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  1. 2019 Cruise cancelled, and took 100% FCC bonus and booked 2020 Cruise. 2020 Cruise now cancelled. Is the 10% bonus on the original 2019 Cruise deposit, or the 2020 Cruise deposit which includes 100% FCC Bonus?
  2. I book it to show her what I want, and tell her it is ok to cancel and rebook. Then it becomes hers.
  3. My PVP has been great during COVID. On the original reservation made pre-COVID, I was contacted by the PVP, and I told her I could get a better deal from an online TA (gave rebates). PVP was able to get close with OBC and Specialty Dining, so I gave the reservation to her. Then COVID hit. She has been great at making the new reservation, and transferring deposits and bonuses to the new reservation. It took Princess a month or two to release the FCD so it could be applied to the new cruise. PVP was able to hold the new reservation without having to make the deposit until the FCD was released. M
  4. 15 minute test kit for $30. If the company is smart, they will figure out a way to mass process the results - connect multiple "digital" analyzers to a computer and associate the results with the proper passenger. Swipe your nose, swipe your medallion, and you are done. Results sent to your account in 15 minutes. 1 minute per passenger. you would need 17 man hours to process 1,000 passengers. 3 stations can process 1,000 passengers in one day. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/12/15/946692950/fda-authorizes-first-home-coronavirus-test-that-does
  5. I believe you can "apply" multiple FCC to a cruise as a "deposit". However, I don't think you can "stack" them. You only get one FCC OBC.
  6. If your cruise ends in a foreign country, then you will need a COVID test to board the plan to return to the USA. Will Princess provide the COVID test? https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2021/01/13/coronavirus-tests-required-new-cdc-rules-international-flights/6643147002/ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday that it would require airline passengers to show proof of a negative coronavirustest or recovery from COVID-19 before boarding an international flight to the U.S., effective Jan. 26. Airlines are required to deny boarding to those who
  7. 100 million doses by March 1. At 50 million per month after that, it would be 300 million doses by July 1. The population of the USA is 330 million. Since each person needs 2 doses, that is 660 million doses needed. Based upon your numbers, you can cover about 1/2 the population of the USA by July 1. That may be all the "demand" since a lot of people have said they would not take the vaccine. "To reach everyone could take up to a year." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/11/19/covid-19-vaccines-who-gets-coronavirus-immunization-first/3778098001/
  8. When any cruise line can restart will depend upon what you say. Once that threshold is met, which lines open up will depend upon the demographics of the cruisers. All else being equal, the lines with an older demographic will open later than ones with a younger demographic.
  9. IMHO, Carnival will restart before Princess. Carnival caters to a younger crowd where the risks of complications from a COVID infection are less. HAL will restart last with the oldest, and at highest risk, average passenger. IMHO, I think Disney will open later too. Can't easily control the kids (keep masks on, don't touch everything, etc.). If one person has it, it will spread to all the passengers with kids in an enclosed cruise ship.
  10. > NCL will probably not survive, but no matter as it will have little or no effect on the U.S. economy. NCL will survive. The question is whether the current stock holder will have anything in 2 years. NCL could go through bankruptcy reorganization (chapter 11), not liquidation (chapter 7). The debt holders will get the company, and then run it.
  11. Just received an e-mail about my July AK cruise being cancelled.
  12. This article was quoted in the letter: https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2020-carnival-cruise-coronavirus/ Cindy Friedman, the experienced epidemiologist who leads the CDC’s cruise ship task force. “I have a hard time believing they’re just a victim of happenstance.” They didn't quote this: She says its actions created a “huge strain” on the country. “Nobody should be going on cruise ships during this pandemic, full stop,” she says. My question is: If it was so evident to her (an experienced epidemiologist), why did it take until March 14th f
  13. Short-term, I think it benefits CCL - people less likely to book on a troubled carrier than one perceived as more financially sound. Long-term - not good. The most likely outcome of Bankruptcy is that the Debt Holders end up owning the Company. It will be run as it has been, but with new owners. The new owners will have a lower cost basis (wiped out Equity holders), so lower total cost of operations. The industry will have the same number of ships, competing for the same passengers. It will take a while for supply and demand to rebalance. In the meantime, passengers can get good de
  14. We just booked an end of July Alaska Cruise from Seattle. Booked a balcony in case we are stuck for an extra 2 weeks on the ship. Maybe we will end up in Long Beach for quarantine, and we can visit the kids. Very few of the cabins are booked. I'd be surprised if more than 1/3 of the cabins are filled for the first cruise at the beginning of July. Maybe that is the plan - 50% or less occupancy.
  15. I wonder if CCL will offer to let people exchange FCC for stock. Other threads are complaining about delays in receiving refunds. If CCL doesn't clear the refund backlog soon (after raising all the money), then the stock is worthless.
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