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  1. Purdey16

    Weather in the Fjords late April

    We went early May and had snow on the mountains knee deep in flam and then the next day sun bathing in swim suits up on deck , we were really lucky with the weather it was quite hot and never had any rain , beautiful time to go enjoy
  2. Purdey16

    What to expect on embarkation?

    Selbourne has covered most of what happens and yes for a 12.30 check in time I would aim to get there around just after 11 as that's when the baggage holders start to collect your cases for the hole in the wall and by the time you have done this and make your way to receive your coloured card and fill out the health form it won't be long before boarding starts, I personally like to take photos straight away of all areas before the crowds get on , place my hand luggage inside my room if possible , then up to the buffet for a light lunch then to the spa to book the retreat / thermal suite , weekly or day passes available , I do cram a lot in on embarkation day but that's excitement , have a wonderful first cruise
  3. Purdey16

    Fold or Roll

    Thanks Ranchi for that tip , I will certainly be using that idea for our up coming holiday
  4. Purdey16

    Brittania with an 18 month old - tips?

    I'm with John and Mrs applehead on this one about the swim nappies or not toilet trained children are not aloud in pools , I have read somewhere in their p&o questions and also seen signs next to swimming pools but don't worry about it as they have a lovely splash area for the younger ones to enjoy, also have you thought about loading up (if you/she) has a tablet with her favorite cartoons programs she watches just to keep some regular activity she would normally do at home so that she won't find it all too much and over whelming for her , I also found that taking a few new small toys/games to play always kept them happy with a surprise and new activity
  5. Purdey16

    Wine glasses in cabin?

    Just go straight to any of the bars and ask for two empty glasses of each including port glasses if needed , of what ever you need and they will supply and then just tell the cabin steward to leave them in the room and you wash them up , never had a problem asking bar staff enjoy your cruise
  6. Purdey16

    2 Night Cruise

    Hi Bonnie girl , I also echo the Same as janny444, I would not do a two nighter as a taster our first cruise was 10 nights , you need at least 7 days to get the real feel of cruising to relax and find your way round the ship , I've done a few 2/3 nights and they are party / booze / loud Cruise's not the true experience to cruising but if you want a weekend brake then go for it
  7. Purdey16

    Norway cruise- do we need Krone?

    I would not travel to different countries without having a little of their currencys just in case ,after all I intend to visit them again and £20 doesn't go a miss , yes having a pint in flam will cost you £10 ,a little expensive but I don't drink beer , but I like to be safe with a little currency anyway
  8. Purdey16

    Packing Tips

    I take a torch which has a magnet on the back so stays on the wall , very handy for inside cabins if lights go out , air freshener for toilet and room , bed side clock that glows at night so I always know the time , high lighters for marking your daily newsletter , you can always ask your cabin steward for more hangers which will be normal ones and not the big wooden ones , I put my husband's bow ties in side his shoes
  9. My apologies , just googled it but still can't recall seeing it and it wasn't pointed out to us because we didn't do a ships excursions and we're surrounded with ship containers
  10. Forgot to mention there are two different types of busses to catch the red bus just goes to the port Gates and this one you catch only if you're going in a taxi or other private booked trips , then there's the big coaches to take you into blankenburg .As for a new passenger terminal this summer I did not see any building being built recently in December so I'm not sure on that one
  11. We took shuttle bus into blankenburg (15) mins ,they drop you off opposite the train station (drop off is also pick up point ) trains run every hour and takes about 15 mins ,cost 5 Euros return each , then you can catch the bus into town at 6 Euros for two one way , there is a tourist information office in train station for maps and also one in town center which we used ,also good toilets inside there . Before leaving train station check return time for train but do not leave it too late as they run late or cancel one sometimes , all in it cost us 22euros for two and done this trip a few times but we always go early in morning to catch 8,50 train but bit of a rush has first shuttle leaves at 8,30 , train normally delayed , hope this helps
  12. Purdey16

    Dining options in Saver Rate

    We have booked two early saver on Britannia and Ventura and prefer second sitting table of 6 , you can request your preference in your cp under dinning options but is not guaranteed but on both occasions we have been lucky but you can only do this if you booked early saver and not saver fare , we are going on Aurora tomorrow and requested the same so hopefully we will get what we want because it is just as popular as first sitting
  13. Thank you Jeff and Patti for your wonderful review ,I have really enjoyed following you from day one and giving me some ideas when we reach our destinations next year , you are so informative in every thing you do , I will miss my read each night and I hope I can catch your next review on your next trip in April 2018 .
  14. Purdey16

    Antarctica Live On Board

    Hi SKP946 Thanks for replying to my question when I think about it they would take up a lot of room in the suite case and as you mentioned the penguin poo smell I shall be using theirs , it will be great also to hear what expeditions are best if that's aloud ,were looking to book one for 2020 for special occasion .Thanks all , Sandra
  15. Purdey16

    Antarctica Live On Board

    Hi galeforce9, Hopefully will be following you along on this trip has this is one we would like to do and Alaska , hope you get to see lots of wild life and weather not to bad for you , can you take your own boots to wear or do you have to wear theirs , look forward to the rest of your review. Sandra