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  1. Will ask my TA about extending the final payment date. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. My TA is able to move my 2021 sailing to May 2022 and all the onboard booking and past guest discounts are carried over. Bad news is final payment is due December of this year - 17 months before embarkation. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Hope everyone is well and healthy! My next Viking cruise will be in May 2021. Although it’s still a year away, I am not confident that a covid19 vaccine will be available then. I’m not sure if I feel safe enough to fly and get on a cruise before 2022. I’m wondering if anyone has any luck in postponing to 24 months out? Will the OBC be forfeited? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Nice to know the air portion of the fare can be fully refunded. This way I can pretty much lock in the price of airfare. I booked our 2021 cruise onboard, may be that’s why final payment is due 6 months prior without me even asking.
  5. I also found Viking’s final payment policy all over the place. For my first VO cruise in 2017, final payment was due six months prior to departure. For my second one this year, it was due a year prior. For the next one in 2021, it’s back to 6 months prior. For my last two cruises, pricing change worked to my favor. Prices went up after I booked both times. So I felt comfortable to commit early. With the next one, I’m not so sure. It seems demand has gone down on even the more popular itineraries. Will watch more closely. I really hope Viking can have some sort of lowest-price guar
  6. I booked my May 2021 Alaska sailing while onboard this spring. I called Viking to ask about the anniversary sale out of curiosity. The discount is $250 pp for V1 category. If I cancel and rebook, I would lose the onboard discount. So it isn’t worth the effort for me to cancel and rebook now. I have to say I was not impressed by the snarky tone from the Viking agent over the phone once he learnt that I have a booking and was just calling to inquire about the anniversary sale. I guess I’ll monitor pricing on Viking website more closely. As the economic news are getting crazier and g
  7. Xiang is Hunan cuisine, which is close to Sichuan cuisine. Think mapo tofu and hot beef stew. It’s spicy, but not necessary hot. More tingling numbing sensation on the tongue than fire in your mouth.
  8. @cocopico Absolutely amazing pictures. Really enjoy your website. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Both Into the Midnight Sun and Iceland’s Majestic Landscapes are on my wish list. I also like Trade Routes and Greek Odyssey. I’ve done two VO cruises - Venice, the Adriatic Sea & Greece and Russia & the Baltic Sea. Both were wonderful. The Adriatic Sea was more memorable because we were blessed with nearly perfect weather and it was our first Viking cruise.
  10. @Pushka - I’ve been following your reviews with great interest as I booked a cruise to Alaska with VO. I sailed with Viking twice before and enjoyed both times. I understand your frustration on the delay in embarkation and tendering process. We pay a premium price to Viking so we naturally want Viking to meet our expectations. I sound like a broken record. But what you experienced on Orion was not a typical Viking journey. Instead of cancelling and losing $1k, may be you can consider switching to a tried and proven itinerary, such as Norway, Baltic or the Mediterranea
  11. @hofrances I had a similar experience. I booked a future cruise onboard and transferred the booking to my TA after coming back from the cruise. I asked my TA to change the date of sailing. At first my TA told me the onboard discount would be forfeited if I changed the date. I stressed to her that we were told by the cruise consultant to book any sailing onboard to secure the discount. In fact, I knew people booked a river cruise with the intention to change to a future ocean cruise. My TA talked to her Viking liaison again and was able to change the date of my booking and keep the onboard di
  12. I understand Viking has a steep learning curve on new markets, such as Alaska and Cuba. Viking still needs to fine tune onshore excursion arrangements. But why would dinning staff service on Orion be subpar? I’m quite puzzled. Orion is no longer a brand new ship. So the staff on the ship should already have plenty of experience working on the ship together. I was on the Sun’s maiden voyage in 2017 and came back from Jupiter in May. Both ships had fewer sailings than Orion now has when I cruised on them. I experienced no service issue. In general, Orion seems to have m
  13. We were in V1 (forward, portside) on Deck 3 twice before. We did hear engine noise once and noise from the theatre every night. Nothing from Torshavn. The shows usually ended by 10:30, which was before our bedtime. So we were not too bothered. If you go to bed early, V1 on deck 3 may be problematic.
  14. I was on the Sun’s maiden voyage. I did have concern about “new ship smell” or the staff not being ready when I booked the cruise. I’m glad to say the Sun was ready for her maiden voyage. Everything was pristine. We actually would like to do another maiden voyage shall an opportunity comes up. P.S. There’s no new ship smell. Lol
  15. Following. I took VO twice. Enjoyed both times. I book a cruise to Alaska in May 2031 with Viking. So far, the reviews on the Alaska itinerary have not been great. I’d love to hear your comparison.
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