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  1. I went on Navigator for the first time in March this year, I loved it! The ship is also newly amped, as is Mariner. So for a non-oasis class my choice would be those two.
  2. I think Brits would have Indy back at Southampton (I know I would, or equally happy with Liberty or any RCI ship) However, the prices need to drop before I go on a cruise out of Southampton with RCI! It's cheaper for us to fly to Miami, stay at a hotel, and do a Caribbean Cruise than it is to sail with RCI out of Southampton at the moment!
  3. I noticed this! Glad it's not just me as I thought what the bloody hell is going on. I was looking into a December cruise and a few days ago the prices were reasonable, then yesterday they'd gone up by a massive amount. I'm hoping this means a offer is brewing.... If not, I think I will have to jump ship to P&O as I can't justify the prices RCI are charging.
  4. We did Chankanaab a few years ago which was excellent. More recently we went to Dolphinaris also in Cozumel which again was fab, this also included paddle boarding and snorkelling if you wanted to do so. We booked all through RCI.
  5. Thanks. That would be interesting if Odyssey came over... I'd love to try the Quantum Class so will keep my eyes peeled in case of any good Southampton deals come up.
  6. I think you'll enjoy it just as much as the first time! With a ship that size there's bound to be something you missed or didn't get to do the first time round, or even just try again. I'd love to sail Harmony again and even Navigator, I got off Navigator in March and would get back on tomorrow if I could.
  7. I'd like to sail Anthem and give her a try, but the prices out of Southampton are a no no for me. It cost us less this year to fly to Miami and take a 9 night Navigator cruise. I think the problem is with P&O and all the other cruise lines there is competition, as someone else said P&O prices are very reasonable! My parents are sailing on their new ship Iona next year in a a balcony room and they've paid half of what you would a RCI cruise out of Southampton. For me RCI are my favourite cruise line and I love sailing out of Florida and doing the Caribbean cruise, however I did always want to sail Indy out of Southampton as she seems the perfect sized ship for the Med/ Canaries so hopefully she'll come back at some point. Is Navigator not sailing from the UK this year either?
  8. Being from the UK roaming/ data charges will be expensive if you're using a UK plan. I'm not sure which ports you're visiting but, I remember in Falmouth, St Thomas, St Maarten I was easily able to connect to Free Wifi at Cafes/ restaurants. Labadee I got nothing but that was a few years ago. Sea Days you will have to either pay for internet for the week or see about a 24 hour pass. It sucks the internet is so expensive to buy when you just want to check a few e-mails!
  9. We booked Navigator maybe 8-9 months prior to sailing and the price dropped dramatically about 3 months after I booked, I rang Royal and got told I could only cancel and re-book. So I would loose the £300 deposit and the free deluxe drinks package we got when we booked. We booked directly through the RCI website and not a TA so I don't know if that would have been a different outcome or not.
  10. On Navigator they offered Lobster in the Main Dining Room for a fee, except on Lobster night (last formal night) when Lobster tale was free.
  11. On Navigator in March it was 500ml bottles constantly, perfect for popping into a bag for ports of call.
  12. We cancelled a shore excursion we booked on the cruise planner on board. I think we cancelled it 3 or 4 days before we were due to do the excursion, we went to the shore excursion desk and she let us switch to a different excursion and we got the difference added as OBC.
  13. Option 3. ABC islands + St Maarten! Had my first experience in March of the ABC islands and I loved it, the islands are beautiful. Then my personal preference is St Maarten over St Thomas.
  14. If you have the Deluxe Drinks Package that covers nearly all the drinks. The drinks limit on alcoholic drinks is $13, anything over that you'll pay the difference. You'll find most cocktails are around $12-13, the 'speciality' cocktails/ drinks will usually be a $1-2 more. You would only pay more for the Bloody Mary if you do not have the Deluxe Drinks Package.
  15. Came off Navigator about 3 weeks ago. The ship is in great condition, newly refurbished so everything is clean and fresh, some great new restaurants and bars on board with a new pool area and fab new seating including hammocks, day beds etc. Staff were excellent, food was great and the entertainment was brilliant. I would 100% recommend Navigator and I would go back on her in a heartbeat if I could. Link to my review below if you would like to see pictures/ read about it. Also search for 'Navigator Amplified in Photos' by Twangster.
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