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  1. Lucky you...my offer is 3x points not 10x. cheers and happy cruising again hopefully in 2021
  2. Woo hoo! Retiring in Jan 2021 and have nine cruises on the calendar and can’t wait.
  3. My TA said they will get a list of comp replacement cruise Thursday. My offer was great hope new one is comparable. 5X cancelled so far hope 2021 is better.
  4. My suitcases are already packed for my 8 Nov 2020 cruise on the Harmony...why not, have been in pajamas for the past seven months.
  5. Agree easy to get going have done three cruises with them and have three booked...paying only taxes and port fees. Great company and very attentive to your cruising desires. Cheers and happy cruising.
  6. 2008 22 cruises and 134 days with Carnival.
  7. We are also booked on that cruise via comped casino offer and the port is a short drive for us so hope it is a go but will not be shocked if it gets cancelled. Cheers, good luck and happy cruising.
  8. Never booked this far out but had great Australia casino offer so going cruising down under in 575 days.
  9. Not a huge fan of casino promo cruises because of overcrowding in the casino but could not pass up the Australian Premier offer. Having three cruises canceled due to the pandemic we selected the farthest out date of March 2022...never booked one that far out. Hopefully we’ll see some familiar faces on the 10 day Barrier Reef cruise. Cheers and happy cruising.
  10. 97 days to go...hope this one doesn’t get cancelled.
  11. I’m also rebooked on an October 4 day cruise and got $300 obc added to the already $500 obc plus free drinks and can’t wait...not sure if or how the social distancing will work in the casino. Cheers and good luck.
  12. Have one booked for end of August...so yes and can’t wait.
  13. Same amount of time but would enjoy not smelling like an ashtray.
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