in Old San Juan. But I don't see why you couldn't drop your bags and leave. If the line isn't too long, though, you might want to check in and then go sightsee, just so you don't have to worry about doing it later.
  9. Is the menu the same in both of the main dining rooms each night? Or do they each do a different menu? Thanks!
  10. It says that you can bring two bottles of wine on board but that NCL charges a corkage fee of $15 a bottle. Do they actually charge this? I haven't been charged on the other lines, even though their official rules say there is a charge. This is my first time on NCL, so I wanted to check. Thanks!
  11. Let's see.... I think we waited up to a half hour. I'm not sure exactly, but it doesn't seem like it was longer than that. I don't think we set an exact time to meet him, so we just went out and asked for him and we were off the ship pretty early. We paid $30/pp plus $2 entry fee to something (nutmeg factory, I think). I want to say that the other group that came with us paid $50/pp, so they ended up paying more for their group of three than we did for our group of four.
  12. We liked to just take the free trolley around Old San Juan. The forts are easy to get to and you can wander around the area checking out all the shops.
  13. There were four of us and we booked in advance with him. The day of, he did ask what we wanted to see, but we really just wanted the highlights, so we didn't request anything special (although I highly recommend the Jouvay Chocolate Factory). The other party that ended up with us was three - parents and a teenage boy. There was more than enough room for all of us in the van. The teenage boy did get motion sick 3/4 of the way through, though (not b/c of Cutty, just b/c of the roads), so if you are prone to motion sickness, bring meds for it. Cutty will also let you sit up front, which will help with that. I can't remember exactly how many hours the tour was, but it was a good chunk of the day. We got back with a little time left over to walk the area near the port. You pay at the end of the tour, cash.
  14. We did a tour with Cutty Tours. We had to wait a little bit for him to get other passengers before we left the port terminal, but he did a great job! He took us to the rainforest and lured a monkey down to sit on our shoulders. We went to the Jouvay chocolate factory (a favorite for me!), the nutmeg factory, and other sites.
  15. Has anyone on here booked zip lining directly through their website? I'm wondering about transportation to the zipline place. How much is a taxi? How long does it take to get there?
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