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  1. Wife and I did this (and thoroughly enjoyed it) aboard the Ecstasy last August. Sadly, she's no longer with us. The ship. The ship is no longer with us. My wife is perfectly fine. 🤣
  2. Snag that while you can!
  3. Don't worry @Eli_6! I'll be rowing as well, with my newly minted Platinum card. Actually, looking forward to the laundry as we will have spent a week in Spain prior to boarding. Group of 6 (ages 12-75) with 4 Platinums and 2 lowly Golds.
  4. Just wondering if the liquor selection is different in Europe. Will be sailing on the Pride, from Barcelona, May 28 (just out of dry dock).
  5. Does anyone know how to book a tour of La Linea? Apparently it has opened up, but how to book?
  6. It's not worth wasting your time to book onboard. Anything they offer onboard should be available to you for at least 2 weeks after your return.
  7. Is there already a problem with dry dock.....leaving Barcelona later? I'm on that sailing.
  8. Either message John Heald ahead of time, or take your friends to the MDR as soon as you board and speak with the maitre d'. I have never had a problem with either method.
  9. Or cruise NCL. They are always "giving" away drink packages. 🤣
  10. Never! But save 10% over the on-board price by buying prior to your cruise.
  11. Alchemy tends to be the best bar on any Carnival ship. Excited that Ecstasy has one!
  12. We've never taken out travel insurance (relatively young and healthy) but with the world in the fix it is in, travel insurance seems like a low-cost protection against what may or hopefully may not happen.
  13. Southwest is famous for changing flights without much (or any) notice. I really like SW, but that happens. I doubt Carnival did anything other than contract out the flights to SW and that's where your problem lies. I'd call them back, and, instead of demanding they do this or that, try to work with them on coming up with a reasonable solution (different airline?).
  14. So basically, when you get the green checks, it just means that someone else did the agent's job?
  15. The few times we've had one, there really hasn't been a problem. Unless the neighbors are newlyweds; then all bets are off!
  16. Depends on the credit. If OBC, I doubt you ever get it back since it was a "gift" from Carnival.
  17. Camp Ocean hasn't done "full days" for a few years now. They want you to come get the little tykes for meal times. They probably do some cleaning and disinfecting while the kids are gone. So, no, you won't get a full sea day to yourselves. Several hours in the morning and a few more in the afternoon. Now if they have Night Owls, you can pay extra for (basically) babysitting from about 10pm to 1am to enjoy some of the ship's nightlife.
  18. If you want the glass, you have to pay for that. Cheers only covers what is inside the glass.
  19. No advantage unless they hike the rate. In that case, you get to pay the lower one. May be an advantage to some.....the fact that your S&S balance is lower and the grats are paid off before you ever leave the dock.
  20. Sailing from Mobile in a week. I chose an arrival appt slot of 10:30-11:00 (first available was 10-10:30). We have Boarding Zone B01. Assuming we check in by 11am, what time can we expect to be on board?
  21. It sounds like a balcony. Call Carnival, give them the code, and see what they say. Might transfer you to the casino department since it's a casino offer, but that cruise would be AWESOME!
  22. If I bought Carnival's insurance, can I cancel and buy a more robust third-party plan?
  23. Man! 362 days on a cruise ship (12/26 to 12/23) and you still missed Christmas Day! 🤣
  24. I've heard there is a chance of "snow" in the atrium along with caroling. The Grinch is sure to make an appearance. Decorations will definitely be bountiful! Now that our kids are past the Santa stage, I want to do a Christmas cruise!
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