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  1. hmorrow


    Us too- November. I won't "happily" wear it, but I will wear it, if I have to. I'll be eating and drinking A LOT- don't have to wear it then.....lol
  2. that's the whole point- the data keeps changing, and therefore loses credibility. And once again, we're free to whine, if we want to......
  3. That's certainly your choice. Others of us WANT to cruise and we're willing to get involved, political or otherwise.....JMHO
  4. in regards to Fl and HAl- the one thing that never changes, is that everything ALWAYS changes....
  5. We are only getting it, so we can cruise.....(don't really want it)
  6. This wasn't exactly a scam, but I felt scammed-lol I once bought a ring in Nassau, (emerald and diamond)- the stones fell out after we got back on the ship, but no time to go back, before we sailed. When we got home, they credited my credit card. (lucky for me)
  7. thanks for the menu, with the bar prices. I'm sure we will get the package, but was just curious if they ever put it on sale, like some other lines. But, I guess not.....
  8. thanks for the explanation
  9. what's the blue book?....We're new to Oceania
  10. Have you ever seen it on sale, online, ahead of time?
  11. Hi All, Does the drink package ever go on sale? And- can you purchase it at any point in the cruise? Helaine
  12. Thanks- I can see them now, for next November.....
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