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  1. Actually you have a point. I checked my Edocs and they post a linked to the NCL webpage that lists the prohibited items. In the past I have seen the power strip on there. Currently it is not listed. I wonder if they have changed that?
  2. Hi everyone, I am sailing on the Encore in a little over 9 weeks. I am currently booked in an inside room with the UBP. I called today to see what I could get for an upgrade. I mocanve to a balcony room, add the dining package, internet and shore excursion credit for and additional $480 total. I really want to try some of the new restaurants out. I also really want to try vibe, especially with the issues of finding pool spots on the Encore. My question is this. If you had money to only do one of these things, what would you do? Buy the vibe passes at $420. or upgrade the room and get the 3 extra perks for $480. Thanks
  3. The question for me is what did you hate about Carnival and RCI? NCL tends to be similar to them. But the destination may bring a different vibe to the ship.
  4. I have been reading up on Encore reviews since I am booked on her at the end of April. I can see how some people get nervous when reading the reviews posted on the main page of CC. There are a ton of negative reviews. The one thing that I find interesting is that the reviews that are done by people with forum posts, are overwhelmingly positive. So if you do a little but of research you will know what to expect and have a great time. I have enjoyed reaching some of the more thorough reviews and I know I will have a blast in less than 10 weeks.
  5. I was able to swim some laps while docked in port. During sea days, that was not an option.
  6. Also note, I added the NCL app. it is cheaper for the social media package if you pre order it online. Per the app, it is priced at $87.50 for my 7 day cruise.
  7. I would just buy the 9 and have 11 meals and use a few on lunch.
  8. For your question on bar service, one tip is go get familiar with some of of the one off locations. The only times I have run into a wait at the bar, is certain times on the pool deck. If it seems too outrageous, i just take a short walk to a different bar and get my drink there.
  9. I always order an app, main and dessert. I am typically never in a rush. I think we pushed 90 minutes only a couple of times.
  10. Another thing to consider to to go to Los Lobos al a carte. I plan on going there outside of dinner times to do the table side guacamole and an app.
  11. it is 209 per person for the 7 days
  12. My Encore cruise in April, I booked with an offer from CAS from my local casino. Booked it solo. The only fee was the $140.
  13. Roll Calls can be weird like that. I have found that over time, the CC roll calls get quieter and quieter as people use a social media site as the primary go to. With 4k people on the ship, I am sure that you will have no problem finding the party that you are looking for.
  14. Like some people have said, reviews needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I was on the post dry dock cruise for the Dawn a few years ago. I had an awesome time. There were some minor issues with work still being done in some areas and some public toilets not working right. I read reviews of that cruise and some people made it out to be a nightmare cruise. I will be sailing on the Encore in about 100 days. I booked my shows for Choir of Man and Kinky boots 120 days out. You can do so with specialty dinning. Do a little bit of planning and have an open mind and you should have a great time.
  15. per the passenger contract. any kind of knife would be prohibited (e) Forbidden Articles: The Guest agrees not to bring on board the vessel, under any circumstances, any firearms or weapons of any kind, ammunition, explosives, or other substances of a dangerous nature, nor animals of any kind, except service or guide animals, provided that the Guest notifies the Carrier, prior to the cruise, of the Guest's intention to bring such animal and agrees to accept full responsibility for any expense, damage, losses, or injuries associated with or caused by such animal. The Guest further understands and agrees that any alcoholic beverages purchased ashore shall not be brought or consumed aboard the vessel under any circumstances, but shall be delivered to the vessel's crew at the gangway to be retained by the Carrier until the Guest disembarks at the end of the voyage. The Guest assumes all responsibility for complying with any applicable customs or import laws relating to any such purchase. (f) No Solici
  16. Also keep in mind that overrun with kids and unruly, can mean two different thing to different people. For example, I can remember reading someone else's review of a cruise that I was on. In their review, the person went on and on about how terrible the kids were. Were there kids there, yes. Did select kids have some unruly moments, yes. Were things completely overrun, no. Did it have any negative effect on my cruise, no. Also like others have said, kid density seems to be driven by when you sail. Avoid when kids are not in school and it should be a different experience vs school vacations.
  17. I haven't sailed yet, I have just done a lot of reading from those who did sail the encore. For me it is going to be totally worth it. I am not staying in Haven. I am traveling with no children. So to have a space where I don't have to worry about finding a chair and having many kids around is worth it for me. Plus the reports of the stellar bar service and overall good time there, puts it over the top for me personally.
  18. My favorite was while i was waiting in line to clear immigration. It was like 8:30 or 9am. We were waiting in a very orderly line outside of the theater. The two ladies behind us kept complaining and complaining that the bar was not open. They thought it was some kind of conspiracy for the cruise line to try to screw them out of using their beverage package
  19. It is 209 pp for the week. You can only purchase on ship. The mad dash isn't as crazy as other vibes because of the increased size/capacity. But to be safe, always do it right when boarding if vibe is a must for you
  20. I think this boils down to your cruise style. I was on the dawn shortly after its dry dock and year later. Pros. I loved the general layout of the ship. I was very easy to get quickly acquainted with it. I love the passenger to space ratio. I never had a problem getting a chair anywhere. I would sail her in a heart beat if what you are looking for is a mid size ship that doesn't have all the big bells and whistles. If you are going to relax mostly, then she is a great ship. You you need bowling alleys, rock walls, lazer tag, go karts etc, then she is not the way to go. As far as how NCL compares to other major mass cruise passenger lines, NCL is more similar than dissimilar. Freestyle dining is great. I love the restaurants that they have there. I have been a big fan of their entertainment.
  21. Damn, I blink and I miss all the excitement. Sid, question if you don't mind. Did you notice if the vibe hot tubs seemed full. It would be a shame if with the increased capacity if they were often full.
  22. Sid, Thank you for this awesome review. I have never been so sad that someone else's vacation is over.
  23. I liked using it on my last cruise. It was helpful getting the activity information from. I dont see any harm in downloading it. If you don't use it then no biggie.
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