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  1. Still in Germany after leaving our Viking cruise just this past Saturday. The weather has been beautiful. Good for Oktoberfest and such but not much help for the Danube. Good luck to all of you. Headed back to the US tommorrow morning.
  2. We only swapped once and it was painless. Of course we would have preferred not to change ships but it really wasn’t bad.
  3. One other thing. Just go with the flow. I am reading now that ships can’t get into Budapest. We had no problems last week. The cruise companies look at these water levels day to day. Like the passengers they would like to avoid the inconvenience as well. Evidently the critical area of the river for us was from Passau to Regensburg. They day we ship swapped the water level was such that we could have made it but then the next day it dropped below again.
  4. Just finished a Budapest to Nuremberg cruise on Viking today. The weather was sunny and warm. Even got to wear shorts for a couple of days. We had a slight change on our itinerary. The ship docked in Lintz Austria and we road a bus to Passau, approximately 1.5 hours for our daily tour. After Passau we road another bus to Straubing (sp) for a ship swap. Again another 1.5 hours or so. Again with the water levels the way they are Viking is able to minimize the impact due to having so many ships sailing back and forth. O. The train to Munich today we talked to a couple that just finished an Avalon cruise and they did more tours via bus because they can’t ship swap like Viking.
  5. Yes. We boarded right at the Chain Bridge in Budapest. Currently on a bus to Passau. These guys at Viking have this down to a science with the ship swap.
  6. You will have a ship swap. I am currently on a Viking Danube cruise. We were originally scheduled for the Gullevig and instead put on the Egil. We will swap ships in Passau I think. It’s good you are on Viking since they are able to do the swaps. Many of the smaller companies can’t do this.
  7. We have a group of seven couples currently sailing on the Viking Egil from Budapest To Nuremberg. We are headed from Krems Austria and sailing to Passau. I believe we will stop prior to Passau, Lintz Austria I believe and have a ship swap. Not sure where we will get back on, hopefully Passau. I’ll try and update. We are having a blast. The food is good and the service fantastic.
  8. Just received an e-mail from Viking letting us know our cruise itinerary will possibly change. Our ship out of Budapest has been changed since our scheduled ship can’t get up to Budapest. Sounds like the stretch between Passau and Regensburg is experiencing very low water levels. We are to depart Budapest on the 28th of Sep and disembark on 6 Oct in Nuremburg. Thank goodness we purchased the Silver Spirits liquor package. We will probably neeed it:D
  9. I want to thank all of you that have been posting on the Danube River status. A group of us, seven couples are leaving from Budapest on the 29th of September. Sailing on the Gullevig (Viking) to Nurenberg
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