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  1. Hi All, we are seasoned cruisers but first time with NCL. We are at 70 days out and I have just gotten a new job. I am not sure that I am going to be able to get the time off work to go. We did purchase the standard insurance when we booked. reduced air was a perk when we booked and flights have been scheduled. IF I have to cancel or postpone this trip, will we get our $$ back? we are paid in full and have a couple excursions already booked. Thanks in advance!
  2. We are new to Norwegian but not new to cruising. We booked the take all offers package, which includes the adult beverage package. Looking online at our summary, there are options to upgrade to premium beverage package and a couple others. Now I am confused. What exactly is included in the PROMO adult beverage package? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks, the transfer shuttle has already been purchased so its a go.. What does this mean? This is ONLY to Miami. Is there not a shuttle to the port in Ft Lauderdale from the ft Lauderdale airport?
  4. Hi all! Never used the Carnival shuttle from the airport to port and then back to airport. Can anyone tell me where the shuttle is once we get luggage at baggage claim? This is at the Ft Lauderdale airport. Thanks in advance!
  5. We are seasoned cruisers, all being on Carnival (platinum). We recently booked the Norwegian Bliss to Alaska next spring. I am reading up on cruise critic in an effort to get prepared, since I know there are many differences. If any of you have experience with NCL and have time to offer advice/suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! We booked the take all offers and free/reduced air. We have never had to make reservations for shows, so I am clueless there. We always enjoy breakfast in the dining room, but wonder if that is offered on NCL? How is the drink package that's included in the t
  6. Question for the Carnival Platinum cruisers.. Can you bring a guest to the Platinum party? A guest who is not Platinum? Thanks in advance!
  7. We saw the rate (ours was $40pp) and booked it! Paid more for port fees and taxes than the cruise! Prepaid tips and our total was around $400! Can't pass up a deal like that! We booked the July 20 sailing!
  8. Carnivals chocolate melting cake always a fav!
  9. We have always cruised Carnival, but planning to sail with friends on one of the NCL ships (not sure which one yet). Can anyone tell me the differences between NCL and Carnival? Whats included? Whats extra cost? Shows? Eats? Just a few specifics.. we are able to carry on can soda drinks, is this allowed on NCL? Breakfast in the dining room? Hows the drinking water? Shows? Thanks in advance!
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