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  1. Has anyone stayed away at the Marlin Waterloo Hotel? Looking for reviews of the hotel and area around the hotel. Thanks so much. We have never been to London.
  2. Hi, I followed this link and cannot find Princess gift cards. Help!!
  3. Has anyone used International Friends for pre cruise packages in London? Thanks!
  4. The WiFi in the Princess Plus Package states one device. Can you change the devices during the trip or must you stick to one device? Thanks!
  5. So did you get the bus from the travel centre where the shuttle left you off?
  6. All of the excursions are very expensive. I am thinking of walking to the town if it is possible. Also, saw they have a free shuttle to the travel center and then find places to go like the Cathedral.
  7. Must you have GBP or can you use credit card?
  8. Hi, Is the port of Kirkwall walkable to town? Do they have tours at the port available? Seems like all of the tours on Princess are pricey and not very good. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Looking for information on transportation from South Queensferry Port to St. Andrews golf course. Would Glasgow be a closer drive?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Opinions about staying in the Waterloo area. Looking at Marlin Waterloo and Hampton by Hilton. Any information appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Thanks. I am trying that option now.
  12. We booked a 2024 cruise. I downloaded the Medallion app and signed in without any problem. I then got a casino credit. My travel agent had Princess apply this credit to our booking. However, for some reason, Princess had to change the booking number. Now when I try to log in the Medallion, it says the new booking number is already being used and the old booking number has been cancelled! I have deleted the medallion app and reinstalled without any luck. Has any had experience with this or have any advice? Thanks!!
  13. Hi, We are planning on rebooking a British Isles Cruise in 2024 that was cancelled twice during Covid. Currently Princess has "Best Sale Ever". Would like to hear opinions about what Princess sale you think is the best! Thanks so much.
  14. We are looking at a cruise in May, 2024 that has an overnight stay in Belfast. How easy is it to get from the port to downtown? If you use tour groups, is there several places to visit in the area? Have never been to the British Isles. Thanks so much
  15. Can US Dollars be used in slot machines at Atlantis? Can winnings be cashed into US dollars? Thanks!
  16. What would the price be from the port to Atlantis? Thanks.
  17. Has anyone stayed in a connecting cabin on the Enchantment of the Seas? If so, is the cabin loud from the adjoining cabin? Thanks!
  18. We walked the Freedom Trail 3 yrs ago. We took a taxi to the USS Constitution, the end of the trail and then walked to the beginning. We did this to alleviate crowds. It worked great. Enjoy!!
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