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  1. We were also on the Millenium and just disembarked yesterday. We decided to take the ships bus which included a tour of the island. It was very reasonably priced & a nice tour. Our flight was not until 3:10. We get to the airport around 12:30 in a rain storm. Had to get our luggage off the bus in a slight rain. Then stood outside in the long line for about 30 minutes. Delta flights were told finally to check in. To our surprise our flight was delayed one hour and twenty minutes. The massive crowd at this very small airport was incredible. Due to this our last flight of the night to Tampa l
  2. We are coming to a day prior to boarding the Millenium in June. Then due to lack of flights home, we are staying in St. Maarten one day after getting off the ship. I understand the testing & insurance prior to arrival. Getting off the ship is my confusion. Do we need a new PCR test & new insurance before disembarking?
  3. Can anyone help me? We plan on flying to St. Maarten the day before our cruise, then staying an additional day in St. Maarten when getting off the ship. Do we have to pay twice for the medical insurance? How do we get tested early enough to provide the test & required paperwork prior to getting off?
  4. Does anyone know how it works if you stay a day or two before the cruise in St. Maarten, then a day or two after the cruise in St. Maarten? How will it be possible to get the PCR test done at least 2 days in advance so you can provide the necessary proof? Also do you have to for St. Maarten insurance twice?
  5. We repriced today & saved $216, plus got the specialty dining. Did not have to cancel & rebook.
  6. For business reasons I must leave my phone at home. What will happen when I cruise Medallion?
  7. Now what? I just read where the port authority has cancelled all passenger vessels until 2021. Is this really true???
  8. Yes. We just booked the Silver Whisper Transatlantic sailing Sept. 8, 2020 from Barcelona to New York. Very excited to try something new. This is our third attempt to cruise this year. Praying this cruise will not be cancelled like the rest.
  9. We are brand new to Silverseas & quite excited. My question is: does Silversea honor our past passenger status with Royal Caribbean?
  10. With the entire Princess fleet down for 60 days I am wondering where all the ships will be? Anyone know?
  11. We have a similar situation. We have booked Staybridge Suites on Bath Road near the airport. Right next door is a Holiday Inn. Just google Heathrow airport hotels.There is a free bus at the airport to transport us to the street the hotel is on & back to the airport. I believe it runs every ten minutes. Feel much safer being near the airport on the day we fly home.
  12. We will NEVER fly through O'Hare again. We flew from London to O'Hare, then had to go through security to get our US flight home. We have Global Entry. However, we nearly missed our plane as it took three hours snaking through security with a lot of upset people all around us. Then add insult to injury had to claim our luggage & walk it 5 feet to recheck before racing to our flight. We were the last ones to board before they closed the door.
  13. After reading this column, I checked our exact flights on the American Airlines web site. Our flight Tampa to London (one way) this coming July is $1006.83 using EZ Air. Today American Airlines wants $10,098 flexible fare for our same exact business class flights. WOW!
  14. Came home from the Baltics via Amsterdam last August. It is the longest, biggest airport we have ever been to. Makes JFK, Atlantic & LAX seems small. Signage is not great either. So allow ample time.
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