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  1. My wife is a retired banker and suggested if they hack your debit card, they would have access to both you're checking and savings accounts. We typically use a credit card the has a low maximum for traveling. If we think we are going to max it out, we make an on line payment.
  2. I haven't tried a mock booking, but upon checking the confirmation from the TA, it shows a deposit of $508.00 Cdn per person. When we re fared, I was told we had to have our booking cancelled and rebook because the new fares were only for new bookings. I guess that was so they could charge the new deposit amounts. According to a Youtube video from a TA, the cruise lines are charging higher deposits because a number of people are canceling and rebooking cruises with different dates and that is costing the cruise lines a lot of money maintaining those bookings.
  3. We had booked a cruise in September through my TA for an April 2022 sailing. Our deposit was $270.00 Cdn. We re fared twice. The second time was about 2 weeks ago. A couple days later, I was checking the Princess website and couldn't find my booking. Upon checking with my TA, I found out Princess had cancelled the booking because they had increased the deposit to $1016.00 Cdn, but had failed to inform us. I don't mind them increasing the deposit given the current circumstances with Covid, but I do mind not being informed about the increase and almost loosing out on the specific staterooms we
  4. I wasn't a big supporter of Cabin Crawls before the pandemic. I don't see the appeal of having a large group of strangers mill around my cabin. I much prefer an M&G in a public place maybe followed by a slot pull.
  5. Our first cruise some 21 years ago was to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We choose a 7 night Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan Puerto Rico. We booked a balcony on a brand new ship and visited 5 ports in the 7 day cruise. At the time, we didn't know if we would ever cruise again, but we have taken 8 cruises since and now that we're retired, we have a 28 night cruise coming up in early 2022. 2 others were recently cancelled to to Covid. We would love to have cruised more, but given where we live and the cost to travel to ports and exchange rates, it just wasn't economically feasib
  6. We have booked Baja deck stateroom #B747 on the Sapphire Princess for an upcoming cruise. It's described as an angled balcony. Does anyone have any comments or photos of this balcony?
  7. We were on the Ocean Princess when she was brand new. (Our first cruise) More recently we went on the Royal Princess. We loved the size of the Ocean Princess and the Royal was a nice ship, but we've booked a 2022 cruise on the Sapphire Princess. So, we'll see which of the 3 classes we prefer.
  8. Like you, I always assumed the medical staff included at .least one doctor.
  9. As we are 2000 miles away from the nearest port, we've never cruised without planning ahead. We had planned on arranging a 2-3 month rental in Florida this winter in order to take advantage of last minute cruises, but Covid changed all that.
  10. A whole lot of things come into play for us when choosing a cruise. The length of the cruise, the cost, the amenities on the ship, the itinerary, the perks offered by the cruise line or TA, etc. We've sailed with 3 different cruise lines. Princess, RCCL & MSC. We like Princess for longer cruises as they have self serve laundry, which means you don't have to bring a ton of clothes. We have a 28 day cruise scheduled for 2022 and only bringing one suit case.The entertainment as generally very good. We also enjoy the service level on board and have never been disappointed by the foo
  11. Our cruise isn't till April 2022. So, we're hoping the rules will be relaxed by then. However, if not, we'll choose tours offered by Princess as we'll be going to places we've never been and wouldn't want to miss out on exploring new places.
  12. We are booked for a cruise in April 2022, but won't be going anywhere unless we get vaccinated for Covid.
  13. After years of taking road trips with our children, we decided to book our first cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We chose a 7 day South Caribbean cruise with Princess on what was a brand new ship (Ocean Princess) and we were hooked.
  14. We also had a cruise booked on the Star Princess that we cancelled about a month ago due to covid and low and behold, Princess cancelled the cruise the other day and transferred the Star and Golden to P&O. We've since rebooked another cruise for April 2022. We're hoping that covid will just be a bad memory by then...
  15. Haha. My wife and I actually enjoy nice dry red wine, but our other cruise mate likes the sweeter wines. She actually used to consume Baby Duck (yuck) and it's taken us years to wean here off that stuff. So, she has graduated to the Beringer, which we also enjoy. However, that "perfect" smooth and "jammy" red wine. And also a smooth, oaky, and buttery Chardonnay sounds good to me...
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