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  1. Happy anniversary to you both too 🥂🍾 to the next 38 years
  2. Thank you graham but we don’t move in until middle of September, having work done on it at the moment, down sizing is hard , so much work to do , I’ve pulled muscles in my leg and now have a trapped nerve in my back , we’ve both lost weight because we’re too tired to cook properly after getting back from cooking in-laws dinner, the plus side is we’re losing weight for our September cruise 😉 but we have treated ourselves to a Chinese tonight after taking two of my grandchildren home that’s been staying with me all week too , sorting there toys etc out , I think my husband is running out of stea
  3. Just catching up on you guys been very busy packing for the new flat and chucking out 43 years of rubbish stored in the attic it’s very hard and trying to look after 2 sick in-laws and it’s starting to tell on us . A very big Happy Anniversary to you both and hope you had a lovely day despite blue water, I hope your Indian meal made up for its🥂🍾💐🎈
  4. Glad to know you’re finding time to sit on the beach and have a picnic graham, better Than sitting in your car eating McDonald’s looking out to sea , looks very nice 😎
  5. Lovely beach graham no stones which I like , too many stones down here in Bournemouth
  6. I know how you feel , sometimes I’m awake all night trying to sleep but I’m just not tired and then just as I’m dropping off something wakes me , it can be a couple of nights on the trot that I don’t sleep but I never ever feel tired in the morning, it was worse when my children were young obviously worrying over them when they were out night clubbing, but all left home now and I am a lot better at sleeping ranging from 2 hours to 6 hours a night , I guess I’m one of those people that don’t need very much sleep, I hope your not to tired today with your appointments stay cool and try and have a
  7. It’s not as quiet as I would like , the sleeping mode starts of on 2 which is really my normal fan noise then it drops to 1 which is quieter but not perfect but doesn’t annoy my husband.
  8. Well have a lovely relaxing time away zap enjoy all this good weather and I’m sure you’ve got all your travel documents spot on , have a fab time 😎🥂🍾
  9. My excuse is under my distress yesterday, I’ve now realise I’ve spelt it wrong 😂😂 so here’s a photo with the correct spelling, so funny re reading my post ,
  10. Sorry P&O cancelled 5 days before my trip
  11. I done a lot of research on tower fans for my new flat , being a lady of a certain age 😉 I need a fan to cool me down at night and blowing in my face and not disturbing my husband’s sleep and brought a climax control one 43 inch high , 3 wind speeds, 12 hour timer , sleep mode meaning it starts of normal then every 30 minutes it drops down wind speeds to keep the bedroom at a even temperature, very quiet last night and I’ve just ordered another one today £109 Amazon , review was quieter than a dyson fans , it is big but I wanted something modern and quiet and it has a remote but a bit sticky,
  12. Thats what I needed today Kalos, full blown argument today with in-laws both my husband and myself had words today full on blow out for me and been crying all day because of it , because it’s not like me but it’s been brewing for two years, anyway they have agreed to get carreas in now so I’m in the process of that , I refuse to be ffffed at after spending 8 hours a day with them , but no apology from his father stubborn so & so , but it was all aired today and I will make the phone all tomorrow to start the ball rolling, taken advice from a few on here 😔
  13. Ours took just over 14 days and no admin charge!! (CPS) and that was for the first Britannia cruise
  14. Thank you everyone for your good wishes and good advice, it much appreciated, my father in-law is hoping he’s going to be up and about in a couple of days and we’re hoping too and things will ease a little for us . Happy shopping Michelle for you new wet room floor tiles , we just ordered new flooring for our wet room but can’t get it layed until August 5th along with the kitchen floor, but for the rest of the flat it’s August 25 th for the workmen, ordered most of our new furniture and items, just looking for a new living room light now then on to soft furnishings 🤦‍♀️ . Hope
  15. I’ve not been on lately very much been too busy looking after the sick in-laws, father in-law came out of hospital last Sunday ( far too early) with shingles, mother in-law has had two bad angina attacks close together for my liking thought yesterday was her last day with us , it’s been very tiring trying to sort new furniture out for the new flat 18 weeks delay for most items 😤 and trying to declutter a 3 bedroom house and spending 10 hrs a day nursing them both , I’m running on empty at the moment and starting to have a short fuse with them , they refuse to have Carreas in and just want us 🥺
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