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  1. Channel 4 out of Washington,DC just said Carnival was moving their operations to Norfolk, Virginia. That is all they said.
  2. If you wave your Medallion to a slot machine, you decide how much money you want on that machine. If you do that and still have money on that machine and want to quit, can you print out a payslip or does it go back on the Medallion? Have never used the Medallion and would rather not take cash. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know what the minimum bet on Crap tables on the Regal Princess? Thanks!!
  4. Can you use your Medallion to buy chips at the tables? I know you can use the Medallion at the slots. If so, is there an extra charge to do this? Thanks!
  5. Has anyone used Princess Gift Cards for buying OBC before the cruise? I saw that you can buy OBC online but wasn’t sure I could use gift cards. Thanks!!
  6. We are planning on booking London Eye tickets for early Tuesday evening in late April. Do you feel it is necessary to get Fast Track tickets or are regular tickets ok? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. We are taking this cruise in May, 2024. Does the tender process to South Queensferry from the Regal Princess go quickly? Trying to arrange a taxi pickup. Thanks so much.
  8. Thanks John Bull. I read your posts and value your information. It is our first time to London and want to cram as much as possible in 3 days!!
  9. Hi, We will be arriving in London on a Tuesday morning before our cruise on Friday. Planning a short rest at our hotel before we start out Tuesday afternoon to beginning looking around the city. If we start out on the Double Decker Bus and stay on it, what will the traffic be like starting at 3pm? I thought this would give us an overview of the city. Looking for opinions and ideas for anything to organize our time before the cruise. Thanks, Cindy
  10. Thanks for the review. We are going there with Native Tour the end of January!
  11. When you did the tour, did you go to the Visitor Center to get the bus? Did you buy your ticket on the bus? No reservations needed? Thanks!!
  12. Has anyone booked the shore excursion with Toucan Tours to the Mayan Ruins from the port? Thanks for any info!
  13. Think we might book this. Few questions. How long did the entire tour last? Where did you put your belongings while you were on the tour? Thanks
  14. Thanks so much for your help. Reserved St. Andrews Taxi and they were very helpful!
  15. I am interested in how to get from Edinburgh Port to Old Course at St. Andrews. Princess has an excursion but it is stays at the course only 1 hr 15 minutes. I found a private excursion but it is for 7 people and we have 3. Are there taxis at the port??? All we are interested in is transportation to and from. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  16. Has anyone done the excursion Trikes Cozumel? We did Trikes Aruba and loved it. Thanks!!
  17. Looking for ideas for Shore Excursions? Has anyone used Belize Cruise Excursions?? thanks so much
  18. Looking for ideas for transportation, both ways, from port to St. Andrews. Any ideas?
  19. They have both but thanks for the information!
  20. Thank you so much John. Planning is a little overwhelming!!
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