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  1. Great reminders for season travelers. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is storage space… On one of my first cruises, I cried and cried because there wasn’t room for all the unnecessary clothes I brought… So pack as light as you can, open your suitcase and store it under your bed… It is great for dirty clothes and it is also great for extra clothes and shoes, I also bring a plug-in or something equivalent to make the room smell better… No matter what ship it seems like the rooms always smell like whoever was in there last… Not necessarily stinky, but I would rather have a fresh smell. Life is an adventure, and there are always surprises… Never leave home without an extra pair of underwear in your backpack or carry-on! We have been on 67 cruises with number 68 scheduled for March… And I’m still learning new tricks about cruising and international travel.
  2. The ZQ It’s like no other river cruise ship or ocean cruise ship you have ever been on… It is totally unique and in a wonderful way. This particular trip is not about the boat, it’s all about the wildlife. Bugs were never an issue except in the Serengeti… And it was just flies… No mosquitoes or anything like that. We were there in September.
  3. We did the AMA GoldenTrails of Africa that included the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and the Serengeti,then added the RWANDA trip to see the gorillas. TRIP OF A LIFETIME!! on the Chobe Our only transportation from the Queen was the sightseeing boat We the same driver all five days and they are incredibly knowledgeable regarding every living thing in that area. We saw hundreds of elephants, tons of giraffe, cape buffalo galore, crocodiles, warthogs, Impala’s were everywhere, and every bird you can imagine. Perhaps the highlight of our jeep tour was spotting a male and female lion couple showing us how they have a “happy time“. Not far from them were two more female lions. As we were leaving the lion show, we spotted an entire pride of lions crossing the savanna on the way to the shade of the bush. Unbelievable… Never in my wildest dreams. I could write a book about how amazing EVERYTHING was, but I’ll just say. DO IT!!!
  4. Mrs. F he is asking for a small deposit to hold the reservation. Did you wire him the funds two secure the reservation? That is not some thing I do often
  5. Thank you so much. I have been in contact with Gus and we will probably use him in Rio.
  6. Could you provide a referral for that guide. Thanks so much
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