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  1. We have a little one and will be doing our first cruise with him in September. We will be very careful to ensure he doesn't spoil the experience for others. I wouldn't even consider doing a cruise in the school holidays.
  2. This really made me smile 🙂 🙂
  3. You can also change your booking without charge. Always better to book onboard.
  4. We've done Aqua twice. For us Blu was worth it. Didn't have any problems with either A1 or A2 cabin. Next cruise we are doing concierge with a hump cabin but only because the price was reasonable (and because we are travelling with a little one). You'll have a great cruise either way; enjoy.
  5. We did this as my wife only found out she was pregnant long after we booked the cruise. Guest Relations were a bit funny about it but they did it in the end.
  6. Following as we are planning to do this cruise next year. Have a brilliant trip.
  7. This. Unlucky thing happened. End of story.
  8. We sailed on Equinox last year and had a brilliant time. It's a great ship and immaculately looked after. We enjoy a fairly low key cruise and didn't really go to any of the shows etc. I like sitting by the pool and it does get pretty busy but there is always a quiet spot to be found away from the pool decks. We have another Celebrity cruise booked in September but are are actually thinking about taking a RC cruise next as we have a little one.
  9. This sounds like a challenge that I'll be forced to accept on out next cruise on Silhouette in September 🙂
  10. I added up all the costs for our previous cruises when trying to work out the cost per night. I was so horrified that I had to make myself a medicinal Martini 🙂
  11. This was an unfortunate accident and it sounds as though Celebrity could have dealt with it better. My experience when reporting any issues to them is that they have gone above and beyond to make the situation good (this included having to be emergency disembarked from our last cruise at Miami) If it was me and I still enjoyed cruising with Celebrity I would chalk this up to experience and perhaps avoid tendering with any cruise line in future. If there were other things about the overall Celebrity experience that you are unhappy with, maybe you're right to try a different line.
  12. I've certainly read some posts about people doing just that and the staff helping to fill with warm water. You could always take it with you and see how you feel when you get there. We are doing our first cruise with little one in September. It's the Norwegian fjords though so unlikely to use our inflatable pool outside!
  13. We did the exact same thing last year on Equinox - you'll have an amazing time. Now we are looking forward to first cruise in September with little one in tow! Food is very subjective but of the cruises we've done (2 Aqua, 2 Main Dining Room) I have really enjoyed Aqua. We tried eating in QSINE on our first cruise and I could take or leave it. I'm sure if you mentioned to the Blu Maitre'D that it was your anniversary they would look after you even better!
  14. Evening Chic (to be fair it was brought in just before our first cruise with Celebrity). Love getting changed for dinner but have no interest in wearing tux/suit etc - I'm on holiday!
  15. We had exceptional service from the somellier on Equinox last year. My wife was pregnant and every night he found a new non-alcoholic cocktail for her to enjoy.
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