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  1. September/October are supposed to be good times in Norway foe the lights, and will time it with darkest moon phases,so fingers crossed. I only started to think about this, so will have to look at what to do in the cities and Norway in a Nutshell. Thanks.
  2. Have a great time. I know you are excited about it. I watched that route on a Great Train Journeys PBS show. I have Swedish roots, but never been to Scandinavia.
  3. Thanks for the extra details, and suggestion for an upgrade. That could be more comfortable. Otherwise deck or windows would be great. I am from Ontario, Canada. I will have adequate clothing. I also thought to take the train from Oslo to Bergen for more chance of Autumn colours.
  4. Thanks for these details.yes, I will engage the notifications. They are offering a free 7 day trip if you don't see Northern Lights on the 12 day trip...but, it requires the announcement engaged...understandably. I am scheduling the trip for new moon phase for bast chances, and the app is a good tip. Thanks.
  5. I am looking at a late September, 12 night return cruise for Northern Lights. For budget (and this is budget....I'll be in the dinkiest inside cabin) I am trying to determine if there are daily gratuities, like mainstream cruise lines. If so, what's the cost? And is the self serve laundry free? I know about the drinks packages, and the excursion costs. It looks like water and some beverages are free with meals. Any other costs I need to consider I haven't thought about yet? Thank you.
  6. Yes, it seems quite discrimatory. I haven't been paying much attention in past weeks but I did catch some article that says they are being strongly criticized for this statement. Maybe they will have to retract their plan. However, cruising is so popular at the moment, many ridiculous implemented and increased fees are being accepted, so cruise lines have the current upper hand.
  7. I watch cruise News today YouTube and Celebrity has officially stated they will be charging more than twice double occupancy for solo bookings...to make up for lost revenue generated by a second person.
  8. What you do to repair depends on what you want to do with it in the future. Do you want to maintain it for other generations or use it and love it to death yourself. Fabric that fragile will continue to fray and shred in use. Your choices are as you mentioned, but I prefer the 3 stitch mending stitch to regular zip zag. You may prefer looking for a similar fabric. I am not a quilt restorer or preservation expert, but have seen some approaches and fixed a 30 year old quilt I made. I want to mention the importance of quilting on these quilts. My old quilt was made at a time we said quilting 8 inches apart was sufficient. When repairing, I realized that was not close enough. As batting compresses over time, it allows the fabric to shift. That frequent shifting means fibres bend, fray and break. So quilting it 4 inches apart could increase the life of the fabrics. Another thought is the use of fine wedding veil tulle as an overall cover on the quilt top. It is used in art quilts to keep lots of bits and thread on the surface, and in restoration to stabilize fabrics, but it wouldn't have the same feel on a bed quilt. There will be YouTube videos to help you prepare new fabric to look a little older. Tea dyes are easy.
  9. I wonder if it catches the bulge when a soft sided bag is overpacked? Also check what measurements a suitcase manufacturer is using when saying it is carry on compliant. US airline requirements are slightly larger than Canadian allowances. Some even state a 21 inch suitcase, but don't include the wheels or handle. Take a measuring tape with you when luggage shopping.
  10. Thanks. I can see that location on a few floors. A balcony that size would make salt spray rather irrelevant if you sit by the door (though I see it is by stairs and lifts with all the noise factors.)
  11. I am thinking to book April 2024 repositioning Durban to Rome in a balcony. It is mostly days at sea, so I am wondering if there is too much sea spray and wind to actually use the balcony every day. I recall one cruise that happened (different ship and itinerary), and I have never had this long a cruise before. If your experience was more positive, what deck were you on? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the pattern details. I often fly Air Canada, but our new Canadian budget airlines are only cost-saving if you fly with under seat luggage only. I am taking that as a personal challenge to sew something to get the most out of the measurements allowed. I figure I could manage a summer week-long wardrobe in it. I have sewn forever, quilted maybe half the time, and have a few bags under my belt. I now have a semi-industrial Juki sewing machine which makes them a bit easier.
  13. Great job. I have been deliberating making an underseat bag to maximize the allowed measurements. I like the side phlanges to help keep shape and things from slipping out. Did you design it as well?
  14. Thanks; particularly for the link. I had searched their website first, and tried again just now, and could only find solo travellers by using the Search function. On my computers (from Canada), it is not a sub title under 'The Experience'. There is a NE US/Canada cruise this Autumn which means I could travel close to home for a change.
  15. Anyone seen any routes and prices for this today?
  16. You are welcome. Glad you were able to get a pattern..and what a good price! May I encourage you to make a couple of adjustments to have more success with a non stretch fabric?...moreso for the main body than the bodice crossover, I suggest you measure the pattern to ensure there is some ease. 3 inches would be minimum and maybe 5 at hips for flow. You may also want to cut 1 inch side, front and back seams for final fitting. Cut cross bodice pieces last. I know you are not a fan of zippers, but a simple centred zipper up the back would adapt for no stretch to fabric. I hope you will let us see the final product.
  17. It looks wonderful. Such a fun print with its own memories. Happy to help support. Buttonholes look great.
  18. Congratulations on retirement!!! I still have my 1984 Kenmore Ultra Stitch 12 just for its buttonhole attachment. I will admit, that I rarely use the buttonhole dials on any of my sewing machines as they end up like yours. YouTube is my go to for help, so get your model (may be on a plate at the back or side of the machine if not right up and centre) and check out YouTube. Here is my model and shows how to use the attachment. Otherwise, check out how to make buttonholes on any Kenmore (or older machine for that matter) as it will have that dial step thing going on. The button hole is at least even, so you could just restitch the 'second' long side in normal zigzag mode if you can figure out the width and depth. Also try a more matching colour of thread on your sample and see if it really shows that much when a button passes through the hole. It most likely would be prudent to use a product like Fray Check (a liquid stabilizer), apply to the buttonhole including the thread. let it dry and then cut the hole. Maybe use a sharp razor blade, box knife or chisel to make it a clean cut rather than a seam ripper or scissors that seem to put stress on the hole and make it look frayed. If you go the seam ripper or tiny scissor route, put the tip at the bar tack, cut to the middle, then start again from the other bar tack and cut to the middle. Picky, I know but it will stablize the button hole and keep that 'factory made' look.
  19. Alternatively, if it is chiffon, consider something like this where the dress is simple, and it is all about the sleeves and flounces. there are a couple of sleeve variations.. https://somethingdelightful.com/mccalls/m8166. or a simple sheeth dress and make some flowy caplet over it. I found myself on a Cunard christmas cruise and as I was having foot issues, and decided to wear pants instead of any dresses. I had black crepe wide leg pants, a couple of different fancy tops, and as there were at least 3 theme nights, I made 3 different chiffon capes of different lengths. They can dress up or down something simple to gorgeous (or consider the fabric for a longer long sleeve duster coat and simple black with a signature necklace.
  20. Isn't it though? I think it quite pretty, and would pack like a dream. The cross overs in a different colour could be interesting as well.
  21. Not knowing your style or the actual fabric content makes a recommendation a little more difficult. I can't tell whether it s a chiffon, or stretch fabric? Either way, I would keep lines simple so that the fabric makes the gown. With a lot of darts and seams, it can get messy looking. I did a quick look and if this has stretch, consider something like this: https://simplicity.com/new-look/n6717 . It has some extra style, enhances a nice bust, and skims a long torso (however, there are many videos and sites to help you learn how to length your patterns to fit to the waist.
  22. To be honest, I would never use a ship larger than 25 people for Galapagos, but you can check the Celebrity sale. Saving money or getting a single birth for Galapagos is often done by arriving at the docks and haggling with ships that need guests. Alternatively, check the US tour groups that may have no or low si gle supplements. One promo arrived in my mailbox today for 4 of July sales. I don't think I canmidentify them here.
  23. This may be of interest.... sailings with SS waived. https://cruisefever.net/cruise-line-eliminates-single-supplement-on-over-275-cruises-through-march-2023/?fbclid=IwAR2IHy5lamT0yApToFxWFsBBg9S56HOyuXVz7c6HPBZdAUHYAEDA5Z8pdhY I haven't found details on Celebrity websiite yet, but may be worth keeping any eye out.
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