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  1. I have receive a lot of great info from this forum. So I wanted to share a little as well. I dont write as well as most of you, but I did want to share some info about the cruise my wife and I just enjoyed on th Carnival Breeze. Im going to put the comments in 'bullet' form to make things go faster. Our ride with Carnival was pretty bad. The ride from Houston Hobby to the ship took 45 minutes. From Harborside Dr. to the ship took 45 minutes. Later talking to Texas residence onboard, they said checking in early is bad, but late check in (12:30 to 1:30) is great. Guys Bergers seemed bigger, and still great You can begin the muster drill with your boarding pass Steakhouse was ok. Not as nice as I remember but still good. The Steakhouse would not let us take the cheesecake (desert) to our room as takeout. So that was a bummer. By the way, dinner took around 1.5 hrs. In room ice is by request only If you are VIP Red or above, the 1.5 liter of water is no longer delivered to your room, you have to go to the bar to get it. but they wont tell you. LOL. Lemonade was GREATLY improved FunTimes is on the HUB, but a generic one is available at the coffee shop. The music channell on TV played some rated R music (midle finger , f word, ect at 8 am. No problem for me, just mentioning it Drinks on Us was FAST and the drinks were STRONG Movie selection was not very good, but not really Carnivals fault Progresso is officially my least favorite port now. Automatic weapons armed ,military walking around, and not as accomodating as other ports Our Salsa, Guacamole , Margarita excursion started 1.5 hr late. They had big problems, but we still had a decent time. Didnt find the smoke free casino annex (on 4th deck) until Monday Young kids wearing masks was not enforced. The Cruise Director brought unmasked little ones on stage with him, so maybe its not very much enforced. We are vaccinated so I didnt really care Cozumel was great again. Just stayed at port and eat ate Pablos Backyard. Food was great drinks ok. A little pricey, but good. The play Flick was pretty good.
  2. https://thepointsguy.com/news/covid-outbreak-hurtigruten-norway/ I hope this is nothing too serious for the folks onboard
  3. My family and I has a cruise set for November of 2021, and we would like to change cabins to connecting rooms. Does any know if you can change cabins online and not have to call Carnival for assistance? Thanks
  4. I was on the Sunrise for 14 days to the Panama Canal. Loved the cruise. Had a good time, but the worst thing was the over crowding. I was very surprised that even getting on the ship early (11:50a) we still couldn't find a place to sit and eat!! Now, it was a longer cruise and had the largest amount of Diamond and Platinum cruisers I have EVER seen, but moving around the ship was challenging. We also had many people with motorized wheel chairs, scooters and walkers....which made the narrow walkways even tougher to navigate. I think that Carnival did a great job with the ship, and the 'Flying Scotsman" was a great CD, but I have looked for future cruises ( Id love to go to Canada and Boston) and that cruise is on the Sunrise.....and I started looking elsewhere. Nice ship, but by FAR my least favorite.
  5. Yeah, this is an 8 day on the Horizon. A carry on isn't going to work for either of us, but it is an option.
  6. Thanks. I wanted to take my wife to the Steakhouse for our 35th anniversary that first day, but have had times that I didn't get my bags until after 7pm (On the Sunrise during a 14 day Panama Canal Cruise). Thanks for your information.
  7. I've read the list of perks that one gets with a Platinum Sign and Sail card on the Carnival site, but I didn't see anything that specified that your luggage would be in your cabin when you get there. I thought had read that years ago though. Can anyone set me straighten me out on this please? Thanks
  8. Yes. Thats just a vent. The A/C had a problem all cruise in our cabin. Carnival put cash on our card because of the problem, but you are right, the rotary knob is there, but it controls the flow of the fan. But it does not control the ac unit turning on or off.
  9. Just got off of the Paradise. Cabin E138 did not have a thermostat.
  10. I was on the Panama 14 day cruise on the Sunrise. I am a non smoker and an everyday casino player. The smoke did NOT bother me. There is a non smoking area at the bar on the left side that Id never seen before, and the smoke was not over bearing to me, and I hate cigarette smoke. There are a few non smoking areas to play slot machines and video poker, but folks just ignore them like the signs are not there. The 14 days I was onboard, there was not 1 day of sewage smell. I did hear about it though before I boarded. I just didn't experience it. Relatively speaking, it WAS the worse ship Id been on. Just being honest. I totally enjoyed my cruise for 14 days. My main complaint was that the ship added people but not space. Plus we had a lot of walkers, scooters and other handicapped folks on our cruise. it made getting through the narrow walk ways tough. Just a fact, not really anything you can do with a set amount of seats and a full to capacity ship. The Comedy Club was not the best, the Main theater was not the best. The seating on Lido is not the best. But the ship is a good ship. Two hours for lunch is a stretching it. At least for us it was. It did take longer if you were a late arriver though. We had breakfast at 7, and lunch at 1130. We were in and out in no time. The lines were not the problem to me. It was that the ship at capacity for 14 days and having many many walkers, scooters and canes made walking in the narrow walk ways bad all 14 days. Its a cruise, and I loved the vacation time. But it was the most crowded and worst experience of a comedy setup I ever experienced. Not trying to dump on the Sunrise, but I've never been motivated to tell a story about a ship until now.
  11. Correct. The comedy club had an 'entrance' and an 'exit'. Not formally, but a Carnival preferred. So after the show, they had you leave and go out of the back of the club, while a new crowd came in the front. You HAD to leave the club, and if you wanted to get back in, you got in line. The line was ALWAYS long. Usually, you just decide on one show, and call it a night. The band in the Red Frog Pub was great. A full band including 3 or 4 horns. But again, if you were there 5 minutes early, youd have a difficult time finding seats. I hope folks are realizing how much good stuff Im leaving out, but I am complaining mainly about the stuff that was altered that I feel just doesn't work out better for the consumer.
  12. I was on the 14 day Panama Cruise on the Sunrise as DiverGal was. I enjoyed the cruise, but Id say that as nice as the Sunrise was, it was my least favorite ship. Plenty to like, I just had more proposed improvements in mind once leaving. Here are some notes. Not necessarily good or bad or in any order. Mostly observations. - Have to push a button for the Lido deck 'automatic' doors to open. Many folks were caught off guard by this!! - The design sets the ship up for over crowding. Often, you really had to hunt for a place to sit and eat. - Comedy Club has a poor design. Sorry, no other way to describe it. You HAVE to leave after any show. Some of the seats are in a hall way where you can not see the stage. They have TVs there so you can see the comedian. - Food was good all the way around - Many activities. We had many wheelchairs and scooters on our cruise, so the activities were not super energetic, but was fun. - Embarkation / Debarkation and Safety Briefing were a breeze for us. - Sports Bar had a very different feel to it with all of the College Softball, College Baseball ,Cricket and French Open and Soccer. Big crowds for NBA Finals - Smaller Theater is not as nice as the regular Theaters to me. Removable seats on the first floor probably gives Carnival a lot of flexibility for different seating formats, but I wasn't a huge fan of this style. - Service on the ship is great - Cruise Director , Chris from Scotland is popular and was very good - The ride for the most part was very smooth - The Steakhouse is on deck 4. Many of the life boats are hanging from deck 4, so the curtains were always drawn. Usually, you have a nice view of the sea from the Steakhouse. But as I said, the food and service was very good. - Most (like 98%) of the movies offered in your room on Demand, were free!! The Sunrise looks great. My wife and I were in 8428 Aft Balcony and it was great. You could see some wear still , but the room, balcony and view was great. I think my comments are coming across as mainly negative, but I know I take for grated a lot of the great things that are on every Carnival cruise ship. As I mentioned...loved the 2 week cruise, but there were a few things (Theater and Comedy Club) that I wish was back to the original way.
  13. Here are a few pics of the locks. I also put in a pic of the map onboard.
  14. I do have a few. The Panama Canal really would have been better if I had bought the video that Carnival provided. The first set of photos will be from the ships and vessels that where around before we went through the locks. Its very boring if you dont care about the canals history.
  15. So, to get out of your 'hair', for those that want info, please ask, and I will answer the best I can. On Lido - press buttons to open sliding doors. Big Theater only has 2 decks, 4 and 5 Walkways are a little narrow If you are in 'Drinks ON Us' program, you may have to tip large to get another drink within 10 minutes (you're allowed one every 5 minutes) ---after 2 drinks in 10 minutes, I dont mind one every 30 minutes 555 Steakhouse is kind of hidden on 4th deck next to coffee place 3 deck Lobby was PACKED most days 5 deck Red Frog was PACKED most days (Clears throat) ship was packed Casino didnt really have a bad smoke smell I didnt find the machines to be tight at all. Saw many winners I just wasnt one of them. Did ok, just not great Serenity had many saved seats..only tried twice. Then gave up Food was great Guys Burgers was pretty empty, which was a surprise As usual for us, the Carnival service was very good Maybe not so much for the Red Frob Pub on the 5th. Seemed pissed off I didnt even want to order anything they looked so mad!! Getting off of the ship was fine. Had to cross the street and go to a Taxi stand and stand in line for a cab. After 45 minutes, I got an Uber. We would have been waiting another 30 minutes at least at the corner of 50th Street and 12th Ave. Left out quite a bit, but just wanted to give an overview. I have most of the FunTimes if you need to see them.
  16. Panama Canal was great! If you are An Engineer Project Manager Finance Director Safety Director Environmental Advocate Historian or History Buff The history and construction of the Canal is great. And to see it is really beautiful Its more beautiful when you understand what happened to get it constructed. Half Moon Cay was a location that we had not been to before. So it was strange using my Sail and Sign Card there for purchases. Its a Carnival owned site that had a free buffet about 5 minutes from the entrance. The buffett was decent,and you will see some servers from the ship on the Bahamian Island working. Well, Im going to wrap this up since a lot of my report and pictures arent showing up. We attended a Captains Party which was very nice. Free appetizers and drinks. Speaking of appetizers, I was on this ship for 14 days and didnt see escargots at all !!! Its become a favorite ( never would have tried it if it wasnt offered on the ship). That was a MAJOR disappointment.
  17. For those that have knowledge of the Quest presentation, it was held in the 'Theater', which is called the Liquid Lounge. And there are probably a lot of benefits to this new layout. I am used to having decks 3, 4 and 5 forward be the Theater. Well, its just 4 and 5 here. I hate it. The layout is not as good as the other. More people and fewer seats. The seats on the 4th floor are removable. Thats probably a huge benefit to Carnival. Some of you may love the new layout. To me, its not even close to being as nice as the old layout. The Sports bar couldnt hold the NBA Finals any longer, so they postponed SeaSide movies and showed the NBA Finals outside. Being outside after sundown, I ate a ton of Seafood!!! and the food was awesome. But I will say that the Lobster Rolls taste more like a seafood salad roll than a lobster roll. It was still good, and you go 2 for $12. Costa Rica Limon was nice. The heat was close to unbearable!! We sat and had coffe and wifi for $6 at a local coffee spot. I like going to local spots. There is not much English here as Cozumel and Cayman. All of the prices are in local fares. Not much to do if you dont have an excursion by just walking around. There are a few coffee shops and a Casino. To get to local restaurants will take about a 15 minute walk from the port. Once again, it was nice to see all of the people with walkers, scooters, etc, getting off of the ship and enjoying themselves. I mentioned that that my iPhone app (Carnival Hub) wasnt updated. Make sure you update your app. before getting onboard. I couldnt reserve dinner at the Italian place, 555, or Your time dining .
  18. For those that are Whisky / Bourbon drinkers, the whisky class was very informative. You even had a chance to blend your own whisky. I couldn't get mine to taste as good as our examples of Dewers or Cutty Sark (go figure) I didn't even come close, but it was nice trying to make a special type of whisky. I am much more of a Bourbon guy, but the class was still a lot of fun. It was held in the 555 Fahrenheit Dining Room. I expect to get folks upset over this comment, but the 555 Dining Room, while very nice. very Very nice, is not an upgrade on deck 4. I am used to the steakhouse having a nice view outside and natural light. Well, on deck 4, the life boast are there, and the curtains stay closed. Ifs a little dim and closed in feeling. We ate at the Steakhouse, and the food was GREAT !! But the atmosphere wasn't quite as nice to me. Stopping at Grand Cayman was very nice. It was very hot, but the port had a lot for shoppers, not for eaters. if you wanted a place to sit and eat, you had to walk a little while. The problem with that was that Grand Cayman was 2 hours behind us....so 10am for me is 8 am for them, and Hard Rock and Margaritaville didn't open until 11am local time. Kinda sucks. Guy Harvey did open at 10 am with a limited menu. So, we did have food and drinks at Guy Harveys restaurant. prices are reasonable, and they even take American Express which you don't see very often outside of the USA. I wanted to include a pic of the 3 deck lobby to show how PACKED the ship was. Everyone was having a great time, but if you didnt get to a big time event 30 minutes early, you had a tough time finding a place to sit. Speaking of sitting, I got up early to walk, and saw that there were seats saved on the Lido deck at 5:30 am. Tisk Tisk Tisk. I very rarely sit in the lounge seats, but i wish folks wouldn't do this. Its as though they got up to put a placeholder in the seat, and then went back to bed!
  19. There is something i want to add. I like trying to add stuff that is not really discussed. The breakfast drink....papaya juice taste great to me. Well, a group close to us spent a long time filling up 2 liters of juice. I have used this for a while as a great mixer for my gin or rum. Well, if you keep the drink for a good while, you will find that it has some sort of carbonation !!! After about 2 days, the water bottle I filled with the juice felt like a frozen plastic bottle it was under so much pressure. I released the pressure by slowly twisting off the top to release pressure. I shook up the bottle to get a lot of the carbonation pressure off, and the top flew out of my hand!! So, be careful if you try to keep the papaya juice. The lemonade and tea seem to be safe.
  20. Took me a while to even find this thread, so I guess Ill just rap it up real quick for those that have interest. Days 5-10 were very relaxing. The ship is very nice looking and obviously updated. but some designs do not work for me. So do. We were on the ship during the ship during the Cricket Finals, French Open, NBA Finals and College Baseball playoffs. Not to mention the MLB Regular season. Cricket and College Baseball dominated the Sports Bar. Followed by the French Open. I am more into keeping up with the Braves (MLB) and the NBA Finals, but the sports bar had a more Caribbean / European feel t o it. Baseball and Basket ball were not a big priority. I read a lot about casino smoke...and Id comment that the casino didn't smell bad at all. I am not a smoker, and I did not feel that the casino had a smoke smell. There was even a non smoking section of the Casino bar, which was another new thing to me. The Sunrise was trying to make the Comedy Show , one way in, one way out. If you were in a 6:30 show, you HAD to leave and get in line for the 7:30 show. The set up was not a good one to me. The room, was very nice. Aft Balcony with a balcony that goes around the corner. As I said, no mailbox, but it wasnt a factor. Food was GOOD. Getting around was a little tough because of the amount of passengers with walkers, wheel chairs and scooters. I was a Premier passenger, and as I said, attended the Premier party. We were told that free drinks would be available every 5 minutes. Well, If you had drink service every 5 minutes, you were special. it took me until maybe day 10 to learn to 'bribe' the wait service with a $5 bill to come back 5 - 10 minutes later to get me another drink. It was cool anyway. Free is free. But I wish the drinks came sooner. After about 5 to 6 days, the waiters knew my drinks. I will also add that I do believe that the drinks are watered down. the drinks I bought outside of the casino were stronger. Inside the casino, they came in a different glass. I then just asked for shots, and they wouldn't do that. Saying that they had to add something to the drink. Even if it was just ice, it if its a 'premier drink'. This was not a huge hassle. I just was hoping for regular drinks and not having the staff to ask me if I was on the 'Drinks On Us' list so they could change my drink. Believe it or not, Guys Burgers was NOT crowded. There is useally a grill out front with the employees cooking burgers. This on did not have that. I think the wait time for Guys burgers max all trip was 30 seconds. Finding a place to sit? Thats another story. The problem with the Comedy Club was that it was way too small. The one way in system they tried made things a little awkward. Yuo could walk in and see the show on monitors....it was like an overflow room. But even if you watched the show there, you HAD to leave. There was already a line for the next show. So if you wanted to see back to back comedy...good luck.
  21. So far on the cruise, I was really liking the Carnival Sunrise. Im not a big fan of having to push a button for the 'automatic' door. It was pretty funny watching folks walk up to the door thinking that the doors would open automatically. Some walked and pretty much put their nose to the door !!! Sorry, I had to entertain myself a few days. After day 3, the entire ship pretty much caught on. So, no major complaints at that time. I will say that my wife and I are fast walkers, and we had to put the walking in a slower gear. So, I had to relax Mon.....let the coolness flow through my vertebrae and go with the flow. I do not want this to sound like a complaint, but there were a LOT of people getting around with assistance. It made for a different style of moving around for me. I did sign up for the whisky tasting master blender class. I will talk about that later. Sorry about the photos of the Fun Times. The pics look very blurry uploading them this way. Not sure what to do.
  22. On Day 4, we made it to Grand Turk. Id been there before and we were going to make sure we didn't go to Margaritaville. I Totally enjoyed being there the first time, but we spent too much time there and wanted to see more of the place. We did d the glass bottom boat! Ha!! OK...not the greatest excursion, but it was decent. They did give out a pretty strong Rum Punch, which helped me enjoy the trip !! We did see a few stingrays and maybe a decent sized fish or two. Id say that it was just nice to be in a boat cutting up with passengers from Carnival and the excursion crew. We walked to Jacks Shack afterwards, and it was full. If you dont get there early, yu probably will not get a decent seat. We washed a bit and then took the walk back towards the port. Dead set on not going to Margaritaville, we ate at a place called Beached Whale. The food was pretty good, and, I think they are owned by Margaritaville !! HA ! Trick was on me.
  23. Sea brunch was very good. The omlettes are smaller, but you can get whatever you want. Many activities on the ship. Some corny, but the make up of the ship was very different than I have ever seen. I haven’t been on a ton of cruises (7) but still, I have never seen so many Diamond and Platinum Cruisers! Never have seen as many wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. It was wonderful to see as many well seasoned cruisers. But I will say, with the 'new' way to open the Lido doors, some pretty narrow walkways, getting around with some many passengers in wheel chairs, scooters, walkers, or with canes made things tough at times to get around.
  24. Day 2- I don’t think that I had my Carnival Hub app updated. I was unable on my iPhone to make reservations for Your Time Dining. My wife's android app was able to get the job done. The Ship was moving very smoothly Anytime dining…reservation at 515 – told we had a seat at 525…seated at 530 Took 15 minutes for the order. This may be the first ship I was on without mailboxes as well. All mail was stuck in between the room number plate and the siding of the door frame.
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