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  1. No problem here...used Chrome as well.
  2. Interesting that something finally got rolling after notifying TANH of a potential CC dispute. We did file a CC dispute and made TANH aware a little over a week ago, our friends the same. They got refunds on Wednesday and I was just notified by bank CC of a full refund, nothing in installments, just about an hour ago. I'm sure it's mere coincidence, but all of us got our refunds this week after making TANH aware we had filed CC disputes. Keeping my fingers crossed this is then end of this whole mess. I'm really starting to believe TANH plays a role in the processing of refunds, even those paid
  3. Congrats on your refund. Sounds like you've had much better luck than many, including myself. I'm in total agreement on being professional and courteous at all times. The nice people on the other end of the line have no role in the delay of refunds, so taking one's frustrations out on them serves no one. That stated, no two situations are alike, some folks are well over 100 days without a resolution. I don't begrudge anyone for feeling frustrated and seeking out answers when timelines like that have been exhausted. As you stated, just be kind when doing so.
  4. We've used TANH quite a few times over the years for RCCL / Celebrity bookings and all of our payments were direct to the cruise line. Anything outside of that would really concern me, especially in this current age we live in. I wasn't aware TANH even conducted business that way. Did you have TANH process FCC for you, or did you go straight through Celebrity? With the exception of a few OBC's not being posted on board, we've largely had good service from TANH. We had two other couples sailing with us that had the same problem and eventually got TANH to resolve with Celebrity. I wo
  5. I'm assuming we booked with the same big box TA(NH) as you did. We're pushing 100 days since requesting a refund from Celebrity. I'm perplexed about the relationship between Celebrity and this TA. All payments were direct to Celebrity, as was the link for requesting the refund. Yet, Celebrity can't / won't discuss the status of our refund because we went through this big box TA(NH). I'm curious if this big box TA(NH) somehow has played a role in the delay of our refund.
  6. Haven't posted in a while, but figured I would give the latest on the status of our refund. Currently we sit a 96 days since applying for our refund. Multiple attempts to talk to Celebrity proved to be a waste of time, refused to speak with us because we had a TA. Filed a dispute with of CC and got a temp credit, but nothing finalized since. Finally was able to get a hold of our big box TA who took 2 weeks to look into, but to his credit he did. Got a response from him the other day that stated..."Celebrity has advised everything was noted for the full refund, for some reason it wa
  7. Quick update... 4/12/20 Equinox sailing canceled on 3/24/20, applied for refund online same day. On 4/11 we filed a dispute with our CC (B of A) and on 5/15/20 found out the original representative who processed our dispute didn’t code as “services not rendered”, which is what should have been done. Representative re-coded / escalated and assured us we would have some resolution within a week. Today we looked at our CC online and found a credit in the full amount from BofA with a letter stating an additional 60 days before final resolution from Celebrity. So
  8. Congratulations. If I may inquire, did the amounts = what you were due?
  9. Quick update to our refund status, nothing as of yet. 4/12/20 Equinox sailing canceled on 3/24/20, applied for refund online same day. On 4/10/20 we called Celebrity to get a status on our refund and were told we would need to go through our TA (big box), even though all payment went direct through Celebrity. Followed up with our TA same day and were told, wait for it…your payment went direct through Celebrity and you’ll need to take up with them. On 4/11 we filed a dispute with our CC (B of A) largely based on the poor correspondence with both Celebrity and
  10. How in the world is X processing MoveUp bids on a cruise they know they're cancelling?
  11. @JonnyCT81- Agreed! Imagine if the OP had left out the 2nd sentence below. The debate, or lack thereof, would probably have taken on an entirely different tone. “I say stop worrying and calling about refunds and put your next sailings on the map, and show these shareholders that we're here and ready to sail after this lockdown.” Warranted or not, some took it personal and felt the need to respond, which has now sadly led to personal attacks. Take away that 2nd sentence (go back and look) and this thread takes on an entirely different life. I think we can all agree
  12. Let us hope post Covid19 cruise requirements don't inlude weigh-ins at meal time 😄
  13. @Spif Barwunkel - My apologies, I actually got a good chuckle out of your comment and found it refreshing in contrast to much has been posted of late. Please accept my apology, I wasn't aware no humor was intended.
  14. You actually got a confirmation of your refund back from Celebrity? You would be the first that I'm aware of, out of countless here on CC, that actually got something back after applying.
  15. Well you're certainly not lacking in confidence 😄 ....congrats on your stress free process.
  16. Thank you so much. Not sure if it will matter, but I'll send off the info anyway.
  17. @Bo1953- Like so many others here on CC, I’ve always appreciated and enjoyed your candid and thoughtful comments. Unfortunately, in this current climate we all find ourselves living in, I have way too much available free time on my hands and CC has become an outlet for me I suppose. As a direct result, I’m just as guilty as the next for clicking and responding to just about anything, when in the past I was typically more a lurker than poster. Even with a game of Uno 6 million with my daughter and my wife’s ambitious Annie Sloan makeover of all our household furniture, unfortunately I still fi
  18. @hcat- If you don't mind me inquiring, who did you mail your documentation to? Particular department? I have a claim number without an address to send anything to.
  19. Got a standard "we're currently reviewing your claim" letter from BofA today. When we filed the claim we were told we would also receive questions to fill out, along with a request to provide additional documents. This letter made no such mention of additional questions, nor a request for additional documents needed.
  20. @Bo1953 - Speaking for myself, I think part of the frustration lies in the ping pong effect that has been created by both X and TA in which the customer is just struggling to get a straight answer. Keeping in line with the spirit of this thread, who could blame anyone for feeling skeptical of Celebrity, or any cruise line for that matter.
  21. Wow...would you please adopt me 😄
  22. Or hopefully not a final on board invoice 😲
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