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  1. Well that didn’t go very well for us last night at all they lost 😡 and my other half wasn’t pleased with their playing at times and threw what could of been a lead away a couple of times !! never mind , Rupert I won’t tell you the score for the next game in case you haven’t watched it yet 🙂
  2. Yes we think that’s going to happen and if they do win the championship my husband comes up with a small flurry 🥂🍾 at the moment he’s watching all the talk with the pros on tv and they’ve all backed the packers to win tonight, I certainly hope so but I don’t think they would win the superbowl, he wants to go and see them before Aaron Rodgers retires
  3. Well I got up a few times last night to look out the window in hope of some snow and to beat my kids at who’s sent the first text snow pictures first, but no just rain I was so disappointed 😞 so now it’s turned out to be a lovely sunny day 😎 got the roast dinner all prepared for a early one today because today is a very important day for my other half ! It’s his semi final night for his team the greenbay packers to play tonight to go through to the final for the superbowl 🤞 and toes crossed for him otherwise he’ll be a bear with a sore head so that’s our 5 hours of tv watch tonight starting a
  4. That’s good news Sarah , my in-laws got theirs on Saturday with a nurse coming to them at home and doing it !! I was very surprised because I thought they weren’t doing home visits, it was so strange that they had the post delivered with their letters to contact the surgery to make a appointment to get their COVID jabs and ten minutes later ther was a knock at the door and a nurse was there to give injections to them because they were on the home bound list she said .
  5. Wow that’s really early to go to bed when on holiday, is there anything else going on after the evening show ? We are doing our first regent cruise in 2023 and looking forward to it , we’re not party animals and normally in bed by midnight anyway on a cruise, but by reading some things on here dinner and shows are quite early in the evening, is there any other entertainment going on in other areas?
  6. Very sad majortom, just goes to show you can be very fit and young and it still can kill you , feel very sad for his wife and two children left behind
  7. The rain has stopped now and the sun is out but a few clouds around now , sounds like a good trip planned, might be ok 😎
  8. Miserable Horrible weather here in Christchurch, rain and more rain , wished we had some snow, but you can always count on Kalos to cheer you up no matter the weather 😁
  9. Sorry to here this sue and I hope like everyone else on here he only gets a mild case of it and recovers very quickly and you keep safe and well with your first vacation under way best wishes to you both
  10. Kalos, take some shopping from your cubards put it in shopping bags and put it in your car , then go to the shops not stopping but continue to do loops until you have reached a good ten miles run on your car , if you get stopped at any point you have some shopping in your car 😉😁
  11. Another problem which my son encounters quite often in his garage and has also been a victim of , because he lives in the country side but it can also happen in built up areas is mouses chewing through your cables inside the engine but his little mouse chewed through his diesel fuel line and emptied his tank this week and a very expensive repair, this is the second time, last time it was his Subaru car chewed through all the electrics while sat over the Christmas period of not going to work 😠
  12. Thank you all for your kind words , I just feel so sorry for my friend that lost such a young little boy and feel for his older two sisters only 14 , 9, and younger brother 4 so young they don’t quite understand at that age and been separated from him and their mum since last year beginning of lockdown and only talking on zoom to them , it’s so sad
  13. All that aside it’s been a very heartbreaking day for me today with 3 families I know off ( friends) have Covid and one seriously I’ll in hospital, another friend I know has just been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and another friend’s 2 year old son died yesterday afternoon of a rare form of cancer after being in hospital for a whole year with treatment, I really do appreciate that all the nhs staff do and I pray that we all come through this very soon with all these vaccines now and we all stay safe and well .
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