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  1. LOL...YES it is my birth year...ugh!!! I am on that roll call...not many people though
  2. Hi...Which Alaskan cruise date are you going on...we are on the May 11th...Looking forward to it!
  3. I'm looking forward to my Alaskan Cruise out of San Fran. next May. It is going in for dry dock...but people LOVE THIS CLASS of ship....
  4. Thanks cdm....We also are from Canada (Toronto)....so yes...we also know all about the cold! I know it will be much different from the 12 Caribbean cruises I have done, nonetheless..I am looking forward to it. We are going mid May...Thanks again for your detailed reply. Much appreciated.
  5. Wow! Thank you everyone...I am very much looking forward to this cruise! I feel better lol...
  6. For anyone who has done an Alaskan Cruise, I understand this cruise is a lot different than a Caribbean Cruise. I have read extensively, the Alaskan cruise reviews...just wondering....why do a lot of reviews say "these ships that go to Alaska are NOT FUN SHIPS"....???? DON'T get me wrong....we aren't looking for fall down drunk parties....but we don't go to bed at 9:00 either.....INPUT?
  7. Is MSC Seaside still offer the free drink pkg?
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