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  1. Port of Tampa

    Spring Ultra offer?

    My offer $500 off and $500 in casino cash. Did mock booking no deal and limited cruises. My two past Ultras were blah got $500 funshop credit on one and $300 free play on other both on the wheel of doom. Casino was over crowded due to players club over selling the Ultras. Usually have more fun on the Premiers and even better no Player Club themed cruises. Had great offers in the past but they have gone to weak lately. I still get great land based offers and January may be my last Carnival cruise...love the crew but no love for the new Players Club Management. Cheers, good luck and happy cruising.
  2. Port of Tampa

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    49 days until we're back onboard the Miracle. Cheers and happy cruising.
  3. Port of Tampa

    Got my first upgrade fairy visit......EVER

    Wow that is great...was hoping to get a call for our upcoming cruise but time is running out down to single digits. Cheers and enjoy enjoy the cruise.
  4. Port of Tampa

    Upsell Fairy called

    We went balcony after cruise number one and will never do interior again. You will love it. Enjoy the cruise!
  5. Port of Tampa

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    19 days and counting. Cheers and happy cruising!
  6. Port of Tampa

    How Many Days until Next Carnival Cruise II

    37 days to go until cruising on the Miracle out of my backyard. Cheers and happy cruising!
  7. Port of Tampa

    Carnival Legend moving to Tampa in 2019

    Thanks for sharing the information. Like the ship variety for our small port. Cheers and happy cruising.
  8. Port of Tampa

    Premier versus ultra premier casino offer?

    Ultra...been on two first gift was $500 funshop credit and last was the dreaded money wheel, got $400 in free play. The Ultra's were way too crowded for me, had to wait for hours for certain table games and video poker and yes felt like small fish with $1K daily bankroll. My offers have gone from great to not worth the hassle. Doing a dealers choice in November and a Premier in January. If no good offers from those will stay with our great MGM land based offers and pass on the sea casinos. Cheers and happy.
  9. Port of Tampa

    Port of Tampa

    I thought you were looking for me. I agree love easy uber to port and quick embarkation and debarkation. Cheers and happy cruising!
  10. Port of Tampa

    Premier Cruise Information.

    I would wait until you get onboard, see the Premier schedule of events and make your steakhouse reservation around events. Cheers and good luck.
  11. Port of Tampa

    Premier Cruise Question

    Last few I've been on a had a choice of slot play or table play chips. They are free play type chips and if you win it is swapped for regular gaming chip.
  12. Port of Tampa

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    96 and some other three digit number both on the Miracle out of my backyard Port Tampa. Cheers and happy cruising!
  13. Port of Tampa

    Any last minute Sunshine tips?

    If you like comedy go at least 30 minutes early to get a good seat. The venue is tight and some seats are behind the stage and you watch a tv screen. Overall love the Sunshine and have cruised her several times. Cheers and happy cruising.
  14. Port of Tampa

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    120 days to go!