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  1. Yes, after reading Stu's live report and the latest reporting this morning. I have more concerns about the lack of social distancing and inconsistent mask wearing onboard and during excursions. Some posters also reported on the other social media site that they have filed both written and verbal complaints to Viking on mask wearing incompliance to no avail.
  2. Yes, I've read a few news articles on the Delta variant. Although not shown in your screenshot, CDC figures still show the vaccines are highly effective.
  3. The fact that there have been no reported outbreaks so far among all current sailings (even the one that is not 100% vaccinated) shows how well the vaccines work. As far as I know, all the close contacts of the positive cases on the Sky and Jupiter were tested negative. We no longer live in a COVID-free world. There will always be breakthrough cases among vaccinated people. The question is whether these breakthrough cases are serious enough to cause outbreak and serious illness? Among vaccinated population, the chance is low. Like you, I'm not super worried about getting CO
  4. Speaking of inconsistency.... I'm puzzled the quarantine requirements. I've heard people who are considered close contacts of a positive case "quarantined" in their room for an hour until they got a negative test. A couple were quarantined for a day. Some of the 71 people mentioned in another posts were further moved to a hotel for another day. May be the inconsistency was from Icelandic authority, not Viking.
  5. Thanks Cher98. Exactly my point. I am aware of how lucky we are to have access to effective vaccines. I know how difficult for folks in the rest of the developing world to get vaccinated. But we are talking about best practices for safe cruising here. IMO, ensuring everyone on board including all crew members to be fully vaccinated is the most effective measure to prevent outbreak. Some other cruise companies, such as Norwegian, Celebrity, managed to vaccinate the crew before restarting. I just checked Viking's website. It still said their aim is to have all crew vaccinated.
  6. Exactly. Just because I doubt the effective of testing VACCINATED passengers daily doesn’t mean I don’t care about my own health or don’t care well-being of my fellow cruisers. No one wants to get sick or spread disease on vacation. I am all for requiring all passengers and crew members to be fully vaccinated. By far, vaccination is the most effective means to contain COVID. Viking didn’t commit to fully vaccinating the crew at least on the first few sailings. So did Viking not value the health and well being of the crew? Did Viking not adhere to best practice? No cruise co
  7. Agree. Is there any other cruise lines doing daily testing? I think Celebrity performs testing before embarkation and disembarkation. At first glance, I was impressed that Viking is doing daily testing. Now I think it's causing more stress and trip interruptions. Even the CDC said daily testing of vaccinated passengers is not necessary. I
  8. From the Viking River & Ocean Cruises Friends group page on the other major social media site, I read a couple were quarantined in their Penthouse Suite for an entire day and needed to be tested by Iceland officials separately . Another couple were quarantined for most of the sailing and got a full refund. Another couple missed their scheduled returned flight because they were waiting to get results back from Iceland officials. I don't know how the length of isolation/quarantine is determined nor can I validate the above claims. I am not intending to spread rumors, just saying what I r
  9. Interesting. I wonder why. We have 3017 for Alaska cruise next year. Hope it’s okay.
  10. I had 3022 twice. No noise from Torshavn. We could hear the band rehearsing. But we weren’t bothered by it. We have 3022 booked in our next cruise.
  11. Thanks @Triptkr and @SantaFe1 Looks like you can get a better (wider) view with a slider instead of door/window combo.
  12. Interesting. Do you know where I can find pictures of room with a door/window combo and room with slider?
  13. For those who were or are currently on the Sky, can you let me know if drawers are installed in the closets? I heard there were no closet drawers in V and DV rooms in ships before the Sun. Wondering if Viking retrofitted older ships during the no-sail period. I, hopefully, will be on the Sea this December. Thanks.
  14. Interesting observation! Good job Viking.
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