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  1. @wrgDo you plan on making the ship your destination or do you want to get off on some unique islands? If you are looking to explore the Caribbean then I wouldn’t do a cruise out of New England unless it’s a longer one (8+ days) that makes it down to the southern part. Florida and Texas has ports for that. If you are looking for a theme park type cruise I’d go with one of the bigger ships and one that stops at Coco Cay.

  2. On 4/12/2022 at 8:24 AM, Joeyboy1975 said:

    Hi guys


    I'm planning on booking a cruise around the Mediterranean and have narrowed it down to the Wonder of the Seas by Royal Caribbean or the Norwegian Epic by NCL.


    The RCI cruise is considerably more expensive but it's the biggest ship in the world so I'm really tempted. I can see the Epic is much older and just worried that it won't live up to expectations.


    I've never been on a cruise before so really need some advice. What would you recommend...?


    Many thanks,



    I would try the Epic first to see if you like cruising, also there is plenty to do on there.

  3. 1 hour ago, littlecruise said:

    Go to the web site of the cruise line you want to sail on. They will have different areas of the world where they sail, just check out the area you wish to go, or check the entire list. You will have to go to each cruise line to do this but there is no need to put in your info as all you are doing is checking dates, where, lenght of cruise, and BASIC cost.


    There are some cruise lines where you have to contact them to get price info. Silver Seas and Oceania are a couple of them. If I can’t look at prices on the website then I’m not interested.

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  4. On 7/23/2022 at 11:30 PM, InNeedOfSaltWater said:

    Hey yall, 


    I will be having my gastric bypass on Aug 10th and are planning to go on my first cruise March/April 2023 on Carnival Sunshine out of Charleston destination(s) unknown, so I will be 7-8 mths post op.. My stomach will be the size of an egg.


    I should be back on solid foods by then, if not and I still need my protein shakes; has anyone had dealings with cruise lines allowing you to bring your own? Or will the ship make them; if so, will it be included in costs like it is for vegans or will there be a per shake charge?


    And if I am back on solid foods by then; what has been your experience as a gastric bypass cruiser? 



    I don’t have any personal experience, but I decided to search for you. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of me. Sometimes the search function doesn’t work but it did this time. I got a little carried away reading. I put the word bariatric to look and came up with many threads.

    If this link doesn’t work try searching for it. Good luck with your surgery and the cruise.


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  5. On 7/24/2022 at 10:17 AM, wsb225 said:

    Good morning.   To clarify, I was in a fully paid Haven, 2 bedroom Family suite that had to bathrooms and 2 toilets.  Neither toilet worked.  No upgrades were taken.  Again, fully paid for.  No other suites were available and no other cabins were offered even after I inquired. On day 3, I asked again about moving to any other cabin due to the odor, the inconvenience and constant challenge presented and NCL management stated they would relook and get back with me.  Again, no other cabins were offered and available.    After the 3rd day, management reported back that the toilet  problem was fixed.    That was toward the end of our 7 day cruise.  

    BTW, The chain of who I reported this problem to and discussed this with went from the cabin steward to the Butler to the Haven concierge to the Breakaway Guest Services Manager and then to the Breakaway General Manager.   All I received was excuses as to why nothing could be done on board and I had to deal with NCL Corporate and that they would be in touch.     This is an unacceptable outcome and the cruise was very disappointing.  NO TOILET for 3 days.  Unacceptable.    The resolution offered by NCL is unacceptable.   

    Completely agree it is totally unacceptable. Why did it take them 3 days to fix the issue?

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  6. On 7/23/2022 at 6:38 PM, Pizzasteve said:

    Agree the amount seems ok, but FCC is not a very reasonable offer to me.   I would demand a refund equal to that amount, as you may never cruise again.  You had to walk to a 'shared toilet' what, maybe 2 times a day for 6 trips pp?  


    What if their room was at the back or forward of the ship? The walk would be longer and would wake a person up more than a short trip to their own bathroom. Who wants to get completely woken up 2 - 4 times a night along with having to get dressed? I know I would be very upset. 

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  7. 58 minutes ago, njkruzer said:

    Only obc were from next cruise.  To save $100 I would need to give them an additional deposit,  something I wasn't ready to do.  Had never had that before.  

    Maybe your TA aka relative has their own rules? Relative or not I would have argued the point. You should have gotten the decrease in fare without an additional deposit.

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  8. 5 hours ago, karena1 said:

    We just made Pinnacle on Freedom, end of June.  Although they do not do an actual VIP event, they gave us a private party in the library.  Captain, loyalty ambassador, cruise director, hotel director, and a couple of other officers were present.  Photographer took pictures which they delivered to our cabin the next day.  They made us a Pineapple Cake, gave us a bottle of champagne.   It was very nice and they made us feel very special.  


    I went to the LA the day we boarded and she already had it in her notes that we were making Pinnacle on the cruise.  We also earned our 10th crystal block on Freedom.  Pinnacle benefits start once your points actually hit.  I already booked our free cruise and now just have to wait for our actual Pinnacle package to arrive.  They said it could take up to 3 months before we get it.  Our next cruise is in a month on Freedom and we will get the Pinnacle benefits on that one.


    Super excited to finally have made it.


    Congratulations on making it to Pinnacle. So there weren’t any other passengers there?


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