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  1. Rather than which ship it is, I'm actually more disappointed that Singapore seems to be going back to seasonal instead of having a year-round ship, especially considering the increase in popularity of cruising since cruising restarted here.
  2. I think they don’t have much choice but to accommodate those with early seatings during MTD on this one, if it was only a few people I could see that happening but on this occasion it seems to be about the entire 5:30 seating having these issues. Doesn’t look like the Windjammer has any capacity left for more people at this point either, so I suppose the only thing they can do is expedite the MTD service as much as possible.
  3. Actually it seemed like most of the mad ones were those with assigned timings at 5:30, rather than those with MTD. Overheard someone saying “you expect us to come on board just for dinner and then get off again?”, so it seems like it was a common issue for lots of people here. Specialty is all full up too, doesn’t look like they can accommodate any more people, so it’s probably also a capacity issue, trying to squeeze everyone assigned to 5:30 in as well with the late excursion timings.
  4. On Symphony now and we had a port stop in St. Thomas from 1-8pm. Since most excursions got back to the ship around 6 we missed our 5:30pm dining slot and were sent to my time dining. I can understand the reasoning but it seems like on this cruise almost the entire 5:30pm seating missed it and a huge line ballooned for MTD. As far as I could see some of the waiting guests were pretty cheesed off too. Is this usual for late port stops on Royal? Seems like they should be adjusting the early seating timing for days like this at the very least.
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