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  1. Thanks again for investing the time into posting all your adventures, I know it takes some effort and when you're on a short cruise it can be easy to spend every minute focusing on the cruise and not Cruise Critic, so thanks for taking us all along. What date is your AK sailing? We're on Eclipse on the July 30 trip.
  2. Ship: Summit Length of Cruise: 3 Days Cruise Sail Date: October 23, 2021 Date email offer received: October 13, 2021 Captain’s Club Tier Select Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity Current Cabin: Celebrity Suite Bid? Yes/No: No If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: place winning category, if accepted (all category offers, can be mentioned in comments) Bid Offer: Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected General Comments Bidding did not open until 10 day prior to sailing, I checked in via email 20 and 15 days prior to sailing and received responses it was not yet open. Only had options to bid for Royal and Penthouse due to current cabin, RS mim was $1,000 PP, PH was $1,100 PP. Suites have been sold out/closed for 3 weeks. Not worth a bid of that price for only 3 days. Don't recall inital cost of those suites, but SS was $650, CC was $850 so the bid for a RS is a big jump, PH is probably still more than original price when added to what we've already paid.
  3. It will be interesting to read your posts and hear about your experiences, we cruised with you on the Equinox back in '99 and we're boarding the Summit in 12 days so we're feeling a connection to you in multiple ways and look forward to following along!
  4. Thanks, surprising since the sparkling wine wasn't there also. We try to swap it out for something else also and I wondered it that was the Cabernet they exchanged it with and if it was part of your pre-board profile. Appreciate the follow-up and enjoy your trip!
  5. Was the wine a gift from a staff member, or did you swap out the Champaign/Sparkling Wine for that?
  6. Looking forward to following along Jim, it will be great to hear some thoughts about this itinerary as it's something I'd like to explore sometime, and really looking forward to your thoughts on the Millie and the refub. We leave on the Summit just after your second trip ends, so while not the same ship, but it will still be interesting to hear your thoughts on the M class. I don't remember, did you already sail on the Millie once since the refurb? I have re-read the thread a couple times and can't find a post where you said what type of cabin you booked so can you post that (again if I missed it, sorry) and if you will have to move on the switchover day. Assuming you are also considering a "Move-up Bid" unless you got a PH already. Enjoy!!!
  7. As many have said, the Decoy Cab was a go to for us, but just before the shutdown we also enjoyed a Brodeaux, I believe Clarendelle and we often selected some Caymus. I think you'll have some good options. Since you're sailing soon check back and let us know what you find on board and what you selection most often.
  8. To the OP, You asked a pretty clear question, I hope someone that knows something about what you've asked will actually answer it 🤪
  9. Worldtvlr, this thread is more than 5 years old, so experiences discussed here could have changed since then. The free specialty dining is still a perk for RS and above, in room dinning is mainly off the main dining room menu, however many times the butler will manage selections from other venues, however nothing is certain.
  10. Really enjoy following along with you on your trips. The photos you share are great, and the way you summarize the experience is perfect. Here's to a great time!
  11. We're also on this same trip and I've been wondering how things will play out. As of now, I believe they are doing ship sponsored excursions only, and by requiring proof of vaccination the ship can still dock, but if things get shut down even more I don't see any option but to cancel. Since Nassau is the only port of call for this 3 day trip I don't believe there is another foreign port to call upon to meet the PVSA since it is such a short cruise. I'm sure there is someone else more knowledgeable than me regarding this so it will be interesting to hear the speculation.
  12. I guess I should have just left this alone.... or been more direct so people understand both the question and the program. For those of you that have sailed and opted in, how did you like the full housekeeping services in the morning coupled with turn down and cabin tidying at night, both of which are still provided every day?
  13. Some time has passed since the program came out and I've seen a few comments about it in other threads so I thought I'd bring this back to the top and see if anyone who signed up for this and has completed a sailing would like to share their experience. I have a 3 night sailing coming up in a CS booked with the double point promo so I signed up for this also as I couldn't find anything limiting eligibility based on length of cruise. If everything comes in we'll end up with 84 points for a quick 3 day cruise. Keeps us moving up the ladder even if points are getting less important, one never knows how the program will change in the future, those points may once again get something that is meaningful to me!
  14. So nice to follow along, last two times we sailed the Summit we were also in 6118, but those were both before the revolution. It a great cabin, quick to run down to 5 for an early morning coffee at Cafe Al Bacio, or just a short walk to the Aft elevator to go down to Luminae or up to the Sunset Bar, have a great week!
  15. Thanks! This is what I needed. Looks like we'll be doubling up. We're only on a 3 day trip but booked a CS so 12 points per night normally will get us 72 points for the trip after they double up. 😀
  16. We booked in June. There were a few different offers at different times and I'm sure double points were going on at the time we booked, but I failed to read the T&C details so I'm wondering if our sailing was excluded from the program. All I can find now are details related to offers back in January as you shared, but I know the program was expanded beyond those first "We're Back" sailings. Oh well, I could call and wait on hold, or just see what happens when we sail.
  17. My mistake @goofysmomI should have thought through that more and realized you were doubling up for solo, not the 2X bonus.
  18. We're on a short Summit cruise in October and the double points factored in a little for us also. Now I'm wondering if we'll get that bonus. I can't find a "terms and conditions" in effect for when we booked, but I've seen some that exclude the Summit from this program for sailings after August 21, 2021. Is there anything you saw when you booked that confirmed you'd qualify for the bonus?
  19. Celebrity is running a special now and many trips qualify for a $100 PP discount so that is probably why.
  20. I may be wrong, but I think many of the recent postings are referencing the email from a week or more ago giving people the opportunity to make up some missed quizzes or webinar events. Many of the questions are similar to ones asked months ago when quizzes were coming out quite often. I believe the last "new" event was the sail with the CEO in the Greek Islands webinar last Thursday.
  21. If there is a Penthouse still open still I'm wondering how much more the current price is than what you paid for your CS. Some people have reported the minimum move-up bid is about the same as what the price difference was when they booked. That hasn't been my experience, but it would be interesting how much of a price difference there is between the booking price and the $1,200 PP move up minimum, or the $2,500 figure you also mentioned.
  22. Sometimes it is hard to understand the connecting door concept and design until you see it. I don't recall the ship, but here are two photos I saw previously when this was being explained. In the first photo the wood look doors are when the cabins are set up as connecting, in the second photo the white doors are when they do not connect. In the second photo you can see the wood doors are locked open against the wall. When they are closed to the corridor for connecting rooms they create a vestibule or "porch" as gold1953 has indicated. This is the set up on S Class ships, although I believe there may be an exception or two however I don't recall the ship where this is not the case.
  23. Book them both! Fine dining in Murano with many tableside presentations and a wide variety of desserts. Beautiful wake views and good steak or Italian options in Tuscan. Personal preference as to which is better. I prefer Murano, my DW likes the window view in Tuscan....
  24. 7:20 PM CDT 7/22/21 Just registered and space still available for those who have the link and are interested.
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